Dear Readers;

First I want to thank all of you, each and every one of you who have read my fanfiction over the years.

I am sorry, but I will not be finishing Harken's Bell or any of the other stories I posted on this site that remain unfinished.

I'm going to be honest with all of you. I have tried to complete this work on multiple occasions for the past 3 years.

Horrendous, ugly things that got deleted quickly. But, something integral changed inside of me in an

instance in my life that left my muse shattered.

Something so ugly, it made me feel guilty for writing about love. It rendered my heart and mind in

two and honestly, I lost my muse.

Now, suffice to say, I have healed emotionally... but now, I am unable to write fanfiction or come back to these

characters. I no longer feel their inner rhythm of these characters and when I do write them they come out as 2d cutouts.

I love them dearly, but the person who started this is no longer the same. I can not do it justice and for me to grow as a writer

I have to let go of the past.

There is a specific person I want to apologize to most of all. An anonymous reviewer who wrote on 'behalf of

their sister', I hope and pray she conquered cancer. It was for her, I fought so long to finish this story that started

on a whim and became a large part of that person I used to be.

I am so happy that she was able find comfort in those first chapters I splurge uploaded that day. It humbled

me beyond measure - no - beyond any review I have ever received.

So again thank you. I will continue to write but, original works. I am retiring this pen name, and will no longer post

anything else on it. I will leave my work up, however for those who care to read it.

With Utmost Sincerity and signing off for the last time,

Lady Kaliska