I give my thanks Chibiwolfgurl for the use of her two Oc's here are there profiles.

Loki: Hilary's little brother and Sora's twin. He has medium length brown hair with red streaks and bright green eyes.

Sora: Hilary's little brother and Loki's twin. He has short brown hair with red streaks and bright green eyes. He's older than Loki by a few minutes.

Both boys adore there sister both thriving on her attention, and fighting for it. (Awww)

Japanese translation: Mother -Okaa-san, Sister -Onne-san, Otouto- Younger brother, Onii-san -older brother

I don't own Beyblade or the Oc's, but I am allowed the use by chibiwolfgurl Thx darling.

Story takes place at the end of G revolutions. * is a note for info more at bottom

Chap one: Secrets I keep.


Hilary was a girl that everyone knew has a happy girl, the get go girl, the one able to put Tyson in his place. The manager to the elite beyblade team the BBA revolutions, making sure the boys where kept on track with the help of Kenny as well. What other people not even her beloved boys Tyson, Daichi, Kenny, Rei, Max, and Kai.


Hilary was busy at her house ironing what seemed to be a pair of small shorts blue in color with silver strips running down the bottom when she was done with those, she turned to the next pair of clothing this time they where vice versa of the pair she had already done meaning they were silver than blue strips. Hilary usually spent most of her time with the BBA revolutions helping them run errands, scheduling things for them or helping clam down Kenny when he was having one of his anxiety attacks.

No working and looking over people never seem to be hard for Hilary she enjoyed looking over them beside it what she also did at home?

"Loki ,Sora am done with your pants come down stairs already we going to be late" Hilary yelled from the room she had been ironing from and in a moment notice two pairs of feet could be heard and yelling of course "Move it am first Loki" Hilary could tell that was Sora and next was Loki with "Un- Hu am first Sora", 'sigh what am I going to do with these two boys' Hilary was torn was her thoughts by a big THUD and A chorus of "Ow ow ow" were heard till two slightly ruffled 5 year old twin boys appeared before her. The smaller one was Loki he had longer hair that was medium with red streaks and the greenest pair of eyes you seen and then there was his twin brother older by a few minutes with shorter hair also with the red streaks and a set of the same green eyes has Loki had.

When Hilary looked at them she would swear that her father never really left them Hilary family was tragically torn apart when Hilary father died from a car accident it left them without a care provider so it meant for her mother to go back to work and Hilary t look after the boys and home.

Now even though there twin they had differences about them Loki was more of tinkerer Hilary often caught him unscrewing and fixing thing back to together like a puzzle. Once he had mange to pull apart the toaster now she could fry a egg on the thing. Needless to say he was good with thing like that.

Sora was more of a artistic type who love to color and paint things in ,but both boys agreed that they loved the sport of beyblade they loved it when Hilary would bring them tapes of the tournaments and talked about the adventures she went on with the BBA revolutions.

Hilary was called out of her thought has Loki was tugging at her shirt for her attention "Onne-chan we going to be late" he said in the voice that made you think he was older than a 5 year old she turned and was shocked to see that he was right the clock on the mantle next to her said 4:29 she was going to be late at dropping them off at the babysitters "Oh my gosh we have to hurry come on Loki, Sora put on your pants and get what you can to play with over at Ms. Machi house quickly quickly" Hilary said in a rushed voice has she dressed them got their bag and her purse grabbed there hands and went out the door making sure to close it first of course.

Else where

A older women about 40 years old was lying in a hospital bed she was hooked up to a I.V line administering the dosage regularly so she wasn't dehydrating and a oxygen mask was also on her face the tiny puff of air you could see on the plastic covering has she took each breath.

Just then a man in a full suit came in looking about 30 years carrying with him a suitcase and what seemed to be a pen ready for some action.

He gave no mind to the fact that the women was sleeping and awoke her up "Miss. Tachibana I presume" he said in a knowing manner .The women woke up soon after hearing her surname was said still in a slightly groggy sate she opened her eyes to see some she didn't need to see at the moment "* Acchi ni ike I don't want you here I told you time and time aging I wont sign no papers Mr. Hibachi".

The lady said with an angry raspy voice clearly not wanting anything to do with the man who disturbed her sleep she was ill enough and surely didn't need the added stress he was causing. The man who was ignoring her pleas was already getting out papers and a pen like he had some plan, "Baka ie! Miss. Tachibana we can certainly come to a bargain of some sort ,The company and I are more than gracious in giving you a fare share of the property value if you just sign over your land and house here" the young man held the paper up to the women who still held a defiant look on her face 'no matter seems like I have to play a barging chip early', he continued speaking "Miss Tachibana you wouldn't want anything to happy to the lovely family of yours would you" He said with a sly grin he was looked evil with the afternoon sun barely poking though the window.

The women explode with rage at the mention of her children "MY FAMILY is not to be brought in this conversation you hear me" But what she didn't see was the man had come even closer and in his hand was a syringe of unknown liquid piercing her heart ~ THUD Thud thu thu…..~ and her life was ended mean while her monitor was turned off and Mr. Hibachi quickly forged the paper it was easy to when there already plenty of hand writing samples around for him to use. He did what he needed to do and left to trace of himself like no one was there to being with.

Sorry for the re-write had to fix some thing Hope you like.

*Acchi ni ike = means to go away, **Baka ie! - means Nonesense

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