Sonic, Shadow, Silver, The Three Musketeers

By Arecus. Conberma

Chapter 9: Sword of Aramis

Soon the daybreak has come, there was no difference between the world of reality and the world of storybook as the ray of the sun shore warmly on everyone part of the France, or maybe even farther. Anyway, when the sunshine shore on Marian the kind witch's house, the light had lied on Shadow's forehead which made him feel the warmth of it and soon woke up.

He stretched his back and got up to his feet, and yawned but tiredly, and trying to keep it as quiet as possible. Then, he saw Sonic and Silver who were still sound asleep, and soon he realized the sudden fact what happened the previous night, he couldn't believe that they were brothers all this time!

'I think some fresh air will make me feel better.' He thought as he walked out of the house.

When he was out, the sky was incredibility pure blue, even bluer than the sky of their own world, of course, everything was almost inside the world of storybook. Shadow gazed at the sky, closed his eyes and listened to the singing of birds. However, this moment wouldn't last as someone interrupted.

"Bonjour." Said a soft voice behind him.

As he turned his head and saw Marian was standing there. 'Bon...what? Oh, right, the French word of 'good morning'.' He thought, forgetting that he was in the middle of France. He replied politely, "Bonjour to you too, Marian."

Marian walked forward and asked, "I hope last night didn't make you depress, Monsieur Shadow."

As she recalled the previous incident, sure he did feel a bit…depress, but also a bit surprise, shock and a little happiness inside his heart, at least he knew he had siblings and used to have a family once, but there was still a mystery for them to discover.

"That's okay, Maria." Suddenly, he realized that he had spoken the long lost name of his life. Before Marian could ask any further, Shadow quickly cut her speech, "Forgive me. I didn't know what came over me. It just…" he then took a deep breath. "You look like a friend I long known." He admitted.

However, the young witch remained calm as she leaned forward, and then the ebony hedgehog felt a pair of thin arms wrapped around his head and held him closer to her chest. Shadow's eyes widened with surprised, he almost forgot the warm of someone's care, especially someone who looked like his best friend. Then he heard Marian whispered in his ears. "I know that you have a painful past, I can see it. It is a natural thing if you release your emotion. Just cry and let it out."

With those comforting words, he held her tightly and tears started to fall on his cheeks, sobbing came out of his throat for the first time of his life, he cried. It felt like forever he hadn't cried, the last time he cried was the time he saw Maria died in front of his eyes.

Marian caressed his quills and whispered some comforting words to calm him. While he was releasing his emotion, he noticed Sonic and Silver both walked out of the house in half-awake statue, but quickly snapped when they saw the Ultimate Life-form, aka Shadow the Hedgehog, was crying.

Although Shadow wanted to stop his tears for not getting himself into embarrassment but he couldn't as the tears uncontrollably fell like broken pipe. He could hear Marian's giggle in his ear, now he blushed between embarrassing and shy.

Sonic was the first one to break the cozy conversation. "Oh my God! Shaz, are you crying?" he asked in disbelief.

"No, something flew into my eyes…Of course, I'm crying! You've got a problem with that?" he asked in a slight anger, but also choked with tears.

Quickly Sonic held up his hands as a defense. "Whoa! Whoa! No offense! It's just it's very rare to see you show this emotion." He declared.

"Yea, and almost, you'd never cried before until now." Silver agreed.

"Well now I do now! Now how can you stop this thing?" Shadow exclaimed as he frustrated and cried even harder.

Now Sonic and Silver were frustrated as well, they gave each other a glance and then at Shadow. Then a light bulb appeared above Silver's head as he'd got an idea. He grabbed a bucket of water and put it in front of Shadow, who was confused.

"Blaze taught me that, she said that put your head into the water. If you cried, it will decrease the pain of your eyes and won't reveal the blood-shot in your eyes." Silver explained, "Well, of course, your eyes are RED already." He chuckled at his joke.

Although Shadow didn't have time to give the ivory hedgehog a physical lesson, he just dragged his head into the cool liquid, and just as Silver said, the pain of his eyes had slowly eased away. After a few seconds, he pulled his head, gasped for some air, with his already-wet face. Sonic gave his rival a hankie, Shadow thanked him and wiped his face with it.

"Feeling better?" Marian softly asked, and Shadow nodded as a respond.

