Author's Note:

I don't know what inspired me to come up with these, but they're here nonetheless. This is going to be a collection of one-shots/drabbles taking place before the events of the first game and are mostly centered around Chris and Wesker's relationship within S.T.A.R.S. This is NOT a slash/gay/yaoi/whatever fic by any means, more of a set of short stories that expands on the interaction between the two, establishes why the S.T.A.R.S. members respected Wesker so much (especially Chris) prior to the Mansion Incident, and thus sort of attempts to explain why Chris felt so betrayed when he discovered the truth behind Wesker's actions. Or something. I dunno, this is just something that I wanted to have fun with. Reviews and feedback are of course appreciated, and maybe if this collection is successful enough, I may expand upon it and turn it into an actual story instead of just random drabbles. Let me know what you think, yeah?

Oh, and if you just finished playing RE5, then of course the characters within are going to seem a bit out of character, but that is done mostly intentionally. I'm trying to capture their personalities before the Mansion Incident and before Wesker lost his humanity by turning himself into a super human/mutant/god, an incident which clearly altered the perceptions, behaviors and personalities of everyone involved. If you notice any glaring issues or have suggestions please feel free to talk to me about them, but I am not going to appreciate those who outright criticize without any substantial justification. I don't wanna hear "OMG liek Wesker'd never says that lololol u sux0rz!"without an actual, legitimate, intelligible reason.

So I understand that this chapter/installment/whatever is ridiculously short, but as I mentioned in the summary, these are merely meant to be a series of one-shots/drabbles revolving around Chris and Wesker before the Mansion Incident. The "chapters" can be read individually or taken as part of a great narrative; they loosely relate to one another and some chapters will make mention of event in other chapters, but not enough to establish a set time frame of the action. I may at some point actually turn it into some semblance of an actual story but for now I think I just want to keep it as random events. I reiterate, this is NOT going to be a ChrisXWesker fic. Nothing against gay couplings or couplings in general, for that matter, I just didn't want to do any sort of romance fic whatsoever. Wesker is too badass to have those sorts of attachments anyway. Duh.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own Resident Evil. That would belong to the glorious Capcom. In fact, I'm sure none of the authors on this entire site own much of anything.




"Chris… how nice of you to join us."

'Shit. There goes my attempt at a quiet entrance', Chris idly thought to himself as all four pairs of eyes turned to stare at him as he slunk into his chair next to Barry Burton. It was a Friday morning and he had a massive hangover so his being tardy wasn't all that unjustified in his mind. Really, he was only a couple of minutes late to the mission brief, but he could feel Captain Wesker's cold gaze fixed on him from behind his dark lenses. Why the Captain insisted on wearing sunglasses at every moment of the day, inside or outside, was completely beyond him but he had long ago learned to just accept it as one of Wesker's 'quirks'. Chris figured that the blond haired man wore them in order to maintain a degree of intimidation to those around him and by god he was doing one hell of a job right now. He didn't know what was worse, knowing that his slate blue eyes were glaring at him balefully behind the dark shades or seeing the cold orbs face to face.

Trying to shrug off his tardiness and show the other members of Alpha team that he wasn't affected by Wesker, he laughed lightly and scratched the back of his head.

"Sorry, sir." He stated simply, knowing full well that whatever the excuse he conjured up Wesker wouldn't believe anyway, even if it happened to be the truth. He had learned that one long ago and to Chris it had seemed like the two had reached an unspoken agreement; Wesker would bust his balls in front of the team and Chris would just simply obey and apologize to avoid any grueling punishment Wesker could conjure up and try his hardest not to be late for the next briefing until the process repeated itself a week or two later. Though apologizing and admitting his wrongdoing in front of Alpha had initially been an arduous process at first, Chris decided that choking back his pride temporarily was a significantly better choice than being subject to running laps for an indefinite time.

Chris was almost certain that he had escaped Wesker's wrath when all of a sudden the man strode casually over to him and his vision erupted in violent white flashes and his head felt like it had been severed in two with a hatchet. He clutched at his eyes, moaning in pain, and fidgeted in his chair until he finally fell off of it and onto the cold tile floor. When he managed to get the pain somewhat under control he creaked open one eye to Wesker's last known location and saw that the man stood but a few feet away from him… with what looked like a flashlight in his hand? Chris swore he saw the corners of the Captain's mouth twitch upwards in an amused grin when Chris registered that yes, it was in fact a flashlight.

He knew I had a hangover, he did that on purpose! Bastard!

Wesker clicked the instrument on and off in an inquisitive manner before looking back at his second-in-command who was now attempting to pull himself back into the chair.

"Rough night, Redfield?" he asked sardonically, obviously aware of the answer.

"Not as rough as this morning, apparently," Chris muttered under his breath, holding his head with his hands. Beside him, Barry and Joseph Frost were full out laughing, a sound that only worsened his now splitting headache, and Jill Valentine was trying not let her laugh escape her gloved hand. Brad just smiled nervously, unsure of what to think in this situation.

"Here, catch."

Chris barely had time to register what was going on before a bottle of ibuprofen came sailing through the air at him. His hand reached out and caught it instinctively, and he briefly wondered where the hell Wesker had pulled it from and if swallowing the entire bottle would do anything to alleviate his headache.

The Captain seemed to read his mind regarding the latter thought, for he snorted in a bemused fashion.

"The directions read three capsules, Redfield. I don't need you consuming the entirety of the bottle; you're still somewhat of a use to me."

Chris glared up at the older man, offhandedly registering that his half-smirk was once again present on his otherwise unreadable face, and decided that it was probably best not to comment. He muttered a barely intelligible 'thanks' before popping four of the pills, just out of spite. Well, that, and his headache was really bad.

Valentine rolled her eyes at him and he shot her a dirty look in response. At least, he thought it was a dirty look. He probably looked like hell right about now, so it was difficult to determine whether he had glared or just twitched his eye oddly at her.

'Just once, I'd like to see little Miss Perfect fuck up in front of the Captain so she can experience my misery on a daily basis', he thought.

Wesker seemed satisfied with Chris's obedience for he walked back to the large map that was behind him and cleared his throat.

"Now, as I had started to say…"

Chris tried to pay attention as best as he could, but his mind was already swarming with thoughts of revenge. One day he would catch his Captain off-guard and totally one-up him. One day…




Told you it was short. Let me know how it was anyway? The next one is longer I believe, just give me the incentive to post it :P