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The Proposal:

I finally finished the paperwork I had for the day and filed it away in the drawer and locked it. I was ready to head home as I stretched and yawned. I had to make a quick stop at the store to pick up Jake's favorite steaks so I could make them on Friday for our anniversary. It was hard to believe we were together for three years already. We had settled into a comfortable – yet still exciting – routine. I packed my stuff up, filched a book from the overstock that I had wanted to read, and waved goodbye to Melanie as I headed out the door.

"Have fun tonight, Bella!" she called out.

"Thanks! I'm sure I will," I said as I hurried to my car. I wanted to get to the store so I had time to go home and eat and relax before leaving again.

The weather was slowly beginning to improve; spring was almost upon us as I drove past tree-lined streets in Port Angeles to the grocery store. I located some New York strip steaks – that also happened to be on sale thankfully – and picked up some blackberries to make tarts for dessert. I drove home, winding my way through a quiet back street to our turn-off. I loved how private our home was and that it wasn't crowded with other homes; it was surrounded by trees instead. As soon as I walked in the front door, I was attacked by Jake.

Letting loose a little screech of surprise, he scooped me up groceries and all, and kissed me vigorously. "Jake," I managed to gasp with a laugh. "Could you at least let me put the groceries down first?" The bag was nearly squashed between us.

He laughed and set me down. "I can't help it, I missed you," he teased as I stashed the bag in the refrigerator.

I shook my head. "I just saw you this morning," I teased back.

He pinned me up against the counter, his fingers dancing lightly over my sides. As he leaned down to kiss me, I barely heard the murmur against my lips. "That was just too long ago."

We kissed, his tongue dipping teasingly into my mouth. "Mmm, if I didn't have to get dinner ready…" I murmured against the silky, moist feel of his mouth.

"You don't," he said with a smile. "I ordered pizza so you wouldn't have to cook. The delivery guy will be here soon, though," he said with a pout.

I snickered. We ate our meat lovers and veggie pizzas and then sprawled out on the couch together, legs twined, arms twisted until we resembled a pretzel. Somehow his head ended up on my stomach so he made use of that by pushing my shirt up and bestowing a line of tiny kisses until he reached my breasts.

I gasped at the first brush of his lips over my now braless nipple. "Jake, we have to leave soon…" I managed to moan.

"I can do fast," he teased as he sucked my nipple into his mouth, his hand sliding my pants down swiftly.

I couldn't help but laugh, which quickly turned to a moan as we were both naked in the right areas within seconds. His fingers teased me into oblivion as his mouth slowly worked over mine, his tongue soothing each nip he gave me. When he thrust into me, I was more than ready. I gripped his hair, wrapping one leg around his waist, as he thrust fast and hard into me. He was right; he went fast and his hips pounding against me sent me flying over the edge.

We lay there tangled together; breathless, mussed and satiated.

Finally I gave a half-hearted attempt to get up, but he was weighing me down. He groaned. "Do we have to?" he whined.

I laughed. "This was your idea! Anyway, remember, I leave work early on Friday and I have off the whole weekend!"

He lit up. "Oh yeah!" He was a little more eager to get up when I reminded him of that.

I changed out of my work clothes – which were now nice and wrinkled – and pulled on a pair of jeans that were just loose enough to be considered almost baggy, but still hugged me a bit in the hips and backside. I pulled on one of Jake's old band t-shirts that I had cut to a reasonable length and grabbed a flannel shirt in case it got cool. The weather had been making him a little stir-crazy, and since it was forecasted to be a seasonable evening, he decided we should get out and listen to a local band play at the park. There would be fireworks afterward; there was also quite a carnival set-up which had him giddy and made me laugh and shake my head at him.

Jake had to park a bit further away from the park due to the crowds. Apparently everyone else had the same idea. We walked the couple blocks to the park, Jake's hand swinging mine between us. I had brought a blanket for us to sit on since it wasn't raining and we got comfortable after Jake bought a couple hot dogs, nachos, a soft pretzel, a pizza slice, a couple sodas and some cotton candy.

I looked at him and shook my head. "You stopped phasing, you know. You might actually get sick eating all that."

He smirked and nearly polished off a hot dog in one bite. "I'm a big boy, Bella, I need lots of food," he said around a mouthful of food. "Plus some of it is for you."

"We did have dinner you know," I said laughing. "I'm not that hungry, but I suppose I can eat a little bit."

