Summary: /SasuSaku/ AU She should have known better than to extend her help to him. Now, she has to deal with the many temptations clawing at her with the undeniably sexy street racer in her home. "Are you seducing me?" "…Are you seduced?" "N-No!" "Then no, I'm not." Slight crack.

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"Why don't you let him go?"

His emerald eyes peered into hers intently,
silently waiting for her response.

"You don't understand…"

She looked back at him confidently,
wiping away her tears.

He raised an eyebrow in question.


A bittersweet smile.

"He didn't betray me."

He chuckled darkly.

"How can you be so sure?"

At that, she casted him an ominous glare.

She raised her left hand.

"Because he loves me…"

His emerald eyes widened at
the ring on her finger.

"and I love him."

Behind the Bars

7 . . .


Mayday mayday mayday
listen to my heart
this is mayday mayday
I don't have the time
Mayday mayday mayday
don't you understand?

"How many days?" her voice was quiet and cracked slightly as she leaned back into her seat, clearing her throat softly. She forked a piece of chicken from her plate and lifted it to her mouth swiftly—pausing midway when she didn't receive a response from him. Her jade green eyes flickered up to peer at him curiously, her coral pink lips parting silently when she caught the expression on his face. It was the first time she ever saw him with such a far off and distant haze in his normally bold and cold onyx eyes.

She was dressed in a white halter turtle-neck mini dress that hugged every visible curve on her body and reached just at her mid thighs. She had a sheer unbuttoned heather gray cardigan to cover up and her soft pink hair was secured in a bohemian side braid that rested on her right shoulder with loose strands framing her face softly. Her secured hair showed off the pair of sterling silver earrings that dangled and dropped down from her ears elegantly. Completing the look was a pair of white satin peep toe pumps.

Meanwhile, Sasuke wore a pair of dark washed slim jeans and a white v-neck top with a navy and white soccer/track jacket on top. As always, his black combat boots were a given.

Minutes into the pause of their conversation and he still withheld a reply.

For a second, she felt scared to break the tense silence that had suddenly settled over their brunch. Clearing her throat, she mentally mused that she would be even more horrified if she didn't break the deathly quiet atmosphere. "Sasuke…" she muttered gently, coaxing him away from his out of space state. "I asked you, how much longer le…left?" her own eyes widened when she stuttered on the last word.

What the hell? She cursed in her mind at the weakness present in her voice at the moment. Sasuke finally gazed over at him, his onyx eyes abandoning their glazed expression as he opened his mouth to answer the question.

"I don't know."

Somewhere inside, Sakura could feel herself take a deep relieved breath. Brushing off her inner feelings, she watched him pop a baby tomato into his mouth, "You don't know?" she repeated his answer in a question, blinking slowly as he swallowed before proceeding to look at her. Numbly, he nodded before stabbing another baby tomato with his fork, bringing it to his mouth as it caught the light luminously.

What's this awkward moment about? Sakura furrowed her eyebrows slightly, piercing her own fork into another piece of chicken. As she was about to eat the piece of meat, his voice broke the silence and she looked at him in astonishment as she dropped her fork back onto her plate. Her mind blanking out, she had to ask him to repeat what he just said, "What?"

Sasuke scoffed slightly as he looked at her from across the table, "I asked whether you wanted me to leave or not."

Her eyes shot up sharply as she gaped, her mouth opening in surprise and he had to return her bewildered gaze with his own raised eyebrow. Sakura recovered smoothly, her eyes jumping to look at something in the left corners of her eyes before she covered up her humorous display, "Ah, you've been here for a month already, it'd be troubling towards you if I made you leave all of a sudden."

"Che," Sasuke looked at her as if she was an alien who just grew a second head, "Just weeks ago, you couldn't wait for me to leave your apartment. Now you're worried that it'd be troublesome for me to leave all of a sudden?" he chuckled deeply and Sakura had to frown at him for him to expand his idea.


"What?" her tone was almost accusing as she now gazed at him with annoyance.

A smirk graced his features once again and it took her nearly everything she had not to yell at him in exasperation. In the nick of time, he spoke right when she was about to unleash her anger on him. "You're starting to like me," he said it as a statement but a couple weeks were all it took for her to know that it was his way of asking a question.

At this, she had to scoff. "I never took you as one with a big imagination, Sasuke," at the sight of his eyes beginning to slightly twitch, Sakura rolled her own as she shook her head hopelessly at him. "I'm just glad," she mumbled incoherently to herself. Unfortunately, it seemed that he had heard it because the obnoxious smirk had return to his face.

