The short mage sighed and kicked absently at a tuft of grass. Another Christmas come and gone and still no sign of Gatomon or Kari come to visit him.

How many months now? Weeks, days, hours? Would it become seasons, years, decades?

Wizardmon sighed again, louder, and went back into the cave he called home. Sitting down upon the cot he'd gotten for a bed, the Data digimon let his weary body fall over unto the mattress. He stared at the rocky ceiling, uncaring.

Perhaps he might as well have stayed a ghost in Odaiba. It seemed that he was just as invisible to others now as then.

The digimon were scattered; disinclined to make friends with ones who had had any dealings at all with Myotismon---even if it had been to undermine the vampire. Gatomon looked mainly to her fellow Chosen for company, but whether by choice or design he wasn't sure and didn't know which possibility disturbed him more.

The Digidestined he never saw himself but heard only rumors of. They were exploring their relationships with each other, usually too busy to bother visiting the Digital World anymore---even their own digimon saw them only rarely unless they went down to do the visiting.

Was this a sign of humans growing up? Were the digimon considered boring now that the newness of their existence to the mortals had worn off? Had teenaged hormones won out over friendship with the digital monsters?

The wizard digimon closed his eyes to sleep.

He would dream of other times… even of ones with Myotismon for even *those* held more charm than this pointless existence.

And perhaps as he dreamed… perhaps his spirit would return to where it had come.

For what was the point of continuing to exist when you were…



The last Wizardmon story was written on the 18th. They don't come often and when they do, they are lucky to garner even a fraction of the reviews of the Digidestined 'shipping fics no matter how well and thoughtfully they are written. This is not only true of here in FFN, but all through the internet (if my Google searches are any indication.) *sigh* Have people truly forgotten him and the other nightmare soldiers----or do they just not care?