Chronicle of the Imperial Wars – Book 1: Unfortunate Meetings



This is my first actual published fan fiction, so I hope you'll bear with me, read, and review, since it is somewhat… odd. The M rating is just in case for violence, there won't be much of anything in the way of 'shipping'

Specifically, this is a crossover between Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Warhammer 40,000, as you may have guessed from the summary, and not the friendly kind.

Dates are listed, but for reference, the story takes place about a year after the events of Strikers. I try to keep to canon, but I'm not perfect, and I can't understand Japanese (so the Sound Stages aren't really factored in at all). I've also made up a few things to fill in gaps, or because it was cool.

This chapter also includes a very short prologue, which I removed from the main text, since I thought it would improve flow of the story – specifically, because it made it abundantly clear what was going on too quickly.

Merchant Freighter Star of Heaven (Commandeered by order of Departmento Munitorum)

On approach to Kaiden III, 35,000 kilometers distant


The great doors of the Star of Heaven's bridgeswung open, crashing into the wall with an echoing thump. Captain Orelos marched in, fire in his eyes, and snarled "Push us faster, Enginseer. The orks are upon the capital."

The shape seated in the control chair did not move, but a voice droned out "It cannot be done. Further acceleration would compromise our deorbit path."

"Well then." Colonel Vincent von Ferrograd commented. "It would be a shame to get there and have to retake the entire planet by ourselves."

"Indeed." General Eidas "I trust your men are ready. This should be a long fight."

"Wouldn't have it any other way." Vincent replied. "The 37th Armoured is loading into dropships as we speak."

The other regimental commanders reported their units ready as well. Vincent looked out at the distant speck of a planet before him. Millions, if not billions of Orks infested it, like a green sea. To excise them would take years of brutal warfare, massive firepower, iron faith, and thousands of lives.

Just the kind of thing the Death Korps did best.

A grave voice spoke from behind the Colonel. "Everything is in order. The soldier's discipline is..." The handful of soldiers on the bridge instantly snapped to attention. Victor quickly spun around, saluted, and fell to attention. "Acceptable."

"Excellent, Commissar." General Eidas replied. He saluted too, although much slower than anyone else. As a Commissar, Einz was not technically part of the chain of command, but as a Commissar, he had disciplinary authority over the entire battlegroup. And for the Commissariat, 'discipline' translated to 'execution'. While the 37th Armoured had no shortage of either courage or discipline, it was best not to tempt fate. Even for a flag officer.

The droning voice of the ship's techpriest rang out. "Seven… no, eight vessels inbound port astern. On intercept course."

"More reinforcements?" Captain Orelos asked.

"Yes. For the orks. Contact in thirty seconds."

Colonel Vincent turned to the left windows. He couldn't see the enemy properly at this distance, but a jagged burst of energy rippling told him they were definitely there.

"I hate space battles!" General Eidas spat. "Nothing for us groundpounders to kill!"

"MORE SPEED" Orelos ordered "Frag the deorbit path!"

Star of Heaven's great engines rumbled below, as it attempted to accelerate away from thegathering storm. One of their two escort ships, Pious Defender, slowly slipped across the view window, its lance batteries spitting white fire into the void.

"Fifteen seconds. The Ork vessels are not decelerating."

"Emperor on Earth… where did they come from! All batteries! Open fire!"

Star of Heaven lurched under the impact of… something. A blast of plasma shone in the void near Pious Defender. Its weapons had hit their mark, destroying an Ork vessel. The exultation was short lived. Moments later, Pious Defender split in twain, bisected by the impact of an Ork rok. Even its death throes, it continued to fire its remaining weapons defiantly at the enemy.

"We don't stand a chance against them!" Orelos shouted. "We have to abandon ship, at least some of us-"

To Vincent's complete lack of surprise, - even though it was probably a good idea - the heavy thumpf of a bolter shell split the air, and the top half of Orelos vanished in a cloud of gore.


"Ork vessel at twenty…" the techpriest tried to interrupt. It was too late. Vincent could already see it coming.

A massive, shadowy shape approached at rapid speed. A point defense lascannon scattered uselessly off the hulk's bow, and it grew from a small shape to enormity in what seemed less than a second. An instant later, the ship was blasted to starboard, lurching everyone off their feet and sending them flying. Vincent found himself slammed against a wall, struggling to remain conscious – against both the impact, and the growing rotation of the ship, which sent the crew sliding once more.

"Whoever's in charge, report!" Eidas, or someone who sounded like him, ordered.

"I-i-impact!" The techpriest stuttered. "The O-ork vessel has become l-l-odged in our own. W-w-warp reactor is unsta"

A loud, electrical hiss grew into a scream could not have emanated from any material throat, and Vincent's vision brightened with Eldritch colors…

Wreckage of the Merchant Freighter Star of Heaven

West Central Mid-Childa, Approximately 19 kilometers northeast of Zolice


"Colonel? Colonel Ferrograd? Are you alright?"

Vincent struggled through a pounding headache and opened his eyes, to see the helix insignia of a Medicae kneeling over him.

"Yes, I'm fine." Grunting, he pushed himself to his feet. "What happened?"

"Don't know, sir, but we seem to have crash landed… somehow."

The entire ship was currently lying nearly on its side, with surviving personnel standing on the bulkheads. He looked to the shattered windows, and saw an azure sky beyond, rather than the decent grey color he would have hoped for.

"General Eidas… you're the senior officer, now, sir."

"Hmm." Vincent said. "What's the disposition of our forces?"

"I don't know for sure. It's confused down in the hold… By your leave, I must attend to other victims…"

"Very well." Vincent replied, waving him off. Nearby, another Medicae attended to Commissar Einz.

He pulled up his mask started towards the control platform. He couldn't see clearly out of the ship, but he thought he saw trees. A shout and scream echoed from inside the bridge. Vincent quickly turned about, to see Einz with his sword drawn, a Medicae nearby, clutching his own leg.

"What's going on?" Vincent asked

"He hit me with his chainsword!" The medicae said

Einz ignored them and pushed himself up using the same sword. "At least it wasn't on." Vincent said.

"It's still sharp…"

"Stop whining." Einz interjected dangerously. "What's the situation, Colonel?"

"I don't know myself, yet." Vincent said.

Einz glared at him.

"I'm going to find out."

Vincent turned to the available door, which was lying open about half a meter over the 'floor'. Simultaneously, a blindfolded man climbed through, shouting, "Sirs! Where's the General?"

"General Eidas is dead." Vincent said, sneering. "What is it, Astropath Griggs?"

"It's this planet. The psychic traces… they're beyond anything… they're like nothing I've ever encountered before!"

"What!" Einz shouted "How much beyond…"

"It's almost as though every person…"

"Look out sir!" A guardsman shouted. Vincent and Einz turned around to see a man and a woman in strange pale blue uniforms standing just outside the window. The man shouted out something, and lowered a rope.

"Who are you, witch, and what do you want?!" Einz shouted

"I think they're here to rescue us, Commissar." Vincent said.

"Rescue us, sir?"

The woman shouted to something behind her, and the other emphatically gestured for them to come closer.

"It seems they believe they can bargain assistance for mercy." Vincent continued, drawing his plasma pistol. "Kill them." He snapped off a shot, blasting a hole through the woman. "Kill them all."