The following chapters are standalone but sometimes interlinked stories.

NCIS Female Toilets.

Ziva enters and finds Abby washing her hands.
"Hey Abs". Abby turns to face her and Ziva is shocked to see she is looking much paler than usual and as she reaches for some paper towel to dry her hands Ziva notices them shaking.
"Is something wrong Abby?"
"No. Nothing." Abby responds unconvincingly. Ziva decides not to press knowing Abby will only open up when she is ready.
"The guys and I are going to the bar. Want to join us?"
"Thanks but I think I'll just go home and crash." Observing that Ziva looks puzzled she explains.
"Go home and sleep."
"Ah! Like sleeping it off, yes?"
"Not exactly...see you Monday." Abby leaves.

Abby's Apartment.

After what seems like several hours tossing and turning Abby sits up in bed turning on the light and picking up her phone from her bedside table. As she flips it open she notices the time on her skull clock is one am. She knows it is not too late to call him as he is a night owl often working late on his boat but as her finger hovers over her speed dial number one she hesitates and then replaces the phone by her bed. Wanting to call him was an instinctive reaction. He would always welcome her call and talking to him would help her sort out the confusion in her mind but this time there really was nothing he could do to help was there? However just knowing that he was there for her made her feel a little better as she lay back down and turned her thoughts to the problem at hand.

She'd been in a cubicle in the NCIS toilets when she overheard the conversation she now replayed in her mind.
"Well I think it's obvious! The way he looks at her, the flowers, the way she's always hugging him."
"What's obvious?"
"Special Agent Gibbs and energizer Abby are doing the horizontal salsa. That's what's obvious."
"Well now that you mention it I saw...." a door had closed cutting off the end of the sentence.

A few minutes later she'd emerged shaken from the cubicle and talked with Ziva although she now has no recollection of what she'd said. She had been too stunned and her only thought was to get out of there.

All these hours later she still couldn't believe it. Was that really what people thought about her and the Boss, that they were sleeping together? How could anyone say that? What if he heard about it? What if the team did? Or worse still the Director? O.K. Abby think she commands herself. You and Gibbs are tighter than blood, you've been through so much together and he has never let you down just as you've never let him down. He has always been the person you can lean on, laugh with and talk to, a friend beyond price. She had no need to call him to know that to this his only response would be that he felt sorry for people who had nothing better to do with their time than to gossip about people they didn't even know. Smiling now Abby turns out the light and falls into a contented sleep.

NCIS Squad Room. Monday morning.

Gibbs steps out of the elevator carrying his usual cup of coffee.
"Gibbs. Gibbs. Gibbs." Abby calls out rushing across the bull pen and wrapping her arms around him in a bone crushing hug. "Good morning Bossman." He was her friend and she didn't care who was watching them.