The next image was of Naruto slamming into a large rock formation with enough force that the rock was reduced to rubble as the blond went through it and slid across the ground until he hit a tree. He lay on the ground completely unmoving, while several people appeared. Each one of them were wearing Akatsuki robes. One man held his hands up it same way Ino did when she was about to do her mind transfer jutsu. "Title, Death of the Damned." the man who seemed to be the ring leader said with a laugh. Naruto vanished and was in the man's personal space in the blink of an eye.

The blonds eyes had changed to a deep ruby red color and the blood dripping down his chin made him look more frightening. "I'll kill you." the blond said in a low tone that only he and the Akatsuki man could hear. One second he was telling the man he was going to kill him; then the next the man looked suprised as blood trickled out of his mouth soaking his pretty black and red robe. Naruto watched him fall dispassionatly as he stood there with the mans......still beating heart in his hand.

He had literally torn it out of the dead mans chest then turned to the other Akatsuki men and gave them all a very creepy smile and vanished again as the terrified screams of the dying men filled the air.

The next thing they saw was Naruto standing in the midst of over a hundred dead men wearing black and red robes. The blond was still smiling as he reached down and grabbed the nearest dead body and begain to waltz with it while singing, When your Evil to himself and the dead man in his arms.

Tsunade gave Jiraiya a worried look. She was afraid to ask the words but she apparently wasn't the only one who wanted to know.

Had Naruto finally been driven insane?

Jiraiya shook his head slowly. "Naruto is as sane as you and I, it's just how his defense macinism at work." The toad sage said as Tsunade looked a little relieved. But it was still troubling. The images had'nt shown the blond killing the men. Only letting them hear their screams in their final moments. Just what had the blond done to them anyway?


Kidnap the Sandy Clause

The next image was of the blond walking the streets of Kanoha village shortly after returning from the mission of saving the Kazekage. Day had turned to night and the blond was making his way through the village. He was'nt paying much attention to anyone or anything as he made his way through the village, past the Hokage tower, past the smoldering remains of what used to be his apartment- just when had his apartment burned down anyways?- out of the village gates and into the forest of death.

Everyone watched as the blond came to a stop at a stream deep with in the forest. "You should come out now, Orochimaru. I would hate to see what would happen to you if I lost my temper and had to drag you out of your hiding place." the blond said as he crossed his arms and waited as Orochimaru stepped out of his hiding place. "My, but you have grown since we last met. How did you know that I was here?" the snake sanin asked curiously.

Naruto gave him a bored look. " I could smell you were here from all the way across the village." the blond said as he looked at the snake sanin.

Orochimaru smirked at the blond. "I came to see how you were doing." the sanin said with a sadistic smile. Naruto frowned. What is he up too?

The blond wondered as he looked at the man. Orochimaru's smile got bigger until it looked like his face was going to split in half. Yup, he was up to something alright. "You mean you dont know." the sainin said with a mock look of suprise on his face.


Actually the blond did know what the man was refuring to. She simply wasn't going to advertise it for the man. If that was what had brought the sanin to the village then the blond would use her power to destroy herself first. There was no way that the man could know that she, Uzumaki "Naruto" was actually a girl, but not just any girl but a girl who was- thanks to the fucking demon inside of her- about to go into heat for a few weeks. She would be a slave to her labido. She hated the thought of what would happen if she went out in pubilc at that time. The sanin saw her face go from white to pink as she shuddered.

"So your aware of whats about to happen to you? You poor wretched creature." the sanin moved closer to her. She backed up a bit trying to maintain as much space between them as possable. "I can only imagine what the people will do to you when they find out." the sanin smirked again.

The blonds eyes widened. Son of a bitch! That is why he was there. She thought as she looked around and tried to estimate if she could get away if she ran. He would probably chase her but she suddenly felt like it was in her best intrest to run and never look back.

While she was slightly distracted the sanin made his move and was in her face still smirking. The bastard. As he blew some kind of powder into her face. She jumped back with a yelp, and instantly felt like her body was on fire. What had he just done? Was that powder poison? She wondered as her transformation started to slip. And she felt a dampness between her legs and her breasts ached to the point of pain. She lapsed into a momentary second of shock before outrage took control, swiftly folloed by rightous anger and......dear good was she actually hory?


Broken Youth

Tsunade had started to bark out orders after summoning several Anbu when Orochimaru had appeared. She wanted Naruto returned to the safty of the village- like now. The Anbu were listening to the fifth Hokage bark out orders when suddenly the image of Naruto vanished leaving them with an image of a girl. A very pretty, angry girl who then shrieked, "You son of a bitch! You used that drug on me to force me to go into heat early. I'm going to fucking tear you apart! Are you motherfucking insane!.....Oh god why is it so hot?" the girl moaned the last part as she sank to her knees panting.

Tsunade's jaw wasn't the only one that hit the floor. Naruto was a girl!

