Warnings: Implied Male-pregnancy

Summary: The twins both want to wear Shunsui's old pink haori and none is willing to give. Mayhem ensues in the Ukitake-Kyouraku household.

Bosska (over at y!Gallery) has been drawing these cute Bleach mpreg pics, that and Gokuma (also from y!Gallery) has been feeding my plotbunnies with comments to Bosska's drawings. So this is the result.

It is all their fault! So this is for them.

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[Of Pink Haori and Twin Zanpakutou]

"Daddy, Daddy! LOOK! Don't I look cool?"

Ukitake looked up from his effort to keep the family room free from his children toys - if only for a few minutes – to see one of his son Yuu, wearing Shunsui's pink haori.

The child was nearly completely engulfed by the pink fabric - only his head discernable in the flowery madness - struggling to stand straight and proud in his father's favoured garment. Ukitake couldn't help but beam at the sight and agree wholeheartedly with his son.

"Yes, you do! You look very dashing, Yuu."

The boy, not familiar with the word, looked somewhat doubtful. "Is that cool!?"

"Oh, yes! Very cool. Just like Papa." The dazzling smile his son gave him was blinding.

"Me too! Me too! Me too! I wanna wear Papa's haori too."

His other son - Ren -a perfect copy of the first boy, skidded into the room eyeing his brother in their father's haori with an eagerness that Ukitake knew could easily turn into a squabble of unimaginable proportions; he tried to come up with a satisfactory solution before all Hollows broke loose.

"No! I'm wearing it first!"

"But I want it, too!"

"Boys! It's big enough for both of you. You can wear it at the same time." And there would still be enough flowery pink fabric for two more little boys.

The children pondered their Daddy's suggestion for a second before Yuu ran to the next room, away from his twin.

"HEY! Not fair!" Huffed Ren, before setting off after his brother.

Ukitake shook his head and called after them. "Boys!"


Shunsui walked into the battlefield his living room had become. Tension filled the family room; on one side of the small tea table, Ren stood in battle position, holding a pair of long cooking chopstick with metal bottle caps rattling in the connecting string. And screaming at the top of his lungs: "Waves, become my shield. Lightning, become my sword!"

Across from him, on the other side of the low tea table, Yuu held what looked like their brand new wooden cooking spoons crossed in front of him, hollering right back at his twin: "Flower Wind Rage and Heavenly Demon Sneer!"

Jyuushiro sat calmly in the balcony catching the sun's last warm rays - Shunsui's haori on his shoulders - observing the children try the release command of their parents Shikai (albeit a bit mangled). Katen Kyoukotsu tingled at the familiar words. The twins would be powerful.

The sweet smile that played on his lips, while Jyuushiro watched the boys, turned blinding when he spotted Shunsui by the door. The Eighth Division captain winked at his husband and watched the battle develop between their children.

"Heavenly Wind Rage and Flower God Roar!" Wooden-spoon wielding Yuu, yelled.

And Ren retorted, "I'm absorbing your attack and throwing it back at you. SWOOSH!"

Yuu dived to the floor, trying to dodge the force of his own attack thrown back at him, while Ren continued his onslaught: "And now, I'm attacking you with my attack: " Waves, become my shield. Lightning, become my sword!"

"Flower Wind Rage and Flower God Roar!"

The rush and skirmish altered with dodging and shielding lasted for a good five minutes before they noticed Shunsui watching them. The minute they did so, all the tactics were forgotten and they applied the same eagerness and enthusiasm in greeting him as they had roughhousing about.



Shunsui was nearly thrown to the floor by two bundles of pure energy.

"Did you see? Did you see? I was using Katen Kyoukotsu just like you. Wasn't it cool?"

"And I was using Daddy's Sougyo No Kotowari! Was it like Daddy does? Was it, Papa? Huhm!?"

"We were fighting to see who could wear your haori, Papa!"

That explained why Jyuushiro had it on his shoulders.

"I was wearing it but Daddy said Ren-nii-chan could wear it too. And then, cos I didn't want to take it off, Daddy said he would wear it and we had to settle things and..."

"And so we decided to fight like you and Daddy."

"Yeah, but no one was winning..."

"It was a tie!"

"Wasn't it, Daddy!?"

Two identical set of eyes turned on Jyuushiro.

"Yes, it was." Ukitake walked back into the room laughing at the twins' antics. "And unless you agree on both wearing it. I'm gonna be the one to keep it."

"It's not fair!"

"It's Papa's haori!"

"It seems Daddy's been the one misbehaving. Maybe he needs a good spanking." Shunsui teased.

The boys gasped and Jyuushiro raised an inquiring eyebrow followed by a sugary secret smile, just for Shunsui. But their children, blessed by a keen sense of justice and fairness, soon came in their Daddy's defence.

"Daddy wasn't misbehaving. Not much."

"Nh-hmm. Just a little."

"Well, then I think I have the perfect solution for all your troubles with my haori."

The boys, if possible, perked up some more as they noticed the parcel Shunsui was carrying.

"Is it presents?"

"It isn't our birthday!"

"No it isn't. But I saw these and couldn't help it." He looked apologetically to Jyuushiro.

He knew he spoiled them rotten, but they were their only children. And they had suffered dearly to get them, so they deserved to be spoiled every so often. Besides they were really good kids when they tried just a little. Jyuushiro understood; it was in his loving smile.

"And we can let Daddy wear that one without being misbehaving. Now then, there's one in dashing turquoise blue and one in dazzling lime-green..."

"Dashing Green!"

"Dazzling Blue!"

Despite being twins and all, their boys had a very defined sense of individuality and, aside the rare tiff over a few items (usually belonging to their parents) their tastes were much different and personalised. They didn't even care to wear matching clothes so popular with twins. Which, right now, suited Shunsui just fine as he handed them the wrapped packages.

Two twin tearing sounds later and the boys squealed, ecstatic, immediately putting on the child sized haori, in all equal to Shunsui's but colour. Two shrieked thanks and hugs later and they resumed their previous mock fight.

"Lightning, become my sword!"

"Flower God Roar!"

Jyuushiro sighed and walked over to Shunsui, giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

"You spoil them rotten."

"And you don't?"

"They're gonna be impossible."

"Aren't they already?"

They laughed together and kissed affectionately, Jyuushiro wrapping his arms around Shunsui's middle, his chin settling on the broad shoulder, as they watched their children play and be happy.

"Daddy! Daddy! Look!"

"Papa, see!?"



"Boys, look who's here!"

Two identical faces curiously peered from the side of a shoji door.

"Uncle Stark!!!"

The sound of running feet wasn't enough warning for the Arrancar, who fell to the floor with a lap full of shinigami children in blue and lime-green haori.

"Look what Papa gave us!"


The boys displayed their new outfits by jumping up and down in front of the Arrancar, who made appropriate sounds of awe.

"We were fighting over Papa's pink haori..."

"And then Daddy..."

"But then we really fought..."

"Like with the zanpakutou..."

"But then Papa..."

"And then..."

"Are you staying for dinner?"The children's father asked.

"I better with all these novelties."


"That's wonderful."




The Kyouraku-Ukitake twins were baptized by Bosska and Gokuma, not me.

Ukitake's release command for the Shikai form of his zanpakutou is (according to Bleach Wiki): "All Waves, Rise now and Become my Shield, Lightning, Strike now and Become my Blade" and Shunsui's: "Flower Wind Rage and Flower God Roar, Heavenly Wind Rage and Heavenly Demon Sneer". The fun is that the kids muck it up a bit.;]