A blush bloomed across her cheeks and Sakura had to look away in order to try to hide her flushed face. "I mean—it gets lonely, you know, living by yourself…so I'm just glad that there will be company for at least a little while longer," the last part came out as whisper and she still couldn't bring up the courage to look at him straight in the face.

"I understand."

Her head nearly whirled back around to gape at him, "You do?"

Then, biting into a piece of tomato nonchalantly, he nodded at her rather simply. Sakura blinked, dumbfounded at his abrupt statement. His facial features suddenly twitched, however, and she didn't—couldn't—miss the smirk that was ever so sarcastically making its way back onto his absurdly handsome face.

"I told you—you're starting to like me."

Her jade orbs steely glared at him, she seemed as if she was trying to dig a hole into his forehead with her eyes.

"I don't sympathize with the girls who think you're sexy when you tease people."


i can't wait
to believe in you.


Sasuke sighed quietly as he washed the remainder of the dishes, turning around to send a glare towards the pinkette who was comfortably situated on the couch, watching the TV and sipping her tea as if she didn't just make her housemate wash a mountain of dishes. Of course, they were all his dishes, thus she couldn't bother with them anyways.

Absentmindedly, he rinsed the soapy dish with the water while craning his head to speak to her. "It's rude to make guests do your dishes, isn't it?" he hissed as his left eye twitched, wanting very much to drop the darned dish onto the floor already.

Humming a tune from her spot on the spot, Sakura barely turned around to reply, cheekily smiling all the way, "Sasuke, let's be real. You're not really a guest anymore, are you? I mean, you use my laptop as if it's yours; you eat from my fridge even more than I do, and you sleep longer than I ever have in this apartment! People would think I'm the temporary live-in gal if they saw us together," she smirked triumphantly when she saw his mouth open and close for a second, unable to retort properly.

After she was sure he was out of complaints, she turned back to her TV show and sighed softly as she watched the girl run frantically in the airport to find her man. "It's so sad isn't it? There's always an airport scene in dramas…it makes you wonder if one day, you'll actually be part of an airport scene in real life. I hope I won't, I don't think I can handle all of the dramatic music and running in heels," she contemplated jokingly as the music resonating from the TV made her toes curl in anticipation.

Even as she heard the sound of water being turned off and his light footsteps make their ways towards her, she didn't look away from the TV, too wrapped up in her drama. The couch shifted slightly as the weight of his body pushed down on it. Sakura peered at him from the corner of her eyes and gaped silently as she saw that he was staring directly at her too.

They stayed like that for minutes, just staring at each other as they weighed their options on what to say in their heads. Sakura felt her throat run dry as her jade eyes couldn't tear themselves away from his intense onyx gaze. She breathed in deeply as she realized that unlike many others, she couldn't read him at all, that when she looked into his eyes, they weren't windows to his soul. They were opaque and mysterious—dark like midnight and haunting like ghosts. She couldn't erase the image of his eyes from her mind. He was staring straight at her, aiming those piercing eyes right at her and made it hard for her to breathe.

I never thought suffocation would feel so good. The thought ran across her mind without her knowing and she continued to stare at him, to try to pick his mind. He's so closed. There's no hint, no sign, no little clue as to what he is—who he is. I don't know him at all. His onyx orbs were calculating, examining and every one of her aspect. For a second, she thought she saw a tiny little knowing glimmer in his eyes.

But why do I feel like he knows everything—

"I hope you know that real life is not a drama. Even if you end up chasing someone in an airport, there won't be dramatic music blasting from some damned invisible stereo and you wouldn't be wearing heels if you were in your right mind," he spoke as if they didn't just have the most intense staring contest ever and as if he was replying directly to her comment from before.

about me?

Before she could respond, a knock on the apartment door forced them to break their gazes away from each other. Sakura's eyes darted towards the door and she got up slowly, faltering slightly as she looked back at Sasuke. He caught her hesitance and nodded silently at her as he got up and swiftly moved in front of her towards the door. Sakura followed closely behind him as he made his way towards the door. Sasuke stepped carefully as he leaned towards the peep hole in the door.

Sakura looked at him curiously when she saw him flinch as he moved away from the peep hole. "Who is it?" she questioned quietly.

Instead of replying to her question, he simply unlocked the door and pulled it open, coming face to face with—


Sakura examined their new guest with suspicious eyes as Sasuke opened the door wider to let him in. Itachi walked in, graceful as ever and even more so intimidating than Sasuke. She recognized him to be the man she met at the bridge near the beach that one night when Naruto had called repeatedly. She racked her brain for further information and gasped when she remembered what he had called Sasuke that night. Little brother.

