-1Moonlight Magic

Written by Chibikan

Summary: My very first Circle of Magic fiction, and it's a crossover with my favorite anime of all time, Sailor Moon. When a mysterious entity takes over the world in which they live, the four mages of Discipline Cottage are soon targeted for their abilities. But a certain seer has anticipated this and prepared for such an event. Now, lost and alone in a strange, new world, filled with technologies that their world has never seen and a group of girls who turn out to be much more than appear to be.


They came at us from out of nowhere. I couldn't foresee their coming. Why? That's supposed be my specialty right? And yet I had no idea what was coming. I know I should have tried harder, especially when mages started vanishing one by one in Capchen. I should have gone myself and investigated in person, when they started finding them dried and withered in the countryside of Olart. I recognize that there must have been something more I could have done, to prevent it from getting as bad as it has. But now it is too late. These Magic Eaters and their leader, this Lady Zephyr, have conquered us and there is nothing we can do. I knew that eventually they would be targeted. They are too powerful, surely Zephyr sees them as a threat and destroy them. Their teachers and I have done my best to hide them. Even now, I stand guard outside this cave up north in Goldridge, what's left of that copper mine these four youths found, the one that saved Goldridge just months ago. I am all that is left of their protectors and I do not know that I can keep them hidden much longer. My power is growing weaker by the minute. Soon, I will have nothing left to give. So, I have used what little I can spare to find you. Please, I beg of you. Come for them, take them somewhere that they will be safe. It is their only chance. Before it is too late. They are only children. They deserve the chance to live out their lives to the fullest, and they have already suffered so much. I beg of you, come for them.

Niko finished writing the letter and dropped his quill down to his side. He rolled the letter into a scroll and took a scrap of material, torn from his tunic, to tie it with. He knew he was taking a great chance. But, it was the only way. He concentrated on the letter and it's intended recipient. In a flash of smoke, it vanished from his hand. Now all he could do was wait. Wait, and pray to the gods and goddesses that it would be favorably received.

A young woman, long green hair cascading down her back, stood rigid outside a beautiful marble gate. The frame of the gate was engraved with the many phases of Earth's moon. A mist covered the ground.

She jumped, only slightly, when a puff of smoke flashed before her. The smoke vanished as quickly as it came and in it's place hung a tied letter. She opened it and read. With her magic she was able to use the letter to see back in time to who wrote it and where it came from. Her duties were clear to her. She must go to the aid of these young people. She already knew the idea place for them. She only hoped these Magic Eaters, would not follow after them.