The concert started and Jake plowed his way through more than half the food while I ate a hot dog and picked at the nachos. When the food was consumed, I leaned against Jake, completely content. The music was perfect; soft, sultry, and made me daydream of Southern hospitality. The light breeze gave me goose bumps, but Jake just wrapped his arms fully around me and chased off the chill. My head resting in that perfect spot between his shoulder and neck, I almost felt as if I could doze off.

When the band stopped playing Jake took my hand again. We threw our trash away and wandered around the park, watching kids play in a moon bounce that was set-up nearby.

Jake gave me a little nudge with his elbow. "One day that will be us," he said with a smile as we watched a man and woman help their child put their shoes on after coming out of the moon bounce. The child promptly started crying as they tried leading her away.

"Um… looks fun," I remarked faintly. We both cracked up at that. The fireworks went off shortly after and Jake perched me on his shoulders so I could get a better view.

We made our way back out to the road when it was over. Jake looked up at the sky as we started the couple blocks back to the car. "Oh boy," he murmured. "Looks like its going to rain soon."

Almost right after he said that it started to drizzle, so we sped up. Suddenly the sky just opened up and it began raining hard. Laughing we both started running, but he pulled me to a stop at the next block. "Eh, it's just rain," he said with a grin. I gave a little bounce and landed in a puddle causing it to splash Jake's legs.

I turned, giving him a mischievous grin, and he caught me around the waist and gave a little stomp to splash me back. I was about to search for another puddle, but suddenly his grin turned soft as he gazed at me. Rain drops clung to his long lashes as I gazed back at him.

"Jake?" I said softly. I reached up and brushed my fingers across his jaw as he continued to stare at me. "What is it?"

He cleared his throat. "Bells… I don't know exactly how I meant to do this. Maybe more smoothly, probably while out to dinner at a nice place on Friday, definitely not while we're getting soaked in a downpour, but…"

He fingered his pocket as the rain now had both of us completely soaked. My hair was plastered to my head, the drops tickling my cheeks, and I probably looked like a drowned rat. I was so confused.

"Jake, what are you talking about?" I questioned.

He traced my lips with the tip of his finger, a slight smile on his face. Then to my surprise he knelt in front of me. "I love you so much, honey… more and more if that's possible. Isabella Swan, will you marry me?"

I stared at him in surprise as he pulled a black box from his pocket and opened it to reveal a simple silver band with a beautiful star-shaped diamond. I stared at the ring, then at Jake. His dark eyes looked so happy and hopeful; a huge smile curved my lips. I loved him so damn much.

"Yes!" I exclaimed. "Yes, of course I'll marry you."

He was holding me in the next moment, his lips on mine, the two of us in the midst of this downpour, wet and sloppy; it was exactly right. I heard cheering and we started to laugh as we realized we had a few witnesses as they hurried by.

"It was my mom's," Jake said softly. "I've been carrying it around for days. I know the diamond is small, but I had it engraved…"

"Oh Jake," I sighed. I cupped his beautiful face in my hands and kissed him lightly. "You know I don't care about the size; it's beautiful."

He grinned and showed me the inside of the band. In tiny print it read JakeandBells. Love you forever. A few tears trickled down my cheeks as Jake slid it on my finger. I stared at it, and then I reached up and he held me close. We kissed slow and deep until he finally murmured, "Let's go home."

I wound my fingers with his and we headed home together.


The Wedding

I stepped into the dress as Alice and my mom held it out for me. With a soft swish of a zipper it draped over my body as if it had been made for me. Nervously I stepped out of the bathroom and into my old bedroom at Charlie's as Alice, Esme, Renee, and Sue gasped in delight at me.

I turned to the full-length mirror and my eyes widened in shock. The dress was stunning. After what felt like years, but was really only a month or two of dress-shopping, I had found the perfect wedding dress. I had wanted to use Renee's to save money, but we had opposite styles and Renee and Sue wanted to chip in and help me buy one I really liked. It was a simple ivory gown that just flowed down my body. It was strapless with a gold fabric design right under the bust to give it a little extra notice. Renee was giving me the garter she had used for her and Charlie's wedding.

"Oh honey, you look gorgeous," Renee said shakily. I saw her dab at her eyes with a tissue.

Everyone murmured in agreement.

Charlie came to my bedroom door and leaned against the frame. "Baby, you look stunning," he said quietly. "I can't believe my little girl is getting married."

