The Fiancé


Ellen and Robert Granger drove home in silence, Robert, because he was furious with his wife and Ellen because she was ashamed of what she had said at her sister Jennifer's home earlier that day.

It had started out OK when they arrived at her bossy, overpowering, rude older sister's home for Christmas celebrations but it always ended the same way. Someone would make a comment about Hermione not going into the family dentist business, and how she must be dumb or something. Usually Ellen and Robert would avoid taking the bait and manage to change the subject somehow. But not today, no not today, it all happened so fast that Ellen didn't even realise what she said until she looked at Robert and saw the horrified look on his face that she realised the extent of her rant. Lets take it from the beginning shall we.

Every year Robert and Ellen went over to her sister's place to celebrate Christmas dinner and every year the conversation always went the same way, how come Hermione doesn't see any of her family? How come she didn't become a dentist like all the other 'respectable' people in the family? Wasn't she 'cut out' for dentistry, wasn't she smart enough? It was actually that comment that got under Ellen's skin the most. Normally Robert would step in and change the subject but tonight he was caught up with his father in law in the kitchen and unfortunately walked in when Ellen was in full rant.

"My daughter is smarter than most people I know and if she chose not to go into dentistry I don't understand how it is your business, she has a very high position in her...... work place" Ellen had a glass of wine in her hand and sculled it down. This would have been the end but one particularly spiteful niece, Jennifer's youngest daughter, Sarah, had to throw in the comment that broke the proverbial camels back

"Maybe she doesn't see us mummy because she is still ugly and no one wants her as a wife".

Well that was it, Ellen saw red and blew up, she ranted for about 10 minutes straight and finished up with the finale to end all finales.

Hermione was engaged to be married. The entire room went silent along with Robert as well. In his head he was screaming to her please don't say anything else, don't say anything else, please Ellen do shut up. But no, obviously Ellen was never any good at mind reading so she could not hear her faithful husband screaming in her mind because when one of the aunties (another rude and obstinate one) asked who the lucky fellow was, Ellen froze, what could she do now.

She looked around the room and the sight of her old mother's face beaming with pride was enough to encourage Ellen forge on with her lie. She sort of figured it wouldn't really matter because the next time she would see them would be next year and she would make an excuse to not attend. So she blurted out the only name she could think of.

"Harry, Harry Potter, she is engaged to a fine up standing young man. They have known each other for years and have finally professed their love to each other"

Ellen had a smug look on her face and it felt good to finally put those pig headed, rude and cantankerous relatives of hers in their place. They have badgered Hermione for years and it was for this reason that they limited their visits down to once a year.

Ellen was quite happy with herself until she saw Robert and if looks could kill, she would not only be dead, but buried as well. The rest of the evening progressed along uncomfortably, most of the nieces and aunts wanted details of the wedding but Ellen said it was up to Hermione to tell them the details. It seemed to calm the wild tigers for now.

"I just don't know what got into your head Ellen" Robert had broken the 30 minutes silence with that one sentence.

"What on earth are you going to say to Hermione, she is going to kill you, you know that don't you. And heaven forbid if Harry finds out, the poor lad will never visit us again" Harry had taken to visiting the Granger's about once a month for the last 5 years. He went with or without Hermione, he just enjoyed having a day with decent muggles and the Granger's found they enjoyed his company too.

"Well I basically thought that she didn't need to find out" Ellen mumbled

"What do you mean, you have to tell her, you know it will eventually get back to her"

"Robert think about it, we only see my family once a year and we will make an excuse for next year and the one after if we have too. It will be fine don't worry"

"I don't know Ellen, these things have a bad habit of coming back to haunt you."

4 months later.

Hermione was waiting in Harry's kitchen having a nice conversation with Dobby and Winky while Harry got dressed for their day with her parents. Harry had taken to her parents over the years and always enjoyed playing a couple of rounds of chess with Robert. When he introduced him to wizards chess, there was no holding them back and now they met once a month and had a day of playing chess while talking to Hermione's mum. Most times Hermione made it, but if she was busy at St Mungo's, where she worked in research, then Harry would go alone. Harry had some more flexibility with his weekends as he was the Professor of Defence Against The Dark Arts at Hogwarts. He did his training for the Auror program and enjoyed it for the first 2 years but then he lost a partner and on that day, he lost his heart for the job too. So he retired and once Professor Dumbledore heard about his early retirement, it didn't take too much convincing to lure Harry back into the walls of Hogwarts. He had been there ever since and still loved it even if he was one of the youngest professors, only 21 when he started, ever to grace the Halls of Hogwarts.

Harry walked into the kitchen and took in the sight before him. Hermione was talking animatedly with Dobby and Winky and what ever their conversation was about, the three of them were very engrossed. Harry admired Hermione from his spot at the door way and he looked at the beautiful woman she had become. Harry often wondered why she hadn't been snagged by an eligible young man. Not that he was complaining, as the thought of his Hermione with another man was almost too much to bear.

When Hermione and Ron had a relationship four years ago, Harry was worried they may get married and at one time they seemed to be headed that way, at least to everyone on the outside. Then one day they announced to all their friends that they were no longer a couple and decided to concentrate on their friendship instead of a relationship that was going no where. To say people were shocked was an understatement, people were dumbfounded. It seemed a sure thing that Hermione and Ron would be married first, but it wasn't to be. The first one's to get married were Ginny married Neville and then surprise, surprise Ron married Luna.

Once the two of them got together, everyone immediately forgot about how suited Ron and Hermione were, and proceeded to say that Ron and Luna were soul mates and more such rot. Not that it bothered Hermione at all, she seemed happier than most people were, she was genuinely pleased one of her best friends had found his true love.