"You're Sasuke's older brother?" the question escaped from her lips before she could stop herself and she steeled herself for the incoming glare from Sasuke's direction. As she predicted, she felt his glare penetrate the back of her head as their guest smirked in amusement at her.

The man's looming figure bent slightly as he craned his neck to look at her due to their great difference in height. Sakura could care less about her height at the moment as the man looked at her inquisitively. "Yes, and I suppose you are Sakura. I have heard much about you from various people. I thank you for being generous enough to provide my foolish and most likely ungrateful little brother a shelter. My name is Itachi," he smirked charmingly at her and Sakura mentally encouraged herself not to swoon.

She cleared her throat, standing up tall and straight as Sasuke sighed from behind her. "You're right—he is a little bit ungrateful, and definitely very foolish," she turned to smirk cockily at Sasuke as she said these words.

Itachi smirked as well before chuckling deeply, "Well then, allow me to express my gratitude in his place. Without you, I'm sure he'd be damned seeing as how he would've gotten caught already," the older Uchiha's tone was taunting as ever and Sasuke could only clench his jaw to bear it as he stared at him.

Sakura's eyes danced with laughter as they flew to meet Sasuke's twitching ones. She smirked at him, "I'm sure he'd be damned without me too," she laughed out loud when Sasuke grunted in disapproval at the conversation between Itachi and her.

Itachi chuckled from beside her before he looked at Sasuke with a passive expression once again. "Sasuke, we need to talk about Father," both of the brothers' mouths curved downwards slightly in light frowns. Sakura looked between them, not missing the resemblance of a negative look on both of their faces as the word 'Father' was mentioned. She raised an eyebrow inquisitively at Sasuke but he simply shook his head at her.

Sasuke's hand went to his back pocket and searched for something before coming back out with the keys to his Ultimate Aero. Sakura looked at him in surprise as he sighed and nodded at her, "Take my car and go to the mall or something…I need to talk to him," he explained to her as she eyed him with an almost accusing expression. Itachi peered on at the two in amusement, noticing the silent exchanges between their gazes.

Sakura's eyes glimmered with defiance, but softened immediately when Sasuke's eyes managed to portray a look of defeat. Itachi's lips curved upwards in a knowing smirk as he opened his mouth to help his younger brother, "Miss Sakura, I assure you that your trip will not extend to more than about an hour. Our conversation will be quick," he nodded gently at Sakura as she hesitated slightly.

After another moment of reluctance, she sighed with defeat and finally nodded, "Alright, but I'll be back in an hour," without further ado, she grabbed the keys from Sasuke's hand and disappeared into her bedroom only to reappear quickly with her purse. Sakura's jade eyes flashed slightly as she looked between the two brothers with hidden unease. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly as she opened her mouth hesitantly only to close it. Pursing her lips, she sent a lingering gaze towards Sasuke.

Sasuke reciprocated her gaze as he nodded at her, his eyes softened in the minimalist manner possible.

I'll be fine.

Sakura understood his gaze and her facial expression relaxed as she breathed a small sigh of relief. Itachi raised an eyebrow from the side as he watched the exchange with keen curiosity. Sakura turned around to look at Itachi and smiled, "Alright then, I'll leave him in your care, Itachi-san," she raised her hand, along with the keys, and waved to the two brothers while walking towards the door.

After she exited the apartment and the door closed with a firm click, Itachi crooked his neck to see the annoyed expression on Sasuke's face. Itachi smirked in amusement, "What?" he asked the younger brother as Sasuke glared at him with the corners of his lips twitching slightly.

Sasuke grunted and turned, leading him towards the couch.

She didn't even call me "Sasuke-san" during our first meeting…lucky bastard as ever…

Itachi sighed with unwavering amusement as he watched the array of surprisingly vivid emotions race in his little brother's eyes.


I don't know you.
I don't need to.
Just one touch—
I'm yours.


A hum escaped from Sakura's lips as she made a right turn into the parking lot of the café. Quickly finding a spot between two bulky vans, she parked the overly flashy Ultimate Aero and swiftly got out of the car, locking it absentmindedly as she paced to the front door of the café. She entered the quaint little café and smiled towards a woman passing by her. A waiter quickly led her to a table and set out the menu before leaving her alone. Sakura thanked him as she took the menu and flipped through it with nimble fingers, her eyes clouding up as her mind ignored the words on the pages.

I wonder what they're talking about… Itachi-san did mention something about their father…hmm… I really hate being curious. With an exasperated sigh, her jade eyes found an interesting item on the menu. She called over the waiter and quickly ordered before returning to her thoughts. So the Uchiha family is actually a notorious police department. How is it that I've been so uninformed? Working with Kakashi-san really does make me live under a rock.


