A/N- My first Merlin fanfic! Writing seems to be my way of procrastinating when I should be studying… lets just hope I don't fail my test now! Anyway, so… I'm not sure exactly what inspired this; I just had an image in my head of this happening and decided to write it down. Reviews are absolutely adored by me, so PLEASE review! Oh yes, this is not a slash story. Well, I didn't intend it to be. Although I guess if you go looking for it, it might be there. But it's purely friendship in my eyes.

First Snow and a Breakfast to Follow

The white snow glistened in the morning sunlight. It blanketed all of Camelot, creating a beautiful scene. Children's laughter could be heard echoing throughout the village as they ran outside to play in the first snow, their parents watching with a smile of their faces. A bird began to sing loudly, it's song reaching the ears of one sleeping sorcerer.

Merlin awoke with a start to a beautiful song outside his window. He peered out, and could make out the shape of a bird; it's feathers gleaming in the sunlight. Sunlight… Merlin leaped out of bed and frantically began pulling on his shoes, jacket and scarf. Arthur was so going to kill him. Merlin raced down the stairs, rushing past a startled Gaius, yelling "No time for breakfast, Arthur's going to kill me!" Gaius looked on, both amused and exasperated, as Merlin disappeared beyond the doorway, his breakfast left lying on the table. Again.

The run to Arthur's room was uneventful, except for the random occurrences of Merlin running into various other servants on his way. Leaving behind him a number of grumpy servants, he finally reached Arthur's bedroom, and shoved open the doors. Arthur was standing at his window, already dressed, although his breakfast was still lying uneaten on his table.

"We need to have another talk about this whole 'knock before you enter' thing, Merlin," Arthur said without turning around.

"I'm sorry, Arthur. I overslept, and I tried to get here as soon as possible, but then-" Arthur cut Merlin of with a hand.

"Never mind. Come here for a minute."

Now curious, Merlin wandered over to where Arthur stood. From his window, the whole of Camelot was visible. In the morning sunlight, with it's snow cover, Camelot look stunning. Merlin looked at Arthur, who was looking out the window with pride in his eyes.

"Doesn't it look spectacular?" Arthur asked softly. Merlin returned his glance to the window.

"Yeah, it does."

They remained standing for a few minutes before the pleasant silence was broken by a grumbling noise. Arthur looked at Merlin, amused. Merlin blushed.

"I kind of didn't eat before I came here," Merlin confessed while Arthur walked towards his table.

"In too much of a hurry, I suppose?" Arthur questioned.


"You'd better be careful; Gaius might stop making you breakfast if you never eat it!"

Arthur sat down at his table, pulling the plate of food towards him. Merlin stood by his side, as a dutiful servant should. However, he was rewarded with a confused look from Arthur.


"You said you were hungry."

"Um… yes. What's your point?"

Arthur let out a huff.

"Well, use your brain, Merlin, if you have one. I can't possibly eat all this food by myself, so I might as well share it with someone who needs it."

Merlin looked at Arthur, surprised, before reaching for a piece of bread tentatively, unsure whether this was a joke or not. However, Arthur did nothing to stop him, instead looking quite satisfied when Merlin nibbled on the bread.

"Grapes?" Arthur offered.

And so the two, the Prince and his manservant, spent the morning eating breakfast together on the first morning of winter. And although neither would ever admit it, it was the best breakfast either had ever had.