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December 21, 2009

Season's Greetings!

I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a while, but not much has changed since I last did. But I'm so happy that it's almost Christmas! I love this time of year… the wintry smells, hot cocoa, cuddling up by the fire with a bo—book, yeah. A really good book :P

We had a gift exchange the other day, it was a blast! I gave Zora a hamster, Grady a gift card to the Cheese Factory, Tawni a spa session, and Nico a date with Lucy when she comes to visit. Hehe. Oh and then there's Chad. I gave him something too, but it's a secret :O

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad Chad finally updated his blog… now more opportunities to make fun of pretty boy. Not that I think he's pretty—pfft, 'cause he's so not.

Anyway, just as Chad said, we got on that dumb "Gotcha With Gilroy Smith" show. That guy is a jerk. Tawni (yes I mentioned your name) told me that he was spying on mine and Chad's intimate, I mean private, conversation. And Chad is full of lies. Him saying that we talked about feelings and how I love him so much but he doesn't return them, blah blah blah—that's all lies.

However, he was truthful about something… we most definitely are not secretly dating, pshh—I don't know where people get these ideas. Just because we both happen to have late rehearsals on the same nights ending at the same time means nothing.

But enough about that. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukkah, and any other winter holiday that you might celebrate!

Peace on Earth,


P.S. I'm the one that said we're just friends… Chad's the one that had to ruin it by saying he loves me ;)


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udependonme: I want to know what you got each other for Christmas! Lemme guess… a kiss? ;)

YoDogHomieGrl: They are so NOT together, it's so obvious.

NicoSuave: Hey Sonny, when is Lucy coming? :D

SuperSuperGirl: I bet Chad was telling the truth… Sonny loves him, she's just in denial.

chadblogofficial: Exactly SuperSuperGirl ;)

SoRandomFan3432: YoDogHomieGrl is an idiot if she really thinks they're not dating.

SonSHINEMonroe: We are not dating.

chadblogofficial: No we're not, but you still attacked me with your lips.


ZoratheExplorer: GUMMY BEAR :3

chadblogofficial: I don't call her that ^_^

ZoratheExplorer: LIES Chad Dylan, I have it on tape.

chadblogofficial: You little…ashbakl!

MyShoeLaceBroke883: What's an ashbakl?

GRADYfromNARNIA: It's just Chad's way of bleeping himself out.

ZoratheExplorer: When did you get so wise?

GRADYfromNARNIA: I drank some Smart Water :D

ZoratheExplorer: You know that doesn't actually make you smarter, right?

NicoSuave: Just let him have this one Z ;)

Fwn_over_Tawn: Yay, I was mentioned!!!

PeoplePerson8283: No blog is complete without Tawni!

Fwn_over_Tawn: Thank you for understanding that ;)

Chadisn'tFat: Obesity is sad. I'm glad Chad doesn't have to worry! :D


SONNYisaHOTTIE: Sonny, are you cheating on me?

SonSHINEMonroe: I am single, meaning I'm not dating anyone, so no.

chadblogofficial: Heh, burn SONNYisaHOTTIE. She just admitted that she isn't dating you.

JOSHnotJEFF_theMAILGuy: She also denied dating you Chad.


chadblogofficial: BANNED!

SonSHINEMonroe: I'm closing comments on this post.


JOSHnotJEFF_theMAILGuy: It didn't work Sonny, we can still comment ^_^