Her head shot up and her eyes widened as she sought for the source of the voice that called her. Once she turned around to see Ino along with Nara Shikamaru, a small smile lit upon her face as Ino grinned excitedly. "Hey, it really is her! Hurry up, Shika-kun!" she left the lazily strolling computer specialist to run to Sakura's table, grabbing the empty seat beside her.

Ino's long blonde hair was secured in a bun and she was dressed in a simple spaghetti strapped white and yellow floral sundress along with tan colored sandals. A bright smile occupied her face as her aqua blue eyes shone under the light. "I've been meaning to talk to you ever since I met you at Hyuuga's the other day!" the blonde chattered cheerily as she paid no heed to the brunette haired man beside her.

Sakura sent an amused smirk towards Shikamaru's way, "I feel kind of bad for you, Shikamaru. Ino's loudness has gotten louder the past couple years," Sakura laughed as Shikamaru sighed, nodding and agreeing with her. The computer specialist was dressed in a military green colored button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows along with gray jeans and brown high tops. His hair was tied in his signature high ponytail that hilariously resembled an all too spiky pineapple.

Ino twitched as she playfully jabbed Sakura in the arm. Sakura winced jokingly, rubbing her arm in mock pain as she snapped at the blonde, "Heeey, that hurts, blondie!"

Ino smirked and crossed her arms, "Man up, Sakura!"

"Why, you—!"

Shikamaru cut in between the two as he sent a cautious look towards Ino, "Ino…there's not much time left."

Ino's energy died down a little as she calmed down. Sakura looked at them in confusion and questioned Ino hesitantly, "Ino, what's going on?" there was suddenly a discomforting atmosphere settling around the table after Shikamaru spoke. Ino looked at Shikamaru and when he nodded at her, she let out a sigh and bit her lip before looking determinedly looking at Sakura.

" know what Sasuke's family does for a living right?"

Sakura nodded, remembering his family was an infamous league of policemen that was responsible for the protection of Konoha. Everyone in the Uchiha family was known to become involved in any kind of law or criminal justice career. Sasuke was the black sheep of the family and chose a different path, not wanting to become involved in the madness of law.

Ino pursed her lips, "Well, his father, Uchiha Fugaku, has basically issued all of the Uchiha policemen to report any sightings of Sasuke to him, and if possible, capture him as well. They plan to use Sasuke in an underground mission to get to the street racers and yakuza. They want to use him as a stone to hit two birds at the same time—both the illegal street racers and also any person belonging to the Oto District. Since Sasuke is a notorious street racer himself, of course he's bound to have info on us and the different people of the Oto District."

Shikamaru took over for Ino as she was running out of breath, "Normally, this wouldn't be much of a concern considering the fact that Sasuke would solely rat on things pertaining to Oto District only. Unfortunately, it's become an even bigger mess since the KMPD's plans to use Sasuke have been leaked to the different people of Oto District. The leader of the yakuza has ordered every member of the district to search for Sasuke and bring him to him. I'm guessing they want to shut him up and trap him before any of the KMPD's officers can find him."

Sakura gaped as she took in the information. Her eyes flickered as worry and fear slowly revealed themselves in her irises. She shook her head, though, and looked determinedly at the two, "No, they're absolutely not going to find him! I won't let him leave the apartment until you guys give us the ok!"

Ino looked at Sakura uneasily as she stared into her best friend's eyes. "That's not exactly all of what I'm worried about, Sakura. I'm worried about you too. If they find out that Sasuke's living with you, they will also do everything in their power to find you. They'll use every resource they have to look for you and use you as bait to lure Sasuke out. They won't hesitate to use force, they will hurt you if they need to."

Sakura's jade orbs widened as she stared at Ino with shock. What...they'll hurt me?

"Sakura, you already got yourself involved with us the second you decided to let Sasuke stay with you. But please, I'm begging you, for your own sake…don't get any closer to him, Sakura. Don't fall in love with him. The closer you get to him, the easier and more likely you'll be a victim of all of this."

Don't fall in love with him.

A small pang pounded inside her chest as Sakura laughed quietly, "Pft, I definitely won't fall in love with him! Don't worry, I won't get any closer than is necessary to him! That jerk isn't my type!" Ino sent her a knowing look, letting Sakura know that she wasn't buying any of this. Sakura smiled, "Seriously, no worries. I know how to take care of myself and avoid trouble. Thanks for the info, though, Ino, Shika," she looked at both of them before standing up.

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow at her, "Leaving? Your food hasn't come out yet."

