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"Abby, I need to confess something."

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Abby, shotgun in hand, and Jimmy were walking through the woods headed back towards The Candlewick. Abby heard Jimmy's voice say her name and she quickly turned around, not knowing what to expect. She let out a breath when she saw that he was fine, but gave him a curious look.

Jimmy took a deep breath before speaking. "Abby, I need to confess something." He took another breath. "I need you to know this in case we don't…" He trailed off, not wanting to think of the negativity.

"Jimmy?" Abby asked, curious as to what was going through her friend's head.

Jimmy hesitated for a second before speaking. "I love you." He studied Abby's face for a moment, searching for any kind of reaction. Her mouth was opened slightly in shock and it was twitching like she was searching for words. "I always have," He added, "and I always will."

Abby let out a breath and was silent for a minute. When she finally spoke, her voice was quite and hesitant. "When did you figure all this out?"

"The night you left. I couldn't imagine not seeing you again." He took a step closer to her. "After that night, I had to take it a day at a time. Sometimes it was painful to breathe." He lifted his arm and gently put his hand on her cheek. "If we survive this, will you give us another chance? I can come with you to LA." He looked around them. "There's no reason that I'd want to stay here now."

Abby swallowed the lump that was forming in her throat and somehow managed to nod. Jimmy smiled and leant into kiss her on the forehead. When he pulled back, Abby spoke.

"I love you too." Quickly, he locked his eyes with hers. "When…" She cleared her throat and spoke again, louder this time. "When I saw the boat blow up, I thought I had lost you." Jimmy's eyes softened, but they silently told Abby to keep talking. "It killed me. Thinking that you had died without knowing how I felt," She shook her head, "it was one of the worst feelings I've ever had." She was beginning to cry now, so Jimmy pulled her into a tight hug.

No words needed to be exchanged. Now that their confessions were out in the open, both of them could focus on getting off of the island, alive, and beginning their lives. Together.


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