I couldn't believe it was just days away that I would be marrying my best friend. I was deliriously happy, excited, nervous, yet calm. Being with Jake calmed me as nothing else could. Once I changed back into my jeans and t-shirt I went over our lists again. We were keeping the wedding small and simple. I didn't really have extended family; my grandmother was gone, and Charlie's parents were too far away and couldn't handle the trip. So it was all of the Cullen's, Jake's and my mutual friends from the rez, high school, and our jobs, and our parents.

My mom and Sue and all the women were preparing the food for the wedding since it wasn't a huge crowd of people. They were keeping it simple by having meatballs and soup in crock pots and would keep re-filling it as needed; they were going to prepare some casseroles as well. Esme, Rose, and Alice were in charge of the flowers and since Alice told me it was going to be a dry – but cloudy – day we were going to set up on the beach a boardwalk to walk down. There would be a few canopies set up and some of the tribal members agreed to drum for us. There would be a mix of that and more traditional music for a wedding.

With the help of everyone it seemed things were going pretty smoothly. I had even had a bachlorette party. Emily had the party at her place and Rachel made mixed drinks. I had gotten a little tipsy and couldn't stop giggling when Leah insisted we have a stripper. We didn't get one, but she made us watch a striptease on television. I was teased mercilessly that maybe Jake could give me one causing everyone to hoot about it and Rachel to groan. I smiled at the memory of it; I wasn't a drinker, but we had fun that night.

Since we kept the cost of the wedding down, Charlie, Billy, and Carlisle set a little money aside to combine with ours so that we were able to go to Hawaii on our honeymoon. Jake and I had a thing for traveling together and I was excited for it.

Once things were all in order, I headed back home to Port Angeles to try and relax the next couple days until our wedding. Jake was still at work when I got home, so I took a shower and changed into a tank top and my worn – but incredibly soft – sleep pants. When Jake got home, he kissed me, and I tried not to shiver with anticipation. I squeezed my thighs tighter together as the throb at my core made its presence known yet again.

I had the bright idea for us to go without sex for a couple weeks or so before the honeymoon to increase the excitement and need for each other. We were always excited for each other, but I thought this would be something even more exciting, but instead we were aching to be with each other.

We only had a couple more days, so we were both trying to hang on. It was painful to hear Jake in the bathroom getting himself off; I resorted to touching myself while I listened to him.

I tried to distract myself from those thoughts. "It seems everything is in order for Saturday," I told him as we ate dinner. "The alterations are done on my dress, the food has started being prepared, and it looks like everyone will be there that we invited."

He gave me a little grin. "Good. And I have to say thank God it's almost here. It feels like I have been waiting a lifetime to make you mine. And believe me when I say I'm extremely grateful we're leaving for our honeymoon late that night. I'm not going to be able to wait," he said with a sigh.

I stood up and perched on his knee, looping my arms around his neck. "But just think… when we finally do… it's going to be mind-blowing," I murmured against his ear.

He half groaned, half laughed. "Sure, sure. I'll be making certain of that," he teased.

In bed I was careful not to touch Jake before we fell asleep. Somehow every single night, even in a California King bed, we gravitated towards the middle and each other. I always woke up enveloped by Jacob or wrapped around him. I finally drifted off into a fitful sleep.

The morning of our wedding dawned dry and cloudy - perfect for the Cullen's - as Alice predicted. We rushed through breakfast, both of us excited and jittery. We tossed our packed luggage into the car and drove to Sue's house where everyone was. Jake gave me a lingering kiss, fingers stroking through my hair, over the curve of my ear, and down along my jaw. I shivered at his touch.

"I'll see you a little bit later, at the beach, future Mrs. Black," he whispered.

I smiled and kissed him again. It grew deeper and I had trouble stopping.

"Okay, you two. The honeymoon hasn't started yet," Renee said behind me with a laugh in her voice.

I nearly forgot we had an audience and I blushed. "Love you," I whispered.

"Love you, too," he whispered back.

I didn't want him to leave, but reluctantly I set about helping everyone get the food ready for later. I wasn't allowed to help with the set-up on the beach; they used my ideas but wanted to surprise me with how it turned out. Once we were done, I took a quick shower and then I succumbed to the women scrambling around the house eager to get me ready for my wedding. I sat while they all fussed over my make-up.

Alice picked out the colors, Rachel and Emily helped her apply it, while Rosalie worked on my hair. Jessica and Angela worked on my fingernails, while I thought they were all going overboard. I knew they were excited, though, so all I did was grin and bear it. My mom and Sue got the dress ready for me. Once I was done – and it was done in record time with so many people helping – I stepped into my wedding dress.