The ebony hedgehog took a deep breath, and spoke. "To tell the truth, I've never been any better." He said with a true smile on his face.

Another gasp escaped from Sonic's throat. "Oh my God!"

"Now what?" Shadow asked, feeling a bit annoying.

"Wait till we get back to our world, I'm gonna tell everyone about this!" Sonic announced with a mischievous smile.

"You wouldn't dare." Shadow hissed with a warning tone in it.

"Oh boy." Silver sighed as he slapped his forehead.

"Dare is one of my motto, right, Silver?" the azure speeder asked as he playfully hit Silver's shoulders.

"Oh please, leave me out of this, bubrother." Silver replied, desperately didn't want to be involved of this between his two brothers' fight. Wait… Did he just say bi'brothers'? although, he did feel it right to say it and it seemed to feel so long to say that word. He covered his mouth with one hand and saw the others stared at him blankly.

Even Sonic and Shadow did feel it's been so long when Silver spoke that word to them. A blur memory floated in their heads as they used to have the same childhood. Giggling and laughing in high-pitch tone together were surrounding in their mind. Then they had realized the same thing, that they started to believe that they were truly related brothers.

There was an awkward silence, but the three hedgehogs soon broke it as they said three words in sync, "Oh my gosh." That's all they could say.

"Can you believe that?" Sonic exclaimed, palms slammed on the table.

"That we're long lost brothers after we nearly tried to kill each other?" Shadow sarcastically replied.

"That's not what I'm talking about," Sonic said, "And by the way, that too." He pointed it out.

Sonic, Shadow and Silver were heading to the centre of Cad'ina, trying to grab themselves something to eat for breakfast, thanks to D'Artangna, who gave them some coins to buy some treats. However, they had a slight i'traffic'. We all knew that Sonic's favorite food was chili dogs, but unfortunately, chili dog hadn't been invented after a few centuries later.

"How could they have not invent the chili dog! It's the best thing in the world!" Sonic complained, groaning at the sky.

Suddenly. A figure approached. It was a little white rabbit, she looked like Cream except the outfit was ragged clothes and without a chao by her side. Silver helped to get her up onto her feet. "Are you okay, little one?"

"Yes and thank you, Monsieur. I think I'm fine." The similar-to-Cream thanked as she swiped off the mud off her dress. Then she quickly recognized the faces of the three hedgehogs. "Hey! You three made that singing performance last night!" she exclaimed with excitement and beaming with glee.

The three brothers gave a smile to each other, especially to Silver, who was the one invented those dancing moves. Sonic looked at the similar-to-Cream, "What's your name?" he asked.

"Oh, my name is Elizabeth. But people think that I'm sweet as a cream pie, so they usually call me 'Cream' instead." Cream replied.

"Makes perfect sense." Silver grinned when Sonic said that.

Suddenly, a growl came from the ivory and azure hedgehogs' stomach. They both sheepishly chuckled and Shadow said, "Pathetic." However, he spoke too soon when his stomach growled with hunger, and its sound was as loud as the other two as well.

"You were saying?" Silver slightly mocked.

Shadow said nothing but blushing madly and lowered his head. Although, he just simply said, "Shut up." He grumbled.

Cream giggled at the sight, "Why don't you come with me? My mother owns a restaurant around here. She could serve you gentlemen something to eat." She offered.

"Well, no thanks-"

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!" Sonic called it before Silver rejected it, he suddenly pulled Cream in a dash of speed.

The ebony and ivory hedgehog both silenced and sweat-dropped as they watched Sonic's speed run, But then they gave each other a smile, a smile of defeat, and so they shared a warm yet so long and small laughter, and they started to run to catch up with Sonic.

Somewhere in Cad'ina, there was a small restaurant, small but quite famous around the small town, its owner was Cream's mother, Vanilla. She was kind-hearted enough that she would even let a beggar came in and treated him with proper food. People and town folks always came here to eat not only because her delicious supper, but also her sweet heart.

But because of her popular, there was a tiny problem. "Ms Vanilla, more potatoes here!" one of the customers ordered, munching his food.

"I'll be there with you, Monsieur!" Vanilla cried back.

She worked all alone. Besides being an owner, she was a waitress, a cook and a cleaning lady. She couldn't afford to hire a waiter or a cook so she took all the places. Just before she got a mental split, her daughter returned!

