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Bella POV

Two days, it's two days until mother's day. I already sent mom a gift down to Phoenix yesterday so she should be getting it today but that's not the reason why I am anxious. This year I decided to make Esme a wonderful mother's day present because no one else does in fear of upsetting her. But what to get her? Should I buy her something like a trinket? Nope. Knowing Emmett he would break it. Ohhhh I know I will make her a small photo album, yes that's good.

I ran downstairs thanking god that Charlie went fishing today and grabbed my keys to my new car; unfortunately my truck wouldn't start without any help from Rosalie. Edward bought me a Mercedes like Carlisle's, with the purr of my engine I took off towards my other home. I need to get a photo of the whole family, Carlisle and Esme, me and Esme then the three of us. Oh this is going to be a good mothers day, I sighed I guess I will have to go shopping with Alice so I can get supplies, I had an argument with the whole family even Carlisle when Esme went out grocery shopping about celebrating mothers day. They think it's a bad idea and that they wouldn't want any part to do with it.

I finally reached my second home and noticed that Esme was in the front garden with a big floppy hat, overalls and gardening gloves on. I giggled she looked like an actually human mother who loves to garden. When the giggle left my mouth Esme's head snapped up and smiled at me, I raced out with my camera I got and took a photo of her. She had dirt on her face and her hair was messily pulled up in a bun, she laughed when I pointed out the dirt.

"I wasn't expecting you today dear, not that I mind of course. Is there anything you needed?" I couldn't help but smile at my second mother, she really is beautiful.

"Well I was wondering if I could get a few photos, for a class project" I smiled as she accepted my lie.

"Of course what do you need?" she asked kindly while taking her hat and gloves off.

"Well I need to get a photo of the whole family, Carlisle and you, me and you then the three of us. If that is okay, it's an art project on my family?" that would get her to agree, I knew jasper and everyone else would catch on because this isn't really a school project. Her face lit up and she called everyone out.

"Yes dear, oh hello Bella" I laughed at their shocked faces really the whole family didn't see me or hear me coming.

"Bella wants to get a photo of the family and a few of us Carlisle; she's doing a project on the family. Isn't that wonderful?" I saw everyone eye me and I smiled smugly at them, they couldn't back out of this now look how happy Esme is. If they say no she would be devastated. They all nodded and went to get ready since Carlisle just got back from the hospital still in his scrubs, Rosalie was covered in grease, Emmett and jasper had controllers in their hands, Alice a fashion magazine and Edward with a CD.

"Wait, where are you all going?" they all stopped and looked at me.

"Getting changed Bella! Where else? You said you wanted a family portrait." Alice said to me like it was the obvious thing in the world; I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

"No I don't want anyone getting clean, changed or put down what's in their hands because I want the family portrait just they way you are now. It makes and shows who we really are, but Alice I do need a stand or something so I can get in the picture too." Esme's smile grew bigger while I said this and no one could refuse now, a second later Alice was next to me looking normal for a change with a tripod stand. I set the timer for 10 seconds and went to stand in Edwards arms as Alice went to jasper, Rosalie to Emmett and Esme to Carlisle. Once the photo was taken I took one of Esme and Carlisle then Alice took a picture of all three of us. I thanked them and turned to Alice, preparing for the 7 hour torture to be held upon me on my own free will.

"Hey Alice?" I asked her when I reached the living room, how can she not see that I am going to ask her? Oh right I've been thinking about going to see Jacob all day.

"Yes Bella?" she looked up from her book with an eyebrow raised.

"I am willing play Bella Barbie for two days and allow you to dress me for a month willingly with no complaint if you go shopping with me and do me a favour." Right then everything went silent, I then noticed Emmett and jasper had paused there game and the rest of the family including Alice looked shocked, I gulped and she squealed.

"Bella are you feeling alright?" I turned to look at jasper and Emmett who were confused, I nodded.

"What I am doing this for is well worth the torture" realization crossed their face and their eyes went wide when Alice suddenly picked me up and carried me to her yellow Porsche, when we where out of hearing distance she turned to look at me.

"I know what you're up to and if you're going to willingly go shopping and let me play Bella Barbie and pick your clothes for a month then I will gladly help you, now ground rules. You mu-" Alice started to make rules but I cut her off.