My mom wove the little white flowers into my hair and stepped back. Everyone stared at me in wonder, and I felt my cheeks warm. "Gorgeous," Alice murmured.

"Oh Bella, you look beautiful," Angela gasped.

Even Leah looked a little bright-eyed. I turned to the mirror and my mouth nearly dropped open. The dress hugged my upper body which I hadn't noticed before. My hair was loose with braids on the side that were clipped at the back of my head and my mom had woven little white flowers into it. My make-up was flawless, of course, and my cheeks were flushed which added a little extra color. What took me by surprise was the sparkle in my eyes; I looked overjoyed. And stunning, I had to admit.

Everyone cleared out leaving me alone with my mom. She hugged me tightly. I could see her struggling with her emotions, and I tried to breathe deep and keep my tears at bay so I didn't ruin the hard work my friends and family had done. My stomach was leaping around in nervous anticipation.

"Oh, please don't cry," Renee murmured. She managed to hold it back, but one tear escaped. "Bella, honey, you are beyond gorgeous.

I hugged her so tight. "I love you, Mom," I mumbled.

"I love you, too, sweetheart. How are you feeling?" she asked. "You look a little nervous. No cold feet, right?"

"Not at all," I said quietly. "I'm nervous about making it up there without tripping, but not about marrying Jake. I get to marry my best friend."

She wiped her eyes and led me outside where we got into the car to drive to First Beach. Everyone was sitting in chairs set up in rows on the sand, surrounding a smooth plank that led up to a platform where Reverend Weber was standing. The walkway was covered by wildflowers and it was flanked by bamboo torches and more baskets of flowers. Jake stood waiting for me, in his suit and tie, looking extremely gorgeous. I stifled a giggle at his bare feet and grinned down at my own bare feet. In fact no one had shoes on.

Charlie stood waiting for me, took my arm and laced it through his. The soft, melodic sound of flutes started up and he walked me down the aisle. I felt a huge smile curve my lips and Jake responded in kind. Once there, Charlie wrapped his arms around me. "I love you, Bella," he whispered. "You look so beautiful."

I sniffed back tears as he kissed my cheek and gave Jake a hug. He placed my hand in Jake's and it was enveloped in his warmth. All I could do was stare at Jake; his beautiful russet skin, those full lips of his, and I was ready. When it was time for Jake's vows, I squeezed his hand.

"I have loved you for so long, Bella Swan. I loved making mud pies with you as a little kid and walking on the beach with you as teenagers. The simplest times with you were a precious gift. I never thought I could be this lucky; you are the world to me, Bells, and I am the happiest I could ever be. I get to marry you today… my lover and my best friend. I'm yours forever, Bella. I love you."

Struggling with emotion, my voice came out shaky at first and then grew stronger. "You are my light, my sunshine, Jacob Black. You have always been there for me through everything. We may have fought and gotten upset with each other at times, but I always knew I could count on you no matter what. You have loved me, fought for me, protected me and I am thrilled to be your wife, Jake. I love you so much."

Jake slipped the band on my finger, and I slipped mine onto his, our eyes never leaving each others face. Reverend Weber's voice was distant as Jake and I got lost in each other.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Jake lifted me easily and I caught his hips with my knees as his lips touched mine. I didn't want to stop, as our lips worked each other slow and sweet. I felt the brush of his tongue and tightened my grip in his hair. It went on forever, slow and sultry, until I heard laughter. I pulled back and Jake let me slide down his body. My cheeks were warm as everyone laughed at our display.

My hand twined with Jake's, my eyes met my dad and mom who both had tears on their faces. Billy and Sue did, too. My friends were cheering and clapping, and the Cullen's beloved faces were wide with smiles. My eyes met Edward's, and his warm golden eyes twinkled with happiness for me. I grinned back at him. Then I turned to Jake, my everything, and I never wanted to look away.

"I love you, Mrs. Isabella Black," he mouthed at me as we began our walk back down the aisle together, hands entwined.

"I love you, Mr. Jacob Black," I mouthed back.

I held on tightly to the hand of my husband, my lover, my best friend as we were showered with bird seed.

I was home.


The Honeymoon

I snuggled against Jake, my head nestled against his chest, his arms wrapped tightly around me as the drone of the plane's engine began to make me sleepy. I smiled as I thought back to the reception. After the food had been devoured back at Sue's house, we all went back to the beach to dance in the sand. There had been drumming for awhile, and then there was the more standard music. There was even a song for our first dance and it was just two tribal elders playing a flute. It was soft and beautiful, and I didn't want to leave Jake's arms.

