She holds her head up high as she was raised to do, even when she doesn't think she can. She pretends to be strong and great, even though she knows she's neither. She'll take away your breath and steal your heart, even if she doesn't have the will to keep her own. Everyone knows who she is, and everyone wants her.
Including me.

She had memories she wants to forget, but she can't let go of them. Maybe she's afraid that if she forgets them, she'll forget a little bit of herself as well. She can't forgive herself for what she's felt and done.
She can't forgive me, either.

She can't hold onto anything new for very long. She's a woman of flings and one night stands because she doesn't trust herself to have anything more. She fell hard for someone once because she let herself feel too much, and she was hurt even worse when they told her no.
I was the one that told her no.

She runs as fast as she can, but she never gets away. She stumbles and falls, but she still keeps going, and she hasn't broken once. Not that she has let anyone see. Isabelle Lightwood breaks for no one.
Not even me- her own brother.

This is based on an awesome song, Guinevere by the Eli Young band. I'm not sure why I keep using songs like this for Isabelle though. She just kind of seems like the kind of person who's all internally tortured but never lets anyone see her break down. Please review!