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Three Times

Kansas, 1983

The first time Dean ever saved his brother was on that night. The night that ripped his family apart, the night that threw his family into the hunting business. The night his mum died.

November 2nd, 1983.

Dean can't remember much about that night. He was only 4, after all. But he can remember the heat. The smoke. And the weight of Sammy's life placed in his hands.

Dean woke up with a start. He could hear a noise, although he couldn't place what it was. He pushed back his bed cover and headed towards Sammy's room, where the noise seemed to be originating from. As he neared, however, he could feel something was wrong. It was getting hotter, and smoke was billowing out of Sammy's nursery. Dean ran forward to be confronted by the sight of his dad with Sammy in his arms.

"Daddy!" he cried out. His dad thrust Sam into his arms.

"Take your brother outside as fast as you can. Don't look back. Now, Dean, go!"

Dean turned and ran down the stairs, Sam cradled in his arms. He couldn't think straight; something bad must have happened. Why was there a fire? And where was mum? Dean ran on, Sam clutched tightly in his arms. He reached the front door and barrelled out. Once he was outside, he turned to face the house, looking up at Sam's nursery. The room was lit orange. Sam stirred in his arms.

"It's ok Sammy," he murmured comfortingly to his little brother despite not knowing what would happen next. Then, suddenly, he was scooped up into a pair of arms. A familiar voice said 'I got you," and Dean felt safe, because despite everything that had happened, daddy was still here to look after them. Then he heard a loud explosion, and peering over his father's shoulders, he saw Sammy's nursery window explode.

Later on, once the fire brigade and ambulance had arrived, Dean had asked his father where mum was. John had looked down at Dean, his eyes sorrowful.

"She's moved on, Dean," he said. But Dean didn't understand.

"Why didn't she take us?"

"It's… she didn't have a choice. But she's gone to a better place." And John said no more.

Dean still didn't understand. Curled up next to his father, sitting on the impala, he could only think of one thing;

Where were the angels that were meant to protect them?

Dean felt a slight movement to his left, and lifted his head to see Sam squirm uncomfortably. An officer appeared in front of them, asking John if he could answer a few questions. John wordlessly handed Sam back to Dean, and went with the officer, but not before ruffling Dean's hair. Dean looked down at Sam, nestled in his arms, his eyes wide open and staring at Dean.

"It's alright, Sammy." He said. He hugged Sam to his chest.

"I'll look after you. I'll protect you. Just like mum told me to."

22 years later, Dean was standing in front of Sam again. They had just finished the case at Kansas involving their old home, and had been looking through the old pictures that Jenny had given them, when Sam had once again asked Dean what he could remember from that night. Dean shook his head, memories flashing in his mind too quick for his to remember them.

"I told you, Sammy. I just remember the smoke and the heat. And then dad placed you in my arms, and told me to run. And I did."

Sam looked up at Dean, thoughtfully.

"You've been protecting me ever since I was 6 months old."

Dean snorted.

"Saving your sorry ass over and over again is a full time job."

"Haha, very funny, Dean."

Dean grinned at Sam.

"What can I say? I am the best."

But when Sam had turned around to grab something out of his bag, the smile on Dean's face fell. He might not have been able to remember everything that had happened on that night. But he could remember the fire, and how he had nearly lost Sammy because of it. That was the first time Dean nearly lost his brother to fire. But not the last.

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