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Giggling and shouting reached a teen's ears. The giggling he knew to be his girlfriend's, his future 'wife', if only he could convince his father and her's that they were ready to bond to each other, if not already.

The shouting was his father's. No doubt his lover manged to piss him off again. She was becoming very good at that lately.

He sighed saddly, curling his ghostly tail around himself, he thought of the possible months that he would have to endure without her. It was going to be rough. His living hell if you wanted a name.

A door flew open and its sound of being slammed open echoed through the empty halls. Clockwork really needed to get a smaller place, it was worse then his home back at Wisconsin. Atleast there he knew where he was going...Curse his damn vamporic father.

"See here young lady! I don't care if your my son's girlfriend or a queen! You are going to need help!" The ghostly teen chuckled as his father yelled fruitlessly at his charming girlfriend. He loved that side of her.

"I didn't say I don't need help. I'll need it later, but not right away. Give me a few weeks before you and the others decide to come. I need to set things up. Heck, i'll be done within two days. My furries are fast." The teen smiled again at the thought of her 'furries'. He had to agree with her, the little furballs could move.

His father scowled at him, noticing his son had seen them fight.

"Don't give her any ideas Val. She has enough of them!" The teen, Val, shook his head.

"Sorry, but she is my girlfriend. Not only that she's my obession, I can't really ignore my obession now can I?" He scowled at the teen. It was clear that he was only getting more pissed.

"How can you have an obession Val? Your only half-ghost!" The teen waved his father off with a bored look. The father glanced at his son before turning to the young woman he had been fighting with.

"You've turned my only child agaisnt me! I can't wait till this issue has been settled! Then i'll have my son back and you can go back to doing what ever you do." Before he turned and walked through a forgotten door he heard what the woman said.

"You lost your son when you became the monster that stands in front of me now."


Trish, the white ball of fur with the icy blue eyes, had found herself in heaven. The school's lunch room to be exact, filled with rotting meat that was dying to be eaten. So much trash!! So much food! How can humans throw such perfect food away? Her thoughts were broken off as her master or 'mother' spoke.

'Calm yourself Trish. There's always more trash.' The ball of white pouted childly.

'But that's a waste of food! There's a girl throwing away an untouch hambuger! Do you know how well fed the others will be by just coming here?' Her 'mother's' voice fell away before it returned seconds later.

'I'm sending Devesh up to you. He should help you with Dark, I know he's there. Check the shadows for twitches, he hates humans. But he hates halfas more. Look near Danny's table.' Trish mentaly sighed and scanned the surronding shadows for signs of 'twitching'. She never broke her line of sight when a fellow ball of fur settled next to her. This one was pitch black with red swirls and yellow wolf-like eyes and slightly smaller than Trish. Basicly this was Devesh.

"You see him yet?" Trish remained quiet, she had seen a so-called 'twitch'.

"I think I found him. Near the corner, with the three teens." Devesh's eyes turned to slants as he stared at the shadow on the floor. A hump rose a few centimeters off the ground, paused as one of the male teens shifted in his seat, before settling back down. Yep, that was Dark.

"So we found him...What do we do? Just sit here?" A 'hum' began in the back of their minds before their 'mother' spoke up.

'Everything's in place. It's time to begin Dark's judgement. Eat him, tear him apart, whatever. Your free to do what you all please. But remember, no harming people...Unless they ask for it. But no hurting the Fenton's or Sam Manson. Clear?' Clicks of agreement from the two before the soft hum vanished. Leaving them with a noisy lunch room, Trish turned to Devesh.

"So...What part do you want?" A slight pause from Devesh before he smiled wickedly at his fellow leader.

"I want his tail this time." Trish pouted at Devesh.

"Fine! But I make the first move! I also get his face..." Another pause from Devesh.



Danny ate his lunch with a heavy mind. He just knew that Arin didn't mean them any harm, it was convincing Sam other wise. Sure, it was hard to believe that Vlad had anykind of family. But surely he had some tucked away in a dark corner, where they wouldn't make any demands or threats. How could they truely tell if they knew nothing about her?

Quickly slumping his shoulders, he stabbed a piece of bread that had fallen off his bun. It was at this moment that the room dropped sharply in of the signs that a ghost was present in the room, but that wasn't what shocked Danny. It was that his friends also noticed too. Most of the time the temperature drop was too small for anyone to notice unless they were looking for it.

Sam rubbed her hands over her arms, trying to get some warmth that was lost. What happened to all the warm air?

"Geez, did someone turn on the AC?" Tucker shrugged his shoulders and turned to Danny.

"Dude, is there a ghost in here? It's like, freezing!" Danny also shrugged. With all the ghosts he had met, none had been able to drop the temperature this badly. A new ghost maybe?

