Sequel to simply the best. Each chapter will have the title of a place after the reserection of Gaara and Kakashi, and the rest of the jounin, and rookies are about to find out some very sad and disterbing things about Naruto. Will be a fem naruto. there may be a pairing...maybe.

Diary of Jane

They had just recently returned from a mission to save the Kazekage and were currently standing in the hospitle with Tsunade, Sakura, Lee, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Neji, Tenten, and Gai. It was still hard to believe, that the dead last of the rookies had grown so much. Yet they could'nt deny what they had seen. Naruto had killed both of the akatsuki men without laying a finger on them. And if that was'nt freaky enough, the blond had literally reserected the dead Kazekage just by tapping the red headed teen on the forhead with one glowing finger.

And to make things even wierder the blond was now MIA. As soon as they had walked through the village gates the teen had vanished into thin air. No words of farewell, no wave. Nothing. Just poof and he was gone. Jiraiya had just finished explaining some things that didn't really fit with Naruto at all. And now they were watching a video projecter of Naruto as a child; before anyone had ever bothered to befriend him. In the image that they were currently watching, the blond was about three or four yrs. old and the blond was backing away from an anbu who was'nt wearing his mask. There was a sadistic smile on the mans face as he tackled the little one and sat on the child's chest and punched him when he opened his mouth to scream. They watched the man beat the sobbing, frightened little blond until the adorable little face was almost completely crushed. Then watched in horror as the man raped the child and slit his throat and left him lying on t he floor of his apartment twitching, as his little body spasmed in death throes before going still.

The next image was of Naruto walking home from ninja acadamy and being dragged into an alley by several drunks. They watched the kid fight tooth and nail before finally getting loose and running to the end of the alley where a man was passing. They watched the frightened blond slam in to the man and latch on and heard him beg the man to help him. To save him from the men coming toward them. The man looked concerned and started to bend down to pick the crying blond up when he saw Naruto's face and handed him over to the men; they watched the blond shake with fear as the one who was supposed to help him cut out his tongue and left him with the other men.

It would be the last time the blond ever asked anyone for help. He was six.

In the next imagean eight yr. old Naruto was on his knees on the marble steps of the fourth Hokage's crypt, staring blankly ahead as a group of people while his chakra restraints were placed around his wrists and neck then attached to chains so that his arms were spread wide. They watched as his shirt was ripped open and one man stepped forward and cut the kid open and started to rip out the blonds internal organs. Naruto bit the inside of his cheek as his organs and blood pooled around his knees until the men all decided that tourturing him was'nt any fun if he refused to scream and beg for them to stop, so they settled for telling the blond just how worthless and unwanted he really was. When that didn't seem to work the men left the blond to bleed to death.

"I will try to find my place." The blond said weakly as he coughed up blood, and let the tears he had held back while he was being tourtured finally fall. Joining the blood on the once pristene white marble. It was ruined now. Just like he was.

The next image was of the boy being held down and forced to drink something that looked suspiciously like drano, or pledge with bleach and the ones who had forced the kid to drnk the stuff watched and laughed as the blond started to writh, and barely three minutes later jacknifed up off of the floor and vomited a huge amount of blood before he started writhing agian. They watched as his blood started to eat through the floor before it dawned on they that the men had made him drink highly corosive acid that was quickly eating through his organs, tissues, and bones. The boy begain to cry and sweat blood which in turn began to eat away at everything it touched.

It showed an elderly man that they recognised as the third Hokage holding the dying boy in his arms as he ran into the hospitle yelling for someone to help the boy.

It showed the boy going into cardiac arrest and the doctors working to try and save him. He had been nine.


Twisted Transister

The next image was of the blond when he was ten; lying in a bed with clean white sheets sweating and panting as he tossed his head back and forth muttering the words 'No." and "Dont touch me." along with "I'll fucking kill you." Before he jerked into an upright position with a scream his long hair falling over his fragil looking shoulders. And started to check himself to see if he was really unharmed. He was still panting, and sweating. His normally healthy looking skin was a sickly grey color. After making sure that his body was in perfect working order the blond closed his eyes and rubbed the spot over his heart like it hurt him.

