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Severus Snape walked up to the elevator.

Almost 2 months ago, he had had 24 strange encounters of who knows what kind.

He had had those encounters because Potter thought it would have been funny to form a union against him to annoy him.

So now, it was time to ride again.

He pressed the button, and waited.

And then Ron Weasley walked up.

"What do you want?" Snape asked.

"That's what she said," Ron replied.

"Excuse me?" Snape said.

They stepped into the elevator.

"Really? That's what she said."
"No it's not."
"Yeah it is, that's what she said."
"Because she said sombrero," Snape said.

"No. That's not what she said," Ron replied.

"Then what did she say?" Snape asked.

"That's what she said," Ron replied simply.

"I'm serious," Snape said, "What did she say?"
"That's what she said!" Ron replied.

"I am asking you a question, and I request that you don't respond 'That's what she said' every time," Snape said.

"But seriously…she said that's what she said," Ron said seriously.

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