Ness's Druggy Adventure

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Ness was taking a walk to see Mario, because she wanted to get a sandwich back from him. As she merrily skipped along the way back, a Magikarp hit her in the face, making her sloppy as she noticed in disgust. Sighing as she shook her head, she continued down the road, when she spotted an empty vending machine.

"Huh? Why is there a vending machine in the middle of nowhere?" Ness asked herself as she strolled up to the vendor and looked into the small vendor hole, calling out if there was anything inside. She shrugged and whacked the vending machine with her baseball bat, which caused the vending machine to explode as soda bottles bursted out towards everywhere.

Moaning as she lied on the dirt-paved path, Ness shook her head as she stood up, grabbing a bottle of Pepsi on the ground and opening it up, drinking it as she continued walking. Nearby, Falco Lombardi and Waluigi were watching Ness making progress as they both chuckled nefariously.

"We're gonna get dat dere Ness, if it's the last thing we do!" Falco muttered as he clenched his right fist, "I'll teach her to steal my bread and wreck my beautiful arwing."

Waluigi, however, ignored Falco and took out a cigarette, lighting it up and puffing smoke as he looked up at the clear blue skies, grinning.

As Ness began singing after chucking the empty bottle of Pepsi away, she encountered Charizard on the road, holding a stop sign. ness scratched her head as she tried to go past Charizard, but the red fire-type dragon Pokemon firmly stood his place, blocking her.

"I'M SORRY, LITTLE GIRL, BUT ALL PASSENGERS MUST GO AND FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM IN ORDER TO PASS," Charizard bellowed in a loud, obnoxious voice as he used his large wings to blow Ness away.

Ness screamed, holding onto her cap as she tumbled backwards, going right by the bushes that Falco and Waluigi were hiding in. As Ness got to her sense, she was run over by fleeing members of the Subspace Army, who were being chased by Bowser and Ganondorf, who were teaming up to cause some havoc as usual. Moaning in pain, Ness got up and popped herself back into 3D, moaning a bit as she moved about on the path dizzily. Hearing her stomach growl at her, Ness looked for some grub to eat. She spotted some chocolate on the ground in front, and she squealed with delight as she lunged towards the brown sweets.

Unfortunately, Lucario just so happen to be watching this from the tallest branch of a nearby maple tree, and he tackled Ness to the ground, beating her up with rage while the chocolate was carried off by several ants, all whom were handing the chocolate to Dr. Mario, who was plotting a scheme so evil... it could spell the end of the entire universe.