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She ran as fast as she could, surprisingly fast. She didn't stop for anything, not for the people in her way, not for the ones who watched her as she went, not for anyone. She didn't scream, didn't cry, didn't let the angry sob swelling in her chest escape; she just ran.

She probably could have continued running until she reached the ends of the earth, but she allowed herself to collapse at a nearby lake in the middle of the park. There she sat on her knees, peering down at the inhuman girl below the watery surface.

Her skin glowed a light, sun-kissed tan, causing her moss green eyes to pop. Her hair, once dark and dull, was now lush and held a golden tint, as if always caught in the rays of the sun. Her full lips were pursed, liquid drops of sunlight falling from her eyes.

Behind the girl in the lake came the reflection of a boy. With his bronze spikes, sun-kissed skin, and dazzling green eyes, he could've easily been mistaken as the girl's brother, but no blood was shared between them. He gingerly placed a hand on the real girl's shoulder, and she spun on him.

"What have you done to me?" she demanded. The boy stared down at her, his eyes filled- not with pity, but pleading.

"Please, listen to me," he murmured, reaching out his hands again to help her to her feet. She swatted them away, rising on her own. She shook in anger and fear.

"What have you done to me?" she repeated, the strange quiver running along her body manifesting in her voice. He walked forward to embrace her, but she stepped away from him. For a moment, pain showed in his eyes.

"Please believe me, my intention was never to harm you. You have no idea how important you could be for me, for us," His voice was soft but filled with an emotion and truth the girl found hard to ignore. Even so she turned her head away, not wanting to meet his intense gaze any longer. She shook her head furiously in denial, more sunlight escaping on her cheeks.

"I don't want this, I never did!" she cried, her hard anger whittling down into sheer panic. When she spoke again it was a pitiful whimper. "Any of it. Just turn me back, okay? I won't tell anyone about you. Ever. So please, change me back," The boy shook his head slowly, sadness clear on his face.

"I'm sorry. Even if I wanted to change you back, it's impossible. The change is irreversible. You're one of us now,"

At his words he stepped back to allow her to see the extent of him. He began to glow- subtly at first, but it grew more and more intense until the heat of him stung her eyes. A mere mortal would have looked away long ago. She sucked in her breath at the full sight of him, at how truly beautiful he was. It was terrifying, but also alluring.

Materializing behind him was a group of girls, all looking very much identical in their matching, summer dresses. All had the same, sun-kissed skin as she and the boy did, but the similarities ended there. The very essence around them seemed to glow, but that could have just been from the boy's dazzling display of power. They stared at her with an array of expressions, all ranging between jealousy, curiosity… and even acceptance. It hurt more to look at them than it did the boy. She turned away from them, only to meet yet another gaze across the water.

It was a girl, sitting bareback on a large, silver wolf. Her long, blonde hair flowed behind her in an invisible wind, strands of it falling idly on her extremely pale shoulders. Her corpse-blue lips were pursed tightly as she stared back at her with calculating eyes. Somehow, gazing at her gave the girl new strength.

The boy demanded back her attention, holding out his hand to her once more. "You should come with us now. You're human life is over. You can never go back," Though his tone was soft and warm, the girl knew it was not an invitation, but a command. The metallic taste of rage flooding her mouth, the girl bared her teeth in a malicious sneer, so intense it caused a few of the glowing girls to shrink back.

"Never," the girl answered. Turning away, she fled into the still night.

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