"Mommy! Mommy! Look who's here!" she excitedly said.

"Not now, sweetie, Mommy's busy right now." Vanilla rejected her daughter sadly as she continued serving the guests.

Cream lowered her head and sighed, she turned at the three hedgehogs and said, "Sorry, maybe another time."

"Oh, no worries, maybe we could help." Sonic suggested.

"Hungry Faker say what?" Shadow was a bit astounded by Sonic's suggestion.

"Oh come on, Shadz. Look at Miss Vanilla, she could really need some help right now." Sonic stated.

"Well… I guess helping wouldn't hurt anyone, would it?" Silver slowly agreed with Sonic.

Two against one, Shadow was defeated. The ebony hedgehog sighed, pressing his forehead with his fingers as having a headache, "Fine."

"Great! Let's get started!" Sonic said with a bright smile.

"Yay!" Cream happily cheered.

'We're gonna stuck in this story book for a looonnnngggg time.' Shadow thought grumpily, while staring deadly at Sonic and Silver.

And so, the three hedgehogs and Cream were helping Vanilla for her restaurant for a day so she could have some rest (she really needs it), Sonic was delivering the food while Cream did the cooking since she learnt it from her mother. It went swell, the three hedgehogs and the little rabbit were busy, huffing and puffing, just for giving the rabbit mother a rest. Isn't that sweet?

So, anyway, when they were finally finished, it was time for the restaurant to close and the customers started to leave. The hedgehogs fell onto the floor, never been so tired in their life, even Shadow, who was claimed to be the Ultimate Life Form, but turned out, he could be an ordinary hedgehog anyhow. Cream fell into her mother's laps, who was grinning at her daughter. She got up from her chair and walked into the kitchen.

When she returned, she gave Sonic, Shadow and Silver some of her famous dishes as a reward for the day in the restaurant, free of charge. The hedgehogs, of course, without saying and ate up the food very hard up, especially Sonic, nonetheless.

"Monsieur, all I want to say is that thank you so much for doing this to me. It means a lot to me." Vanilla said with a smile.

"Well, you know what they say, 'glad to lend a hand.'" Sonic said, while stuffing the food into his big mouth, literally.

After they had finished their dishes, Shadow watched Cream snuggling her mother's chest, kinda remind the previous night memory as the truth he and the two older hedgehogs saw, and yet, he could still remember the sight of his b'real' mother comforting him when he cried.

Then, he saw a piano on his sight, apparently, people in olden days, they played music for entertainment, even eating in the restaurant. He walked toward the instrument and placed a hand upon the keyboards. He keyed a few notes first, and soon he actually played a melody!

Sonic was the first one to surprise, "Wow, Shadz, I didn't know you had it in ya."

"Maria taught me in the ARK, we played, we sang, and she told me that songs could be sung from your heart." Shadow confessed, continuing playing.

"Wow, never expect that those words would come out from your mouth." Sonic added with extra surprise, Shadow responded with a glare at Sonic deadly.

Shadow tried to ignore him, so he sat down and continued the melody, Silver walked up and asked, "What's this?"

"Just a song in my head." Shadow simply replied. He looked back at Cream and Vanilla, and he smiled softly when he looked at the sigh of this, how he wished he wanted a mother instead of a creation made by a human, or hadn't he?

He played a few notes and started to sing.

Shadow: iIt's hard to remember

A summer or winter

When she hasn't been there for me

A friend and companion

I can always depend on

My mother

That's who I mean

For some reason, Sonic could feel the melody of Shadow as he sang it with his heart. Because this song kinda remind of his mother, foster mother or whoever, Bernadette the Hedgehog. She had been by his side and took a great care of him.

Sonic: I've taken for granted

Seeds that she planted

She's always behind every thing

Even though Silver didn't grow in a normal or any regular family, he knew that he once had a mother and he saw it in his own eyes. He might not have much mother love, but he knew how it should feel to have that love.

Silver: A teacher, a seeker

A both arms out reacher

My mother

That's who I mean

Shadow: Wish I could slow down

The hands of time

keep things the way they are

If she said so

I would give her the world

If I could... I would

My love and my laughter

From here ever after

Is all that she says that she needs

And finally, the three of them shared each other a smile, who'd knew that they could have thought the same time and same idea for this song. No doubt they were brothers. They could feel it and so they sang together.