I had my dance with Charlie where we basically just stumbled together and laughed. There had been so much dancing, and my dance with Edward had been meaningful. He held me and told me he was so happy for me, and I knew he meant it.

Now we were on our way to Hawaii. It was a late flight, so we would get there with enough time to check into the Old Hawaiian B&B in Hilo located on the Big Island and would have an early breakfast. I dozed off a little against Jake's chest as his lips occasionally brushed against my hair.

"Honey, we'll be landing soon," I heard his husky voice whisper into my ear.

I yawned and snuggled closer.

He laughed softly. I dragged myself upright, buckled up, and we gazed out over the very blue water below us as we descended. When we finally landed – after what seemed like ages – we got off and walked into the heat of the Hilo International Airport. Down at baggage claim we got our luggage and headed out to flag down a taxi to take us to the bed and breakfast.

Jake's hand was resting on my leg and all I could think about was locking ourselves in our room and easing the ache. I was starving, though, and I could hear Jake's stomach rumbling massively. I tried to stifle a giggle and he just rolled his eyes at me with a smile. We checked in and were shown to the Hawaiian Room. My eyes widened when she showed it to us.

"Wow," I murmured. "This room is gorgeous. And so big!"

The owner smiled. "It has ten-foot ceilings and as you can see expansive windows that overlook our gardens." She led us into the room. "We have a king-size bed and there is a microwave and refrigerator for your convenience."

She led us into the bathroom. "And here we have a shower big enough for two and a sunken bathtub for you as well with candles for ambiance." Her eyes twinkled as she gazed appreciatively at Jake when he had his back turned and gave me a wink. I tried not to laugh.

She left us and we left our luggage lay as he pulled me into his embrace. His lips were soft and warm as he lightly nipped at my neck, my jaw and then pressed them against mine. I whimpered against his mouth as he pulled me tightly against his body. As his hands explored the bare skin of my back exposed in the sundress I wore for him, I heard Jake's stomach growl. Loudly.

I couldn't help giggling, and he laughed, too. "I want you so badly, Bella," he groaned.

"What's another hour?" I teased him. "Lets get something to eat and then I'll make the wait worth it."

He grabbed my hand and nearly hauled me out of the room in his haste. Laughing we made our way back to the small town of Hilo where we found a small, pretty café. We sat outside to soak up the sun and ordered a stack of pancakes for Jake and I ordered a croissant and some fruit. I was shocked when I felt Jake's hand resting on my bare thigh begin to creep up higher.

I gave him a look, but he smiled innocently. I continued eating as I felt his fingers dip down and slide higher. A small whimper escaped. Once I felt his fingers brush against me, my body shuddered. I teased him back, by rubbing my bare foot along his leg until I reached the stiffness in his pants. We teased and stroked while we ate.

I was beyond relaxed now. I was so happy and content sitting in the sun with my Jacob next to me. After breakfast we ended up on the best-known black sand beach on the Big Island after grabbing a blanket out of our room.

"This beach is amazing," I said staring around at the black sand that seemed to go on forever.

"It really is," he said quietly. "Look at the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. I heard someone talking about them at breakfast."

We sat on our blanket, next to a coconut tree, where we were shaded from view. The sun trickled down through the trees to warm my bared legs in the sundress that seemed to be distracting Jake. We watched the turtles come out of the water and sunbathe. We decided on walking the main street of Hilo for the next day, Kapoho Tide Pools for another day and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park as well.

I was feeling sleepy as we sat there, drifting in and out a little, until I felt Jake's hand creep up my thigh again. No one was around so I spread my legs a little wantonly surprising Jake. He laughed softly as he hovered over me, our lips meeting and gliding, as his fingers stroked a pattern over my inner thigh. I suckled at his tongue, hooking my arm around his neck.

The black sand glittered in my peripheral vision, but all I could see in front of me was Jake. He kissed my ear, darting his tongue inside, surprising me. He gave me little pecks all along my jaw until he reached my mouth again. His fingers had found my core, and he had stripped me of my underwear. I felt my cheeks warm as he stuffed them in his pocket. Then I nearly forgot to breathe as he abruptly buried two fingers to the hilt inside of me.

"Baby," I moaned. "Jake… no one can… see… right?" I managed to gasp as his fingers curled and hit a spot I was a bit unfamiliar with. I cried out, my back arching, as he made a come here gesture with his fingers.