Now Hermione was working at St Mungo's in the research department and thoroughly enjoyed her job. If she had had dates, Harry certainly didn't know about it. She always met them for their Friday night dinner at one of the friends houses and even hosted her own dinner when it came around to be her turn. Although Harry usually shared the job with Hermione as he had Grimmauld's House and Hermione's flat was really only big enough for her and crookshanks.

The great thing about it though was that the flat was only 5mins walk to Harry's house, so they usually ended up having the dinner nights at his house even if she cooked. But she never mentioned a boyfriend or brought a date, so as far as Harry knew she had no one, which as I said before suited him fine.

"Good morning, am I interrupting something important?" Dobby and Winky spun around to see their master watching them from the doorway.

"Master, Sir, Master Harry's Miss was telling Winky and me that they have new laws for other creatures like elves, Sir, Master Harry's Miss is loved as much as Master is, sir, everyone loves Master Harry's Miss" Hermione cringed at the nickname they had given her, but Harry laughed.

"Morning Harry, slept in again? Man you are so lazy, had a wild date last night did you?" Harry looked at her trying to see any reaction but she covered it well if she was prying for information.

"You know me Mione, always marking papers at the last minute" Harry had a laugh at her stern look.

"Harry you should be more organised, you know I have written out many schedules for you and still you don't follow them, so serves yourself right for getting behind" Hermione didn't have an ounce of anger in her voice so Harry knew she was having a dig at him.

"Ok MUM are we ready?" Harry held out his arm like a gentleman but Hermione was being a brat and walked right passed him. Harry turned and winked at Dobby who sighed a sigh of relief, he always worried when they fought. He thought Master Harry's Miss might not come back.

It was terrible when she was with the tall weasel, Dobby was not happy then because he could see the pain in his masters face.

Even though Sir, would never talk to him about it, Dobby just knew.

Harry and Hermione reached the garage and Harry stood in the doorway while Hermione walked to the car and waited for him to unlock the car door. After a few seconds she turned to look for him and saw him leaning against the door jam in a sexy lazy sort of way.

"Something wrong" Hermione knew what was wrong, but she loved hearing him say it.

"Not going anywhere, Miss Granger"

"Oh and why not Mr Potter?" Hermione sauntered her way over to him, and since he was still standing on the step, he was much, much taller than her. He stepped down till so he was closer to her face and her body and he waited,

"Well Mr Potter, why not?" Hermione loved playing these games with him since she was secretly in love with him but couldn't ever bring herself to tell him. So she settled for these little games knowing it probably meant nothing to him anyway, but it meant the world to her. Harry leant closer to her and Hermione could see the brilliant emeralds that were his eyes, so closely she could see her reflection in them.

"I haven't had my good morning kiss yet"

"Really, should I call Winky?" Harry's hand shot around her waist with such quick reflexes, she was startled. He pulled her closer still if that was even possible,

"No I think you know what I mean Miss Granger" Harry turned his face so she would kiss his cheek like she always did, but Hermione placed her hand on his cheek and turned his face back towards her and ever so gently kissed his lips.

"Good Morning Mr Potter" Harry was still a bit stunned and hadn't realised she had stepped out of his embrace and was back at the car.

"Little Witch"

"Sorry, Harry what was that?"

"You heard" She had a good laugh while Harry opened her door and settled her in to his Nissan 350Z. He talked about Hogwarts and she talked about St Mungo's. This was usually the way it went with those two, they had their little tease session then went back to normal like nothing had happened.

They arrived at her parents place and were quite happy to be having a relaxing day together. They all had drinks out by the pool and then the boys went in to start their chess game before lunch. Robert was becoming increasingly better at Wizards chess much to Harry's shame.

Hermione and her mum were chatting outside when Hermione took the drink glasses into the kitchen sink.

On the fridge was an invitation addressed to Hermione and Harry. Curiosity got the better of her and she opened the invitation, it was from the Dental Association inviting her and Harry to an all expense paid week away in France.

Hermione was completely confused, firstly why on earth was she receiving an invitation and secondly why was Harry's name on it as well. Hermione walked into the lounge where her dad was with Harry,

"Dad, what's this invitation for and why are Harry and I invited?" Hermione was looking at the invitation and did not see her father's horrified look but Harry did not miss it.

"Hermione, sweetheart, its nothing, don't worry?" Hermione closed the invitation and walked towards the hall as her parents phone was ringing,

"Hello, Granger residence."

"Oh Good morning Hermione, how are you?" that drawled out ridiculous voice could only belong to one person,

"Hello aunty Jen, I mean Aunty Jennifer" Hermione really disliked this side of the family, they thought she was a no hoper and it irked her to no end.

"So did my sister pass on the invitation to France, you know I had to pull some strings to get you invited dear, I hope you won't pull out" Hermione was seriously starting to wonder what the hell was going on,

"Sorry Aunty Jennifer I am not sure I can make it for a whole week I am really busy at the moment, you know how it is"

"Yes of course, it must be stressful organising everything on your own, your mother being so busy with the practice and such" Hermione was confused and then one sentence stopped her dead

"So you will bring that wonderful fiancé of yours along, we can't wait to meet him, your mother said Harry was wonderful"

"F, F, F Fiancé", sorry Aunty Jennifer I have to go" Hermione slammed down the phone. "ARGGGGHHH" Harry heard her scream and jumped up to see what was wrong,

"Hermione, Baby what's wrong" Harry was trying to hug her, but she was frantic


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