Danny was about to ask Tucker what he tought when Sam grabbed his arm. Quickly flicking his head at her, he was able to see her scared and shocked face, Sam was rarely scared and/or shocked. She pointed her arm past Tucker and grabbed his chin sharply, forcing him to see what ever Sam had saw. It wasn't a pretty sight.

It was ghost of sorts. Its main color was black, besides it blood red eyes. It's main body was a mass of darkness with ribbon like fingers pointing out and away from it on the back and a few on the sides, all ending with a sharp point that was also a blood red. It had no legs instead it had a spectral tail which was also pointed with a blood red. Its head had no features besides its red eyes, hair that was pointed like those on its back and teeth. Teeth that were dyed a rusty brownish red, much like dried blood. It raised a clawed hand also covered in blood red and pointed at Danny.

When the remaining teens had seen the ghost, it was like a bomb of panic had been set off. Many ran screaming out of room along with many being ran over as a result. The shadow like creature let out a deep, low chuckle at the human's actions. Though he wasn't surprised that the three at the table hadn't ran off yet.

"Hello Daniel, Sam, Tucker. It's nice to be able to meet you." The shadow creature did a fake bow and lazy-like returned his gaze to the teens. It was oddly enough that it was Tucker who regained the ability to speak.

"Who the hell are you?" The creature seemed hurt by Tucker's question and showed it.

"Why I'm the Dark Fate. I hold power over everything negative and dark. A sucky title by all means but it's better than nothing." The creature bowed again before turning to Sam.

"Ms. Manson. Surely you know something about us Fates. I know it's one of your favorite past times." Sam nodded before stuttering quickly and gaining a somewhat small voice.

"Fates are-were once human. Stuck between the two planes, they control certin things?" The creature clapped at Sam.

"A very good description for whoever may be a person in a nutshell. You must know the classes too, right? That the Dark and Light Fates are the strongest ones?" At this, Sam got a confused look.

"I thought it was a Judgement Fate that was the highest class." The creature flinched and came close to Sam's face, close enough that she could smell carrion on his breath.

"True, Judgement Fates are the strongest ones. But they are also the most rare and prone to fail. Why our last died only a few years ago to this year. Which will most likely happen to our newest one. I have no idea where she got the thought that she could capture me," the creature ran claw down Sam's face causing Danny to quickly leave his dazed mind and leap at him in anger. The shadow monster saw this coming and pinned him to the ground with ease. The creature tutted saddly at him before returning to Sam. "Though I did kill a fellow Fate or Fates. I know I killed the Light Fate, maybe a Fire Fate too...I know for a fact that I killed a Time Fate. Poor boy, he was pretty young too. I only wish I could have gotten our new Judgement Fate first, she's a tough one. She's also the reason why i'm here." At this time he was wondering if he was giving too much away... but his train of thought was broken when Sam asked that one delightful question

"Why are you here? Why not go after the Judgement Fate yourself?" He chuckled gravely. He loved 'why' questions the most.

"Why, i'm here to gain an upper hand on our dear Judgement Fate. I'm here to kill you three." He raised a clawed hand and was about to swipe her when an ecto-blast sent him into a wall.

Standing in the doorway was the Red Huntress, a large canon was held in her hands as she float and came closer on her board. Coming closer to the three she saw that the creature had managed to leave three deep claw marks on Danny's chest from where its hand had been resting. This filled her with sething, red anger.

"You scum! I'll tear you apart!" The creature floated back up and dusted off it's front like the blast was nothing, which intruth, was. He turned his red eyes on to the Red Huntress and chuckled.

"As much as I enjoyed that little pick-me-up from your weapon, my true goal are those three. Now unless you wish to join them in death, then so be it. But i'm giving you a chance here Valerie Grey, live out the rest of your life happily or die with them. I'll also be so kind to take care of Phantom for you, seeing he's next on my list anyway." Valerie stared in shock, how did that creature know who she was? But she thought about his offer, it would be nice if Phantom was gone. But then she couldn't say it was her who got rid of him,and there was also the fact that Danny and his friends would die if she said yes and she still had that crush on him...

"No. I want the honour of destroying Phantom! And you won't touch those three!" The creature sighed and rubbed his face.

"Humans and your damn 'goodie' morals...Oh, well. If that's your anwser then how about I take care of you later?" Before Valerie could even blink, the creature's left arm shot out and grabbed her tightly from 9 feet away. Gripping her, the creature flung Valerie through the window and into four feet of water that had gathered from the on-going rainstorm an melted snow. The creature smiled as water started to pour in from the broken window.

"Ah, rain. Such a life giving weather it is. Don't you think murder is best done in the rain?" He zipped/floated to Sam, his cruel smile back as he raised his hand to claw again. So image his shocked face as a white ball of fur came flying at his head shouting, "BONZAI!"

