Past Mistakes




Hinata and Sasuke walked hand in hand down the nearly empty hallway. The bell had just rung, and like any other good boyfriend, Sasuke was walking Hinata to her next class.

Hinata was so content at that moment with her large, graceful smile, their interlaced fingers lightly swinging between them. She sighed peacefully.

"Hmm, I'm happy," she said. Her eyes were closed but she knew Sasuke was giving her another of his strange looks, the one where he raised his eyebrow and pointedly stared at her. She had once again caught him off guard with her seemingly random and unprovoked statements. It was becoming a habit with her.

"And why's that?" He grunted, turning his head back to stare straight ahead to the end of the hallway. He didn't even bother glancing at the other idiots still standing around.

She looked up at him with her large shining eyes, though he wouldn't return her gaze.

"I just like being with you, I guess." Hinata's smile softened and she stared off into the distance with unfocused eyes.

Sasuke felt extremely uncomfortable so he tried to brush off her words. Why did he feel so guilty?

Hinata's classroom door soon came into view and Sasuke relaxed. After saying goodbye and giving her a light peck on the cheek, Hinata disappeared through the door. Sasuke's shoulders slumped and he shoved his hands into his pockets, heaving a sigh before also slinking away to his next class before the late bell rang.


"Are you sure you don't need a ride?" Hinata asked as she unlocked the door to her car.

School had ended and Sasuke had once again walked Hinata to her small, slightly abused, car.

He shook his head, "No, but thanks. I have to stay after school again; catch up on some stuff."

"Alright," Hinata gave in quickly; she could never persuade Sasuke to do anything. Not that she would ever try. "But you have kind of been spending a lot of extra time at school lately." Her tone implied that she thought that something weird was going on, and it spread to her expression.

"This is our last year of high school," he replied, shrugging, "I just want to make sure I do well."

"Oh…alright…I guess it makes sense." Hinata was relieved, though she couldn't help feeling troubled by something niggling at her subconscious. But instead of acting on it she ignored it and slid into the driver's seat before Sasuke slammed the door behind her.

Sasuke rested his fore arms on the car and leaned in through the open window. "I'll call you later." He leaned in further and gave Hinata another quick kiss before pulling back into his normal stance.

"All right…bye, Sasuke." Hinata smiled again and rolled up her window.

Sasuke watched as her car pulled out of the parking lot and finally disappeared down the road. He grimaced.

He walked back towards the school just as a vivacious blond walked out through the doors.

He grinned and slowly made his way over to where she was waiting. When Sasuke reached her, he wrapped his muscular arms around her petite, size two waist, and pulled her close. She just giggled and batted her eyelashes.

"Hey, baby," she cooed, "I missed you."

"Sorry, there were some things I had to take care of."

She pouted, "I don't think I like seeing you with that frumpy little Hyuga."

Sasuke sighed and rolled his eyes. He led the girl over to the nearest bench and sat down, pulling her down on his lap. "Asuka," he said, "It's not like I want to date her. Her father owns one of the largest companies in the country, my family owns the second, so my father wants to get on Hyuga-san's good side. Something about converging our two companies or something."

"Well, what does that have to do with you?" Asuka was still confused.

"My father threatened to cut me out of his will unless I date Hyuga-san's daughter, otherwise I wouldn't be in this situation." He smirked. "But don't worry, although she can be useful why would I want her when I've got you?"

Asuka smiled and soon they were kissing. A very deep, very long kiss.


They broke apart just in time to see Hinata's shocked face, tears starting to spill out of her silver eyes before she turned and ran for her car.

Hinata was devastated. What had she just seen? She had come back to school to retrieve some forgotten papers from her locker only to find her boyfriend lip-locking some blonde tramp!

Hinata was struggling to breathe and she could no longer keep her tears from falling. She started wiping them away with the sleeve of her over sized jacket, but her hands were shaking. It was all she could do to keep running and not collapse to the ground.

She trusted him! And he betrayed her. She had foolishly thought that he was different, that he actually cared about her. But she was so, so wrong. He hadn't even tried to stop her, he just let her go. Hinata had not felt so hurt since the day her mother died. And what made it worse was that her father had warned her of this very thing. He had said that the Uchiha boy was no good, but she hadn't believed him. Oh, how she wished she had believed him now.

She finally made it to her car and after a few attempts, was able to get the key into the lock and the door open. Quickly, she got in and drove out of the lot as fast as she could.

She dared one final look through the rear view mirror. Sasuke and the girl had gotten up from the bench and were walking away, their backs turned to her. Sasuke's arm was draped around her shoulders as the blond slid one of her perfectly manicured hands halfway into the back pocket of his jeans.

Hinata's heart finally shattered as she watched them disappear around a corner without even a glance back at her.

'Goodbye, Sasuke Uchiha.' She thought as she drove, trying to steady her breathing.

It was the last time either of them saw each other.


Here it is, second multi- chapter story is up! I'm very proud of the last scene with Hinata, although it's depressing how my best writing is usually sad. I had this idea for a while now and I was trying to wait until my other story was finished but I couldn't contain myself!

Anyways, check out my other equally unfinished story Reluctant to Fall. Can't wait to hear from you!