Sakura shook her head as she placed some money on the table, "You guys can have it! Think of this as thanks for everything you told me just now. I have to go, anyways! Well, I'll see you guys later!" she smiled and waved before hastily exiting the café.

Ino frowned as she stared after Sakura's retreating back.

Sakura…you always do the exact opposite of what people say.


a part of me ached.


Sasuke stood up as Itachi began to walk towards the door of the apartment. Before the elder brother left, he turned to look at Sasuke with a dead serious expression. "Sasuke, remember what I told you. Be smart and don't leave this place for the next couple of days. Father's intentions are pure, but he really has an unexpected way of planning so I suggest you stay put for now."

Sasuke sighed and rubbed the back of his neck tiredly, "I know," he muttered unenthusiastically as he opened the door for Itachi.

Itachi looked at Sasuke with unreadable eyes as he stepped out the door. The two brothers stared at each other with knowing looks before Itachi turned and parted, leaving Sasuke to close the door with a quiet bang. Sasuke leaned against the door and looked out of the window at the far opposite wall with a dull gaze. He raised a hand to his forehead and gritted his teeth silently.

"Fuck, am I bound to be under your control forever, Father?"



l i v e.


The door to the apartment quietly opened as Sakura's body lithely slid through. She shut the door behind her silently and turned in surprise to see the apartment dark with all of the lights turned off. "Have I been gone that long…?" she murmured to herself as she tried to see in the dim lighting of the place. The apartment was dully lit by the lights of the city and the moon that could be seen through the large glass window that was her wall. Sakura ran a hand from the top of her braid to the bottom as she let out a sigh.

"Sasuke?" she called out only to be answered with silence. Sakura blinked as she hesitantly reached for the light switch behind her. Deciding not to in case it would give her out if there was an intruder, she walked deeper into her apartment, carefully looking around with every step she took. Reluctantly, she approached the couch and upon squinting, she noticed there was a figure lying on it.

Curiosity plagued her mind as she walked closer towards the couch. Hm? Could this be Sasuke? She stepped directly in front of the couch and looked down. Upon closer inspection, she realized it was Sasuke who really was sleeping on the couch. He had his legs curled up with his head rest upon his arms. The moonlight shone on his face, highlighting his handsome dark features.

Sakura gaped at the sight of him for a moment before a soft smile broke out on her face. She bent down until she was kneeling on the ground, her face in front of his. Gently, silently, she rested her arms on the couch and laid her chin upon it to look at him further. He really is too pretty to be a guy… she thought in her mind, giggling inwardly as she realized he was much more feminine looking than she thought he was.

"Your eyelashes are long too…I'm jealous," she whispered to air as her eyes focused on the soft strands of lashes that extended from his eyelids. She lowered her eyelids as she breathed in the night air. "Hm, isn't this kind of reversed? Usually, it's supposed to be the guy that gawks at the girl's sleeping face… I guess you look good enough to pass as the girl," Sakura chuckled before closing her eyes as well.

It was then that it struck her.

Don't fall in love with him.

Her eyes shot open and she gasped when she saw his onyx eyes wide open and staring straight back at her. "S-Sas…uke…" her voice strained and broke as she realized he didn't break away from the eye contact. She kept her eyes steadily on him as he continued to stare into her jade eyes illuminated by the light present outside of the glass window wall. Sakura's lips parted slightly as the urge to blink overcame her.

Her eyes fluttered and the moment seemed as if it was ruined, but alas, Sasuke kept his gaze on her and Sakura was trapped under his eyes. It was intense—like fire—and it felt far more intimate than any touch. His gaze was enough to burn her to the core and she shivered unconsciously.


His voice drummed inside her ears and she felt her heart pound inside of her body. Every beat was suddenly louder than normal and the sound of him saying her name repeated in her mind like a broken record. She felt as if she was falling, the tingling feeling lit in her stomach and she could only freeze in place when he began to lean forward towards her.

Sasuke kept a steady gaze on her as he lifted himself closer to her face. His hand raised and her eyes barely caught it moving to softly touch her distinct pink hair. She gulped and tried hard not to speak.

Sakura held her breath as she let her thoughts run amuck in her mind.

Don't fall in love with him.

Ino's voice replayed itself over and over in her head, but she couldn't seem to move away even as he was centimeters from her lips.

I can't. I can't. I can't.

She chanted the mantra, but it wasn't working.

And now, his lips hovered above hers and his eyes were slowly fluttering closed and she couldn't seem to breathe anymore.


He whispered her name again and her eyes closed on reflex as she felt his lips give a ghost of a touch to her lips.

"Go to sleep."


Don't fall in love with him.

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