NCIS Female Toilets.

"Special Agent Gibbs and energizer Abby are doing the horizontal salsa."
"Well now that you mention it I saw..." a door closes cutting off the end of the sentence.

Smiling to herself Abby steps out of a cubicle and begins to wash her hands. Of all the crazy things she'd heard during her years at NCIS surely that was the craziest. Her and Gibbs involved like that! She chuckles at the sheer ridiculousness of the idea but then reaching for some paper towel to dry her hands she starts to frown. If this rumor was going round it might hurt the Boss and that was something she was determined not to allow to happen. As she exits the room to head back to her lab she begins to formulate a plan.

Abby's Lab. Several Hours Later.

"Hey Abby. What ya doing here so late?" McGee queries as he enters the room his cheerful tone turning to puzzlement as he sees what she has on her computer monitor. "Why are you looking at our security footage?"
"No reason. Just a small personal project. Some information I had to check."
"Is there a problem Abby?"
"No. Yes. Ah... that is..."
"Can I help?"
She just stares at him a moment the begins to explain. A few minutes later she stops to draw breath and then asks "So Timmy do you think we can do it? Do ya? Do ya?"
"Yes but are you sure you want to? Maybe you should just let it go."
"If it only involved me I would or maybe I'd just threaten to kill them and leave no trace but Timmy this is the Boss we're talking about and I won't, I won't let them get away with gossiping about him. They need to learn a lesson. Are you in?"
"Yes and I'm sure Tony and Ziva will be glad to help." She gives him a big hug and smiling now starts to pack up for the day.

NCIS Female Toilets. A Few Days Later.

Ziva enters as Sarah's washing her hands. "Hi Sarah. Did you hear Gina Marie is apparently on with the Director?"
"Did I get that expression right?"
"Ah sure. Where did you hear this?"
"Oh, just around. Have a good day." Ziva enters a cubicle and Sarah leaves.

NCIS Break Room. A Few Days Later.

"Talk about sleeping your way to the top."
"I thought the Director is married."
"Since when have you known that to stop a guy probie?" questions DiNozzo loudly as Gina Marie and Sarah enter the area. "Way to go Gina Marie" he calls out and she turns from the vending machines to face him.
"Scoring the big fish, the man, Mr Numero Uno"
"But I haven't...that is I didn't..." she stammers.
DiNozzo give her a suggestive wink. "Oh, sure. I understand. All hush hush right? Don't worry I won't say a word." He begins to walk away then turns back "But Gina..."
"Yes DiNozzo?"
"I can't promise anyone else will." He and Tim leave.
"What am I going to do about this Sarah? It's all over the place I'm sleeping with the Director. This could hurt my career you know. I haven't been sleeping and I can hardly eat. What am I going to do?"
"Maybe you should've thought about that before spreading rumors about the Boss and I" interrupts a fierce looking Abby as she walks in.
"I recognized you voice in the toilets the other day and checked the security cameras to be sure. Then some of my friends told me they had heard the rumor from you and also heard you telling it to other people. So I thought it was time for a little payback. You do not mess with me and more importantly you do not mess with Gibbs." She glares at Gina Marie.
"Oh Abby I am so, so sorry. What can I do?"
"Well you can promise never to do something like this again and make sure everyone knows it is not true."
"I could do that." Abby glares at her. "I will do that." Abby smiles. "Good if you do I might think about forgiving you." She starts to walk away.
"Abby?" Gina Marie calls after her so Abby stops and turns back. "Will you stop spreading the rumor about me?"
Abby laughs. "I don't think it's funny Abby."
"Oh but it is Gina Marie. You see there is no rumor about you."
"I don't understand. Everyone is talking about it."
"No. I just got Tim,Tony and Ziva to talk about it when you and Sarah were around. Nobody else knows."
"Nobody." Abby chuckles and walks away. Surely her payback would mean those two would never consider messing with her or Gibbs in the future and that was how things should be in Abbyville.