"Does it matter?" he teased. "You want this, don't you, honey?"

"Ye-e-s-s-s-s-s," I groaned shakily as he thumbed my nub.

A few more slow, heavy strokes and another curling of his fingers and he muffled my scream with his mouth. My whole body shaking from my intense orgasm I could only let out a small moan as Jake lifted his fingers to his mouth and licked them clean.

He quickly pushed my legs together and kissed me lightly. Confused, I sat up and my eyes popped wide as another couple strolled by. Jake snickered quietly. "Come on, Mrs. Black; let's go back to our room. There is plenty more I want to do to you."

He leaned down and scooped me up, carrying me off the beach. I caught a few envious glances thrown my way and smiled at the fact that Jacob was mine. Once we got back to the room, and slipped in through the private entrance, Jake pinned me against the wall. His mouth slanted over mine, nipping and sucking at my lips.

"Mmmm," I murmured. I fisted his hair and he lifted me; I locked my legs around his waist. I felt the brush of his heavy bulge right against my center. The denim was thick, but the feel of it had me panting and arching my hips closer.

He pushed against me again. "Jake," I said my voice a little whiny.

I managed to reach between us and unbutton his pants. He managed to dislodge them and then backed me up against the wall again. He tugged the straps of my sundress down and his lips immediately latched onto my nipple.

"God, I've missed this the past couple weeks," he groaned as he lightly tugged on my nipple with his teeth.

"Me too," I whispered as my back arched again effectively pushing my nipple further between his lips.

With a thump, he had my wrists pinned to the wall with one hand as his other hand curled under my thigh. He teased me with his hard length, stroking it up and down against me. I squirmed against the wall, pushing my hips toward his. His mouth caught mine again, and I nipped at his tongue.

I darted my tongue into his mouth, pressing my breasts against his chest, feeling his chest shake as he growled his desire. I kissed his collarbone, licked a trail up and down his neck, and nibbled on his ear in retaliation.

"Jake," I whispered in his ear. "I want you inside me, thrusting against my hips, filling me."

I let out a little gasp as he did just that. He was inside me the next moment, his hips banging me into the wall. "Uhhhh…." He grunted. "You feel so good, Bells, so wet."

I dug my heels into his backside as he stoked a fire within me. I felt myself clench around him, trying to pull him back in further, as far as possible. Our mouths collided again, as he reached down and stroked right where I needed to send me flying over the edge.

Gasping I came down from my high only to realize Jake hadn't released. "Jake…?" I questioned.

He grinned slightly. He moved back away from the wall, pulling me with him. He slid out of me, confusing me, until he gently urged me to get on my hands and knees on the bed. My whole body was still shaking with my first orgasm as I realized what he wanted. We had never done this before and suddenly I wanted it so badly.

I dipped my chest down toward the bed, raising my hips up in the air. Jake's mouth traced a fiery trail of kisses along my back, his hands coasting over my sides, my hips as he knelt behind me. I could feel every deep breath he took, could feel his excitement, his barely released energy. When he pushed himself into me, I cried out in surprised pleasure.

"You okay, baby?" he groaned as he paused.

"Yes, yes… keep going," I moaned.

He gave one heavy thrust and was inside me again. I was lost in the softness of the blankets beneath me, in the feel of Jake's hands squeezing my breasts, his fingers pinching my nipples. I felt his hips pounding against mine from behind. I knew Jake was getting close by the increase of his groans.

His hand dipped down between my thighs and he teased me with his fingers again. The pressure built to a fever pitch, and I heard Jake cry out as he spilled himself inside me. His thrusts against me, the feel of his long fingers teasing me sent me over the edge again. We were both gasping for air; I could feel his chest against my back, but then he was pulling out of me and turning me over. He dropped down on the bed next to me and held me close.

I lay my head on his chest. "That… was new. And it felt so damn good," I murmured.

"Mmmm. Hell yes it did," he mumbled. "Making love to my wife is top priority on my list," he said with a grin.

I laughed. "Jake, you're my husband." I couldn't stop the silly grin on my face. My best friend was my husband.

His grin matched mine and then he kissed me deeply, twining his fingers in my hair. "I am, and I love it." His smile was full of happy wonder. "And after we sleep a little – because you look exhausted, sweetheart – I'm going to climb in that shrunken tub with my adorable wife and make love to her again."

I smiled. "Sounds perfect," I whispered as I drifted off to sleep.


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