****Author's Note: Okay, so this is my first Sonic fanfic, but I'll try my best and this idea just came out from my head so I wanted to type it out and share with you guys. Hope you'll enjoy and review afterwards. ENJOY!! And here we GO!!

Sonic, Shadow, Silver

The Three Musketeers

By Arecus. Conberma

Chapter 1: Facing Rivals…or Friends?

Man…why people love reading stories?

Our blue hero, Sonic the Hedgehog was lying back on his sofa and reading another stupid storybook, as he recalled. The blue hedgehog couldn't help but feeling a bit bored and tired. So he decided to call Tails and Knuckles to come over his place and having playing the video games or stuffs.

Unfortunately, they had plans for tonight already so they sent somebody else. Sonic groaned again as he put the book on the table, and the title of the book was hardly to see because of the light of the flames.

Sonic didn't mean he hates reading, he read some of them, like "Arabian Nights" and "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table", because he went inside it before. He didn't read the whole book this time, just the beginning. Before he wanted to get himself a chilidog, someone knocked the door.


'That must be them.' Sonic thought as he sped to the door and opened it, still hoping it would be Tails or Knuckles. "Man, you guys sure are early for your….Er?" suddenly he was eye-widened.

"Hey, Sonic, long time no see." greeted a voice in front of him, it was Silver, the youngest hedgehog who comes from the future.

"Yo, it's you, Silver." Sonic greeted back, with a bit disappointed. "I see you're all alone…"

Someone interjected Sonic's speak as the two hedgehogs glanced over their shoulders, and saw another hedgehog that was hiding underneath the tree's shad. And the hedgehog was none of the less, Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Life Form. "Not quite." He silently said, but clearly enough for them to hear it.

"Shadow!" Silver said, surprisingly.

"Looks who's here, faker." Sonic teased with a smirk. "So what brings you guys here…at my house?" he curiously asked the two hedgies.

"Well, I'm here because Tails called to come." Silver explained.

Sonic then stared at Shadow, and he explained. "And Rouge called me because she went to a date with Knuckles and she knew he was supposed to come here, so she called me to."

After the two hedgies explanation, Sonic found his jaws was dropped. However, he quickly snapped himself back to the reality as he said, "Ahh…okay…well, come in, I think." He nervously said.

To tell the truth, he had never let anyone inside his house beside his friends, like Tails, Knuckles, Well, actually, Knuckles and Tails live with Sonic as they are his best friends, Amy and other his friends, but all except Silver and Shadow only. After all, they fought to each other almost a lifetime, they were so way out of the word of "friend", "ally" or "rival" or "enemy" were suitable to describing them.

As the three hedgies were in the living room, and Sonic went to the kitchen and grumbled in mind. 'After this, I'm soooooo going to beat up Knuckles and spank Tails!' he thought as he grabbed his favourite chilidogs.

He hesitated glanced over his shoulders and saw Shadow was still on his position, crossed-arms coolly, and Silver was reading some of his so-called 'annoying and boring' books. Sonic wanted to hit his head on the wall furiously to death. 'This goona be a looooooonnnng night….' He desperately thought.

To be continued…