Looking over at the clock the kid narrowed his eyes at the digital clock in annoyance. Then grabbed a pill bottle from his bedside he rationed out seven pills and popped all of them in his mouth and chewed. Apparently thinking that getting a glass of water to take with the pills was simply too much to handle at that moment.

Getting out of bed the kid walked over to his closet door and opened it, and stepped back as a headless corpse fell forward and hit the floor at his feet. The blond didn't even spare the body a glance. Reaching into the closet Naruto pulled out a black shirt with mesh sleeves, a pair of black denum pants, a black jacket with the kanji for 'demon' on it and walked to the bathroom to change.

A few minutes later the blond walked out of the room fully decked out in black, his nearly waist length hair hung down his back from a pony tail. The blond slipped on a pair of black combat boots, then looked at the clock on the wall. He looked anxious about something. Upon seeing that it was'nt time for whatever he was dressing for the blond walked out into the living room/dining room. There were eight more dead bodies. One of them was pinned to the blond's yellow wall by a katana in his chest. He was an Anbu captian if his mask and robe was any indication. The man's face was eternally frozen in horror meaning that he had seen his death coming as it struck.

Naruto pulled the katana from the man's body as he passed him on his way to the table where he ate breakfast. The blond flicked his wrist and cleaned the blood from the blade of the katana as he picked an 12x10 inch envolope up off of the table. After holding it for a minute Naruto then dumped the contents onto his table and his expression which had been calm; turned murderous. He was staring at pictures of Hinata, Sakura, Tenten, and Ino.

Shuffling the pictures they watched Naruto finally find what he had apparently been looking for. It was a note saying how pretty and innocent the girls looked and that it was now Naruto's turn to pick who the next victim would be. The letter was written in blood and signed by an infamuse serial killer/rapist. The Butcher. And had left instructions for Naruto to meet him at an abandoned building in the village slums, alone, at midnight; once he had chosen the man's next victim.

"Bastard." Naruto snarled as he quickly shoved the pictures back in the envolope and set it on fire with his chakra. He was down in the bingo book as a SSS-ranked criminal that should be avoided at all costs. He was responsible for killing seventy five children both male and female, ranging in age from two to ninteen yrs. of age.

After the last traces of the pictures had been burned to ashes the blond walked over to a poster he had on his wall and ripped the crudely drawn 'Kill Sauske' poster off of the wall and stared at the map of the village that he had hidden there. There were area's circled in red, blue, black and purple. And in each circle was an adress and name of someone from the acadamy, as well as secret-or what should have been secret hidouts of the Anbu, hunter nins as well as the name, address, and ranks of every man, woman and child shinobi in the village.

Everyone in the room watched as the blond ran his finger along one route and heard the faint sound of Naruto's voice as he calculated how many minutes it would take to get from one place to another, as well as how far each place was from each other. Once that was done he then looked at the clock again. 11:45, it was time to go.

Turning the 'kill sauske poster over he bit his finger and quickly wrote,


If I'm not back by the time you find this dont bother looking.

I'm dead and there is nothing left to find.


And left the note on the table as he grabbed the sheath for the katana and went to the closet beside the door and pulled out several different weapons and quickly put them on. Concealing several in different places on his body then made some shadow clones and left.

Uzu-chan? Everyone thought curiously.

A shadow clone for each girl.

Kakashi's visable eye widened when it showed the shadow clone breaking into each home or throwing a threatening note throught the windows of the girl's homes while their parents were there. While another sadow clone was placing the dead bodies of the men from his home in an abandoned building close to the four girls and after dousing everything in gasaline set the building on fire and vanished, knowing that the Anbu and hunters would be busy with the girls and the fire. Naruto was now free to take the Butcher down without the interferance of anyone else.


The film cut off for a moment before another image appaeared. It was Naruto in a knock down drag out fight with the Butcher. They could see everything clearly as the man pulled a weapon and attacked the small blond. They watched the blond pull the katana from it's sheath and counter the murders attack. They could see, and hear the clash of metal and the snapping of bones when the two discarded their weapons after a time and started to beat the shit out of eachother using fighting styles that noone in the room had ever seen before. But what was most suprising was the fact that Naruto, the village idiot, the dead last at the acadamy was not only giving as good as he got, but holding his own with someone who obviously had more stregnth and battle experiance.

