Author's Note: I was inspired by tonight's episode to write a brief double drabble oneshot about the events on the bridge. Chloe's point of view.

The last tears she cried streaked down her face, the images of the events that had transpired on this bridge burned into her mind. He was floating in the river, where just a short time before, they had been together, afraid, but together. He saved her, he told her he loved her, and then he died.

She knew there was no way out – this day was going to be the day she died. Either Wakefield would get her like he had Cal, or she could take things into her own hands. Mentally steeling herself, she looked him straight in the eye, seeing him bob the knife menacingly at her. "You can't have me," she said, evenly, almost eerily.

She let go, all at once, consciously willing herself to fall backwards. It felt almost like flying, she thought grimly to herself, as all that was between her and the water below was the air. She had thought it was a cliché that everyone's lives flashed before their eyes as they died, but it did. Her life with Cal. She felt the wind in her hair for the last time, as she hit the water, and then, everything abruptly went to black.