Sonic, Shadow, Silver: A friend and companion

I can always depend on

My mother

That's who I mean

My mother

That's who I mean... that's who I mean

When the song finished, Vanilla and Cream both clapped their hands but they left the main room and let the hedgehogs had some alone time, then the three of them stood up in sync. They were in an uncomfortable silence, Silver started.

"I'm sorry." He apologized, "I always thought I would never have any siblings or a family, that's how I behaved such a jerk. I'm sorry."

"No, I'm the one who should have said that. I never consider you guys' past and keep on acting like a jerk, I'm sorry." Sonic added, and the ivory and the azure both stared at the ebony, waiting for his respond.

"I… I've never expected that I would have seen this day coming, nor I wished." Shadow claimed, then he looked at them with pain in his eyes. "I'm sorry."

Backing up the tears, Silver tried to hold back, but it was useless as he let them flood. Sonic and Shadow both smiled lightly as they patted the youngster's shoulders and slowly hugged him. Silver liked it, as it felt like it felt so long ago and now he could feel it again, the warmth from his friends, no, bbig brothers were comfortable. Like a little spoiled kid who wouldn't want to leave his parents.

Slowly, they broke the hug, Silver sniffed, "Thanks, guys."

"Feeling better?" Sonic asked with a pat on his head, the ivory smiled and nodded.

After they said good-bye to Vanilla and Cream, they went off to have a walk, so much to talk about their lives when they back to the reality. Suddenly, this moment had to be broken as D'Artangna ran up to them, he looked like he had a bad news or something shocking.

"Thank goodness I've found you guys here!" the musketeer said with huffed and puffed.

"What it is?" Silver asked.

"Marian said that she sensed Aramis's spirit around here, she said that it was hidden and it's not easy to find him." He replied.

"Any idea where?" Sonic asked.

"She said he is around the abandoned church, but that place was devastated a long time ago, it could take forever to find it." He exclaimed.

"Um, maybe you forget one thing," Sonic scoffed, "We are nordinary hedgehogs, two sonic-speed hedgehogs and one flying hedgehog right here, we'll find that imusketeer spirit in no time!"

D'Artangna considered it for a while, but they were right, with their i'special' powers, they might find the souls of the three legendary musketeers before the evil grew even stronger. "Maybe you three got the point. I'll take you to that place and we'll have a search party around there." He agreed.

The three of them agreed and so they followed D'Artangna to the abandoned ruin, meanwhile, there was a slight evil in D'Artangna's eyes.

-An Abandoned Ruin-

"Anything?" Sonic shouted.

"Nope, not a clue." Silver shouted back.


"Need to ask?" Shadow replied with a narrow eye.

They have been searching the spirit of Aramis for hours and none a squat they found. D'Artangna went back to Marian's place because he needed to get more information inside the enemy's lair. When he left, the hedgehogs continued on searching. Sonic had almost ran around the whole area over 50 times, maybe a morning run for him, but he felt a bit tired bvkept on running the same place again and again.

Suddenly, the ivory hedgehog heard a mystery voice. i'I'm right here…'

"Huh?" Silver questioned as he senselessly wandered to hear it right. There the voice was in the air again.

i'Seek me…' it spoke.

Wandering, Silver accidentally walked over Sonic and the both of them fell on the ground. "Silver! Man, where do you think you're going?" Sonic shouted as he pulled Silver's shoulders.

"Ouch!" Sonic's pulling was a bit too harsh on Silver as he cried a little, "Listen! Can't you hear someone's calling?"

"Uh, Silv, not trying to offend you, but telephones were not invented in ten more centuries." Sonic mocked.

Silver simply rolled his eyes in annoyance, "For crying out loud, Sonic! I'm serious!" he shouted at him.

I'm…over here!

"There it is again!" Silver claimed.

"Silv, I think you must be hearing things." Shadow assured.



"Huh?" There was that voice again, this time it was his name!

"Silver, what's the matter?" Sonic asked, sounding a bit annoying.

Although Silver kept on shaking his head as he looked around, and finally he said, "I feel…it's calling me."

"Don't be ridiculous, Silv. LOOK! There is nothing here but full of dust and an empty ruin with an abandoned church." Shadow replied, obliviously.