"Holy hell, what the fuck is going on here?!" Sakura shrieked as she started to pull at her hair in frustration.

"Save it for later we need to find them before Orochimaru does something really bad to her." Jiraiya said as he continued to watch as the sanin moved toward her. Like forcing her to go into heat early wasn't a bad thing at all. Ba-Ka.


"Dear girl why are you holding yourself back? You need to mate dont you. There is a healthy male standing right here. Make use of him." Orochimaru said as he stopped just inches from her and caught her chin in his fist and forced her to look at him.

She hissed at the small comtact as her pussy ached. Dear god the small pressure on her chin was almost enought to make her give in and tear her clothes off and let him fuck her. She needed to get away from him. Now. She was not going to have creepy little snake babies!

Snarling she did the only thing she could think of to put space between them. She bit two of his fingers off and ran to a large tree and ripped the thing out of the ground and tried to smash him into freaky little sanin bits with it. It took a few tries but Orochimaru finally backed off and ran away as Jiraiya, Shizune, Gai, and Anko appeared. As soon as she saw them she dropped the massive tree and callapsed into uncociousness. Her little encounter had taken its tool on her physically and emotionally.


Tsunade had given everyone at the hospitle explicit instructions not to let any male into the girls room while she was suffering from the drug that Orochimaru had exposed her too. Tsunade had estimated that it would take a few days for the drug to run its course. However the two or three days that she hadf thought it would take were hell on anyone who could hear the girl crying.

It wasn't until almost a week had passed when the girl started to beg Tsunade and anyone else who entered the room to check on her to kill her when they realised that something was terribly wrong. Tsunade examined the girl three more times before realising that she was in agony. Several of her organs were ruptured from the stress that was being placed on her body. It was begining to look like she was going to die if something wasn't done.

It was around that time that Kakashi was going to be released from the hospitle. He wanted to know how his former student was doing, and since noone was telling him anything he would just have to go see for himself.


Damn I wish I was your Lover

Later the night that Kakashi had been released he snuck into the hospitle with only one goal in mind. See how his former student was doing. It had bothered him that whenever he had asked Tsunade, Shizune and Sakura how the girl was doing they would clam up and simply say she was "fine". After a brief stop at the welcome center and thanks to a distraction from a shadow clone Kakashi was able to find out what room his former student was in. And what condition she was in.

Concern was what was he felt when he read that she was in critical condition. It was fear that made him move as quickly and quietly as he could down the halls to the room where she was supposedly resting. After making sure the cost was clear he walked over to the door and froze. Now Kakashi would be the first to admit that he was often more animal than man. And it was now of all times that his animal side decided to make an appearance. He didn't know what was happening on the other side of the door but he did know that whatever it was had him on alert.

The wolf blood in his viens stirred slightly. Just enough to make him open the door and step inside the white room.

His former student lay in her bed panting, and writhing. Every now and then she would arch her back, or lipt her hips up off of the bed then settle back down. Kakashi stood there for what seemed to him to be several hours, days; hell he had stopped paying attention to time a long time ago.

As he stood there with his senses on alert a strange thought accured to him. He had been alone in the world for far too long. He had never really thought too much about how lonely he was. Because it was depressing. And now after seeing how much the girl on the bed had suffered for the sake of the people around her he finally understood that he had been ignoring sertain bonds for far too long. He was in his prime. Settling down and having a wife and kids would be something to look forward too. And for the first times in many years he looked at his former student and thought, I hope that person is you.


The next morning Kakashi came awake with a strange feeling of peace and contentment. Something he had'nt felt since the death of his last teamate Minato almost seventeen years ago. How strange that he would feel it now of all times while he was lying in bed still drowzy after all his late night and early morning activities. He lay there for a few seconds when his eyes popped open and he started to sit up only to realise that he was'nt in bed alone.

Had he gone out looking for a prospective mate? Or was he in bed with Anko again? Looking down he stared at the sleeping face of his former student and his eyes widened. Everything from the night before was blurry. A rush of pictures and images in his head. All of them of him taking the girl lying in the bed in various positions until they finally clapsed from exhaustion. Kakashi's heart beat tripled in speed. Oh god, he had'nt meant for this to happen. He hadn't meant to let his wolf blood to take over completely.

He had sat in the room watching her for a while before everythign had gone blank and he had.........well fuck him and call him your bitch. Was his former student sporting the Hatake mating mark on her collar bone? He sure as hell hoped that the girl had agreed to be his mate before he had put that mark on her or he was-

The door across the room opened and Tsunade stood there slack jawed as the file in her hands fell from her limp fingers and she shrieked, "Hatake, your a dead wolf-man!"

Oh yes he was a dead wolf-man.

But he was a happy wolf-man, with a mate.

He could easily die a happy man now.


thank you for reading my story. that was the end for now.