"I wont complain and I will accept everything you buy me unless it is heals no matter how much the price is" I sighed as she started bouncing in her seat. "Alice just drive alright? I want to get some art supplies" she nodded and we where pulling into the mall 5 minutes later.

"Common Bella, we need to get you some new shoes, some dresses, jeans, shirts. Oooo we need to get you some skirts to! Then we can get you some art supplies BUT LET'S GO NOOOOOWWW!!" I stood there frozen, what the hell have I agreed to?

After seven hours later, nearly every designer shop and 45 shopping bags each I could finally go get some art supples and print out my photos. Now here comes the test I am going to let her buy those stupid shoes she begged me to let her by and a little pixie necklace I saw her looking at I knew she saw me buying it, just to show her I am capable of a) finally spending money and b) to thank her for letting me do this.

"Hey Alice, can I borrow one of your credit cards so I can get some art supplies and print my photos?" she nodded and ran off towards the shop that had those stupid heals with a big smile plastered on her face…


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Today is mothers day and I finally finished my gift for my second mother, I spent the past couple of days taking pictures of the family while they where distracted. Rosalie fixing up her car smiling while Emmett being used as a car jack with a pout on his face. Jasper and Alice snuggled up on the couch reading, Alice dancing while jasper had a look of amusement and love on his face, Edward playing the piano, the boys arguing over a football game bet then arguing over a videogame, Carlisle in the study sketching with a look of peace on his face, then him looking down on Esme from his study window with love while she was in the garden. But lastly I put a picture of me from when I was one till I was 18, with a mother's day card. I wrapped it up and told Charlie I was going to see Esme.

Not long after I found myself driving down the familiar dirt driveway that leads up to my second home and family, but something seemed off. There was no yelling or laughter, no piano playing or tools in the garage being ruffled through just silence. I got out the car and walked to the door, hmm that's odd no Alice opening the door and jumping on me? Or even Edward giving me a hug? I opened the door and gasped the whole family where in the lounge except for Esme who I presume is upstairs since there sitting like statues on the couch with a look of worry, but jasper would wince every now and again.

"Erm, is it okay if I see Esme?" I squeaked and all 7 pairs of gold eyes snapped to me.

"I don't think this is the best time love" Edward spoke just loudly enough for me to hear and as soon as he did a crash came from upstairs. Esme is wrecking the house?

"Is mom okay?" my hand flew to my mouth as I said that, it was a slip of the tongue or was it? I love Esme like a mother, she takes care of me and I for once feel like a child and not the other way around; Mask of shock and surprise flashed over Carlisle's face but gone before he thought didn't see it and jasper look up smiling.

"She's alright Bella; this day is quite upsetting for her. She lost her son on mother's day; we try to give her space. But I guess you can go see her, she won't let anyone else in at least you could try. She's in her study." I nodded towards my other father figure and slowly crept up the stairs trying not to fall and break or damage Esme's gift. When I got to Esme's study I could hear her dry sobbing but I had to strain my ears to even hear it. I knocked on the door lightly but there was no answer.

"Esme its Bella can I come in?" I whispered full aware she could hear me but still nothing, I guess I have to stoop to an all time low.

"Mom can I please come in, please mommy" I knew that would be hitting below the belt but I needed to give Esme my gift and if I can call her mom now would be a good day to start. I was surprised when I heard the door click and squeak open; I guess the others did to since I heard their gasps. But when I stepped in the room my heart broke, Esme's hair was a mess instead of a smooth caramel curls and there where photo's of a little boy not even a week old everywhere whom I guess was her son.

"I just wanted to give you this mom, happy mother's day." I whispered while placing my gift and card down on the table near the door and walking back out to where the rest of the family was.

When I got back downstairs I was engulfed by a hug from Carlisle and saw everyone smiling at me.

"What?" why are they smiling at me?

"You're the first one in years to walk into that room on mother's day, not even I can enter that room." I looked at my dad in shock, he was smiling but it didn't reach his eyes, I went to sit down by Edward when jasper spoke up.

"She's incredibly happy Bella, what did you give her?" I looked up to the ceiling and smiled.

"I made her something from the heart" I said to him still smiling, I really hope she likes it.

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