Though Silver would try to agree with Shadow at first, however, the same voice echoed in his mind again.

i'Come inside the church, my little one…' it whispered, loud enough in his head.

Instinctively, Silver walked slowly into the abandoned church. As the voice got stronger and stronger each step he took.

"Silv? Silver? Where are you going?" Sonic shouted, but the ivory hedgehog didn't give him a response as he continued walking, liked he was possessed by something.

Shadow frowned and tried to approach Silver's shoulders, but for some reasons, a force field forbidden him to do so as he fell back on the ground. He quickly got up to his feet and rubbed his back head. "What the?" he murmured.

The ivory hedgehog was perceptible a strong signal underneath the church, which he simply entered in. when the other two tried to stop him, it was too late for them as they were bumped by an invisible wall that blocked their way. They yelled, cried and shouted at their little brother but they all didn't work, Silver couldn't hear them!

They stopped until Silver disappeared in the church, "So what are we going to do now?" Sonic asked his twin-older-brother.

"I…" This time, Shadow had no answer. "I don't know. We just sit here and see." This was his only reply.

"What! So you're just giving up?"

"I'm not giving up on him! That's our possibly-little-brother we're talking about! And you think that I wouldn't care about him before we remembered we are brothers?" he furiously yelled at Sonic.

Sonic was stunned, and barely spoke a word for a while. He didn't know that Shadow had this caring other people side, then he took his suggestion as he sat beside him and stared focus on the church.

The azure hedgehog sighed bitterly, "Sorry." He muttered.

Although Shadow could hear it as he grinned weakly, watching carefully at the church, "No sweat." He whispered.

On the other hand, Silver had approached himself to the dungeon of the church, or a basement to be exact, which filled with coffins with dead people!

"Ohhh, I should have brought Sonic and Shadow along with me!" Silver whimpered, he DID NOT like seeing corpses surrounded him. And that hit him, where were Sonic and Shadow, shouldn't they be with him?

While he was wondering, he heard the same voice again, "Come more deeper, little one." It said, and so he did, then the voice spoke again, "Turn around."

Silver slowly turned his body, and the next thing he saw, was shocking!

There, in front of him, was a sword, placed on top of a stone table gracefully. There was an old ragged clothes beside it, which it looked like a musketeer uniform like D'Artangna wore.

"Hello?" Silver shouted.

"Hello, young one." A voice spoke, it was the same voice again. Only he didn't see anyone in this dark place. Before Silver could ask again, the voice repeated, "I'm right here."

Silver looked around, still no one. "Down here." He followed the order and saw nothing except the sword. Unless…

The voice was from the sword, it couldn't be, could it? "Please tell me I'm crazy." Silver honestly said to himself.

"Unfortunately," the sword slowly appeared its face as a man on the handle, it was Aramis, his soul was sealed inside his sword! "You are."

In one minute, the area was filled with the young hedgehog's horrid scream. Sonic and Shadow started to panic, wondering what kind of danger their little brother was facing, even though they wanted to charge in, they couldn't.

"For one thing, he sure has a girly scream." Sonic said sheepishly, trying to relax the atmosphere with a slight humor. However, Shadow wasn't amused.

On the other hand, Silver was still freaking out of this whole thing happened. He walked around the stone table for a several times, and kept repeating the same words, "This is not happening! This is not happening! This is not happening!" Sure, he had seen something worse; fighting a flaming monster Iblis in the future, time-traveling and having psychic powers. But this whole thing was driving him crazy.

"Calm down, little one." Aramis said calmly, trying to relax Silver.

"How can I relax when I'm actually talking to a TALKING SWORD!" Silver yelled.

"I'm perfectly a simple human soul, but trapped inside my sword." Aramis explained.

"Thank you, that sounds comforting." Silver sarcastically said.

"You're welcome."

Silver sighed and then took a deep breath and said, "Okay, sorry about that. But one question, why my brothers can't go through the invisible wall? I mean why they can't follow me, whatever it is." He asked.

"Because you are my descendent. Only you can release and use this sword of mine." Aramis replied.

"Me? Your descendent? I'm a hedgehog, and you were a human! That doesn't make any sense!"

"That might be awkward, but I can feel it in you, your aura is the same as mine, and you are my Chosen One."

"I'd go with the aura thing and the Chosen One thing, instead of being your descendent." Silver said.


"That makes one of us."