Lucky for Sam he used his right arm, the arm he was going to strike her with, to block the ball's path to his face. But he soon regretted it, as the white ball sunk bear trap worthy teeth, all sharp and pointed, into his arm. Screamin in pain, he clawed at the ball with pain fueled fury. The ball didn't stop there, using its long tail and little short legs it clung on to his arm and began to bite down repeatedly in different spots along his arm. In simple terms it was ripping and bitting his arm to pieces.

Clawing and banging his arm on the walls and surrounding tables did nothing to stop the ball as ectoplasm began to dye his arm a glowing green. He cursed at the ball and manged to slip a claw under its belly before a blinding pain came from below him. The pain blocked out all of his senses and good thing too or he would have been able to hear the sound of bones being broken into pieces and the sound of flesh being torn apart. His flesh to honest.

Coming back to the real world and ignoring the massive pain in what was left of his right arm, he glanced down and was filled with rage at the sight.

A ball of black with red swirls and yellow eyes smirked at him, its tail wrapped around its body. The ball and most of its body was covered with ectoplasm and much like a trophy was easily three feet of his once spectral tail laying in front of the ball. The ball, upon seeing the creature's outraged face, broke out into an all out smile. The creature couldn't remember when he was so mad before at something smaller then a fist-sized ball.

"You damned little creatures! How dare you bite off my tail!" At this the ball on his arm stopped its mindless chewing and looked up at him.

"We're making you mad, right?" Dark simply boiled at that comment.

"The Judgement Fate sent you, didn't she?!" The white ball nodded and the black one spoke up.

"She told us to make your life a living hell. Oh, and your a messed up fruitloop. Who talks of death so fondly? You make Plasmius act like a kitten compaired to you." At this, and to his great grief of pain, ripped the white ball from his arm. The ball had latched her teeth deep right before and when she was pulled off, a large chunk of flesh came with her. Gritting his teeth in pain, he made a grab at the other ball, who didn't even flinch at his movement, and held them close to his face.

"Trish, Devesh. Tell you 'mother' that i'm not afraid of two puffballs." Devesh, the black one, acted as if he heard this all the time, while Trish merely grinned.

"Oh, she saw that one coming. That's was she brought all of us!" Dark's face fell.

"All...sixty?!?!" Trish nodded tried to wriggle out of his grasp.

"Ya know, I still haven't got your face yet!" Before Trish could get any futher, Dark flung the two as far as he could out the window, which turned out to be a couple of miles. Grinning happily as he remembered the three teens, turned to finaly get rid of Sam when he was hit in the head from a green ecto-blast. It was easy to say Dark was starting to get pissed.

"Why, in Hades's Hell am I getting all this damned bad luck?! It shouldn't be this hard to kill two humans and a halfa!" Danny was getting light headed from the deep marks on his chest. Saddly when he changed to his ghost form, it did nothing to help with the pain that was still throbing, how was he going to explain this one to his parents?

But he shooked that from his mind as he had to protect Sam and Tucker. He wasn't going to let this monster win in anyway.

Dark was horribly pissed at how things were going. Thinking that it would be a piece of cake to just go in and kill them before they figured out anything, this turned out to be a slap to the face. Valerie was no problem, he would take care of her later. But those damned little puffballs had to show up. He couldn't help but think it was odd that the two knew he was going to show up here. Did that mean the Judgement Fate's plan was in motion already? Was he really outwitted by a 15 year old? He sethed and quickly counted his options.

He was in no shape to fight if the younger Fate showed up, he could but that would only result in more pain on his behalf. Thanks to her horrible little puffballs, he couldn't make a fast get-away. Danny could even put him in that damn awful thermos if he wanted to! She knew he would come here first! Was he easy to read or was she just lucky? Damn karma.

Dark narrowed his eyes as Danny threw a ecto-blast at him and missed by a hair. Eyes quickly reading Danny told him that he had manged to land three deep gashes on his chest. He grinned, he still had a trump card and began to make his escape.

Launching his left arm at Danny, he grabbed him and was ready to fling him outside when he leaned down to his ear.

"If the Judgement Fate wants to play hard, then lets play hard!" He threw Danny hard into a tree a few meters away. This caused Sam and Tucker to scream in alarm as they quickly fled out the broken window to find Danny.

Once the two had gone from his sight did Dark sighed in pain and glanced at his arm and what remained of his tail. He floated for a few minutes before he felt wind brush the side of his head.



Turning to where he heard the thunk, he saw the weapon that he'd come to fear recently.

It was a scythe.

It plused with a blue light that was slowly turning red.

Only one scythe does that.

Dark had never flown that fast before in his afterlife.

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