So, no, this isn't a new chapter or anything, but I do plan to post another story here at FF tonight. Fingers crossed! The reason I'm updaing this with an author's note is to let you know that this story, Fantasy Week: Booth Edition, is being read as a "Book Club Selection" at a BONES online forum called 'Bonesology".

I'm no good at trying to put links into profiles and stuff like that, but if you just type in 'bonesology' in your favorite internet search browser, you're likely to find it. The book club chat is on Wednesday, March 2nd at 9 PM EST.

I think it's kinda cool! This story is almost two years old, and my first foray into smut ever! :)

SO if you are so inclined and want to brush off this dusty old smutty relic, join Bonesology, Wednesday, March 2nd at 9 PM.