"Well played." The two of them shared a smirk and so they both believed that they did have something in common.

"Okay, how am I supposed to release you or get out of there?" Silver asked, starting get use to this situation.

"Well, I was told that the Chosen One should offer his body for me as a vessel to carry my soul." Aramis replied honestly.

"…So I have to share my body with YOU, right?" Silver asked again, wanted to confirm.

"Right. And I might use most of it."

"So you would suddenly control my body without asking and do the whole thing?" Silver asked, a bit anger in his tone.


The ivory hedgehog took a deep breath, and he said, "Fine, I'll let you use my body, IF, you warn me before you take over control my body. Are we clear?" he demanded.

"Crystal clear." Aramis accepted.

"Okay, this is weird…" Silver sighed once again, and he grasped the sword and slowly pulled it out. When he plunged out the sword, a glowing orb floated out from it and it went straight into Silver's body as it's absorbing it.

At first, a bit tiggling, Silver thought, but after that, he felt like nothing different, no soul or has a soul. But then, there was a voice in his head, i'You know what, I could get use to this.' Yep, there was Aramis alright. Silver chuckled in his thought and he could see the musketeer's human-figure soul floated out from his body but still connected.

"I guess we can get back now." Silver said.

Before he turned back and left, Aramis hauled him, i'Whoa, you need an outfit.'

"An outfit of what?" Silver asked. Aramis pointed at the stone table, there was an old uniform tidily placed on top of it. It was no ordinary uniform, it was a musketeer uniform! When Silver put it on and so as the large musketeer hat, it fit perfectly.

"Wow, it fits!" Silver exclaimed, swinging himself to have a look. And the sword that tied on the belt, Silver stared at it and told Aramis, "You know what would be better? I think you could place your soul into the sword. Otherwise, if I talk to you in my thought, people would think I'm crazy."

"Well, I couldn't agree more." With that, his soul was inside his sword. Silver couldn't help laughing at the sight what he saw. After that, he swung himself and went out the dungeon to meet his brothers.

-Outside the Dungeon-

While the azure and the ebony hedgehogs were waiting for their young brother, they began impatient. Sonic shouted, "I'll go in there again!" he stood up.

"Didn't you hit that invisible wall enough? There's no way you get through it." Shadow claimed.

"Well…we can't just sit here and doing nothing while Silver could be in danger or trapped inside!" Sonic said seriously.

Shadow could see his point, and he was worrying about Silver too, but they had tried to break through the wall, but as the result, they couldn't. Just when they continued this argument, Silver came back!

"Hey, guys! I'm back! And I brought a company with me!" Silver happily shouted. Sonic and Shadow ran over to him and asked him a bunch of questions.

"Are you okay? Was it horrible? Was there any trap? And why are you in this musketeer outfit?..." Sonic and Shadow asked continually until Silver broke it up.

"Whoa! Whoa! One at a time, bros! I can't answer all at once!" Silver declared, and so as the two older hedgehogs backed off a bit for the young one needed some fresh air. "Oh, I've got a friend here." Said as he showed them Aramis in the sword.

This scene kinda rang Sonic a bell as it reminded him of Caliburn (SatBK), which it wasn't. But still, it surprised him. Even he wanted to share his experience from the story of King Arthur with his inew brothers, but on the other hand, they would probably laugh at him the fact of HE being the TRUE King Arthur.

"Greeting, young musketeers." Aramis finally spoke.

Shadow was eye-widened of what he saw, "Whoa." That was the only respond he could make.


Meanwhile, Milady de Winter, since she was a witch, she could sense a powerful aura has been released. She was snapped as the Lord of the Castle who had the appearance of Mephiles the Dark (hedgehog or a shadow version of Shadow, whatever). He began to ask, "What's the matter?"

Milady took a deep breath before she spoke, "I've sense that one of the soul of the musketeers has been released."

"What? Then we mustn't waste any time, spread my order to the workers to work faster in the progress. It is the matter of time." The Lord of the Castle said.

"As you wish, Monsieur." She bowed and left the room.

As the witch left the chamber and the Lord was alone, he stared at a painting with a mighty figure with a crown, which as it assumed that it was the picture of the King of France.

The dark hedgehog grabbed a dagger and threw it into the face of the figure in the painting. "Soon…" he hissed in his tone, "…the entire France will be all MINE!"

To be continued…