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Title: An Organized Wonderland?

Summary: Virtually Impossible. Besides, a Wonderland like that wouldn't be very interesting, would it? "Roxas! Why the heck are you wearing a dress? You better watch out for Cheshire Cats then." "What the heck is a Cheshire Cat?"

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Chapter One: Bunny With A Beard?

It's just an ordinary day, in an ordinary world, in an ordinary house, where there lived an ordinary family, with an ordinary life.

That family was composed of ordinary parents, and an ordinary set of twins.

And one of those twins' names was Roxas.

That ordinary day happened to be a Saturday. And Roxas was currently lying down on the grass, with a book currently resting itself on his face.


Roxas awoke with a start and looked around, and spotted a spiky, brown haired boy that happened to be his brother.

"What is it Sora?"

"Why the heck are you sleeping when you should be studying for the test on Monday?! That test is a big portion of your grade for the semester!"

"But it's still Saturday…" complained Roxas.

"You don't want to cram tomorrow don't you?" asked Sora.

"Guess not…"

"I'll go get your books." said Sora, then he went back inside the house.

Roxas, in fact, did not care about his grades, but he cared too much for his brother to disappoint him. As he was about get up, something suddenly jumped on his stomach.

"Ow!" He turned his head to see… a bunny with a waistcoat? And was that a beard?

"I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!" exclaimed the bunny, as it hopped towards… wherever it was going.

Roxas, being the curious person he was, followed that bunny.

'Hey, when did the backyard become so big? And, is that a forest he's going to? Since when did we have a forest in our backyard?'

"Hey, where'd that bunny go?" Roxas asked himself, as he had somehow winded up in the middle of a forest that somehow was in their backyard.

Roxas, not looking where he was going, stepped into a hole.

"Aaaahhh! Oh…"

The hole was deep, and he was somehow slowly floating towards the ground.

There were… levitating household objects, a fireplace in mid-air, a rocking chair, a gigantic floating mirror… Roxas was so fascinated with the objects that he didn't notice that he was suddenly dropped onto the floor.

"Ouch, now my butt hurts…"

Roxas looked down, then suddenly, his eyes widened with horror…


After a while, Roxas calmed down and took a look at his surroundings.

"What kind of a cuckoo place is this?"

~- MadHatterMadHatterMadHatterMadHatterDoYouLikeTea?ILikeTeaGoDrinkTeaMadHatterMadHatterMadHatter -~

Roxas walked towards the nearest and only door he could see and opened it. But behind it was another door, and another, and another…

When he finally reached the last door, it was just big enough for him to crawl through, and so he did.

At the other side of the door(s) was a bare room. And then he saw a very, very small door at the other end of the room.

"How the heck am I supposed to go through there?"

"Try the bottle over there."

A table appeared out of nowhere, and on top of it was a tiny bottle that said 'Drink Me'.

Roxas, without thinking twice, took a sip from the bottle.

And then he shrank.

Now he was big enough to go through the door.

"Wait a minute, where did that voice come from anyway?"

"Ahem, I'm right in front of you." said the voice.

"Where?" asked Roxas.


"Oh, hi, can you let me pass now? I'm following this weird bunny wearing a-"

"I'm locked." said the door.


"I'm locked. Don't you have the key?" it asked.

"Key? What key?"

"Don't tell me you left it up there…"

Roxas looked up, and sure enough a key suddenly appeared.

He proceeded to mumble something about stupid bunnies, stupid doors, and other stupid stuff, whilst trying to climb the now ridiculously high table… and failing miserably.

"Here, eat one of these." said the door, and a box of what looked like cookies that said 'Eat Me' appeared in front of him.

Roxas hesitantly took a bite this time, and now, he could hardly fit in the room.

He blew the hair out of his face and sighed.

'Looks like I'll be here a while… in this dress.'


Cirque: Guess which organization member the bunneh was? XD Who the Cheshire Cat is is very obvious, but my favorite in here is the Mad Hatter. Guess who he is. 8D (This chapter is quite short, but then again, all Prologues are…) Sorry for any grammatical/spelling errors, I'll try to fix them as soon as I can.

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