Fangirl Cousins Production

I, Bri Nara, and my cousin Suka Hyuga (but mostly me) wrote this list of ways to get Hidan ticked off. And I don't care if his fangirls try to kill me, this was worth it.

How to bother Hidan! Mwahahahahahaha!

1. Cut his head off and use it as a piñata.

2. (Suka only wrote this part) Put away his torture weapons. (Bri to peoples) (Seriously, people, I would think of something much worse.)

3. Use his name as a cuss word. (He deserves it)

4. Play hide and seek with his body parts. (Be sure to put his head in Tobi's room, while Tobi's there)

5. Leave him alone with Tobi

6. Sell his scythe on eBay (Who the Hidan would want to watse their money on that?)

7. Ask how old he is. (His hair is grey, and he's immortal, just imagine how ancient he could be)

8. Clean his room.

9. Tell him Lord Jashin sucks (If you're suicidal, please do it!)

10. Tell him he's a (insert very very dirty word here. -.-)

Hope you liked it peoples!

Suka, run! The fangirls are coming!

Suka: I don't do anything! Is Bri's fault!

It was your idea to make this list and you know how much I hate Hidan! So this is YOUR fault!

Suka: But i only put one! ¬¬

You gave me the hide and seek idea! And the eBay idea!

Suka: It's false! I don't do that! I'm a good girl!

Just shut up and run from the fangirls! -__-"