Naruto didn't stummble, didn't trip. His movements were as gracful as a dancers, and finally after what seemed like forever the blond finally got behind the man and grabbed his katana and said, "Hate to break it to you motherfucker but the world isn't fair. It will kick you, beat you, and eat you if you let it. And it will be considered nothing but fair. So spare me your pathetic sob story, because I really could'nt care less." And with a downward slash he split the man- who had killed seventy five children- in half, effectivly ending his reign of terror.

Naruto was panting and bruised and bloody, but he was alive. Having survived after suffering several minor wounds and two deeper ones. In the distance Naruto could see the village lights and hear the sound of the people in an uproar ofver the nights events.


Behind Blue Eyes

The next image was of Naruto sitting on the rooftop of the acadamy next to Sauske. Sakura's eyes widened in suprise. It was a video of the day that they had been introduced to Kakashi as their jounin teacher. They listened to the blond babble on and on about instant ramen, before saying, "I'm going to be hokage someday! Then everyone will have to look up to me and stop disrespecting me. Believe it."

Kakashi nearly broke down and cried. In many things the blond was very much like the Hokage. He had been protecting them from the start. It wasn't suprising. But it was heart breaking to think of just how much the blond had suffered at their hands and they had never even realised or known.


In the End

Naruto was dangling over the clear waters of the river by Sauske's hand which was sticking through his chest. Sauske smirked. "Nice save. But your down a shoulder and a lung. The next time I wont miss." Sauske sneered at the blond and yanked his arm free. Naruto cried out at the sudden jolt of searing pain, and fell to his knees on the waters surface. He wheezed and started to lose conciousness, but as he started to slump forward- seemed to catch himself and by sheer force of will staggered to his feet. He was on his last legs. His chakra was seriously depleted and he still had a promise to keep damn it.

"I will keep my promise to them. I will bring you back. Even if I have to break every bone in your body to fucking do it!" Naruto yelled as he charged Sauske who for a moment was too stunned by the fact that the blond boy was still alive, much less on his feet attacking him. Naruto's movements became more and more blurry as his speed increased to the point where it was like he had gone invisable. All they could see was Sauske being thrown around and slammed into rocks in a visious manner. Naruto really did intend to break every bone in the raven's body. And he almost did.

But it was a fight that he still lost. And the guilt he felt was so great that on the night he returned to his apartment after being in the hospitle for almost three weeks was stand in front of a mirror and slit his own throat. Over and over and over before breaking down and crying himself to sleep lying in the bathroom floor surrounded by his crimson spray from his already healed wound. He was denied death once again, and noone was there to comfort him in his hour of need....



In the next image Naruto stood on a stage and was singing to a large crowd in what looked like a bar. He was fourteen in the video. His long blond hair hung loosely down his back and he was wearing a black leather vest over a red mesh shirt with fingerless gloves, black jeans that clung to his long legs like a second skin. The vest had buckles and looked very S&M style. Not only that but the teen was wearing red eye shadow, a light almost opalesent blue lipstick that changed colors from blue, purple and oddly enough a pale, pale pink in certain light. His fingernails were black, and there was a collar around his neck with three thick chain links hanging from the loop on the collar.

He looked mouth wateringly yummy to Kakashi. Sakura, Gai, and Tenten were all staring at the video slack jawed.

Was that guy really Naruto? Really, really, really Naruto?

They listened to the blond sing a song called Dancing in the Velvet Moon. The soft breathy croon of the boy's voice held the crowd in rapt attention as the song reached it's climax then ended. The next song started soon after. The song was fast paced and dark sounding for a song called Brighttown.

The last songs they got to hear were songs named, Michi- to you all, R.O.C.K.'S and the last one was called Hero's Come Back.

During one of the songs Naruto played a violin, and played a piano. It was the most wonderful thing that any of them had ever heard or seen.

Who knew that the blond was so talented?


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