LUFFY ROBIN ONE SHOT WOOT disclaimer= blah blah u kno the details.
warnin u i dont care much for spellin


The Thousand sunny was lazily driftin towards the setting sun, a small breeze lifting the sails.
Zorro was knocked out cold in the lookout. Sanji, cleaning up the kitchen, with chopper heliping sweep around. Franky,
Ussop, and Brooks were playing with a new toy Franky had just made. Nami, was soaking in the tub, scentened candles,
foam and bubbles everywhere, and a glass of sanji's special drinks beside her.

The thousand sunny was at a state of piece but, where were the last two members? Unbenounced to everyone Luffy had hitched himself on to a small raft, being tugged behind the thousand sunny. Robin who had decided to get out of her for a walk had seen the rope and wondered towards it.
Robin then saw Luffy struggling with a bamboo fishing pole. His monstrous strength no match for the fish below,
Seeing Robin Luffy had let go of the rod in an atempt to wave but its flailing in air had smashed smack dab in Luffys temple. Robin just giggled to herself for awhile, but then noticed he had yet to rise. Worried she used her devil fruit powers to lift herself down to the seemingly unconcious boy. She was not shocked by what she saw. Luffy was fastasleep nothing on but a pair of shorts and his sandals, his strawhat strung around his neck.
As Robin stared at the boy she sat herself down and pondered somthing." Bullets, posion darts, cannon balls, and all sorts of strikes and hits couldnt take this guy down, but a hit to the head by a fishing pole lays him out, will he ever cease to surprise me?"

She beggins to shake the boy gently, Luffy all but gropes her as he rolls around on the small boat and finds himself holding on to her resting his head on her then says " Come on sleeping beauty lets atleast get off of this boat before the waves pick up." Again she uses her abilities to lift them up towards the thousand sunny. Setting both of them down on some lounge chairs facing the now nearly vanished sun. Luffy was still asleep in Robins lap.
Robin couldnt help but stare into his face. She caressed the scar on his cheek wondering where it came from. Robin Blusshed immeadiately when Luffy had grabbed her hand. They were both now staring into eachothers eyes. Luffy then asked her what she was doing. Robin replied with a mere just thinking.

"So why were you touching my scar?"
"I just always wondered where it came from"
"This thing? I got it a long time ago when i wanted to prove to Shanks i could join them too"
"And now you are one of the Eleven Supernovas"
"Eleven what?"
Chuckling a bit"Never mind"
"Hey Robin?"
"You know from down here you remind me of somthing, you kno that?"
"And what is that?"
"U kno lyk that piece of meat fresh off the grill"
"Ill take that as a compliment..."

All of a sudden Sanji came busting out of the kitchen spiralling around yelling for his sweet Nami-swan.
The sudden outburst made Luffy Fall off the chair and face first into the floor.

Robin finally realising that Luffy was on her lap the entire time and that they had been staring into eachothers eyes rose to her feet, a small blush escaping into her cheeks. Luffy was now on his feet when he saw the slightly pink Robin.
He drew himself close to Robin, planting his forehead on to hers.

"Hey robin your face is red but you dont feel hot, Are you ok?"
Being slightly taken aback by this development all she could muster was a faint, " uh-huh, im just fine"
Her pulse rising due to this close proximity.

When all of a sudden a loud explosion shook the Thousand Sunny from below deck. The toy Franky had invented had malfunctioned when brooks and Ussop began to argue over the controls and pressed too many buttons. The outofcontrol animitron had launched itself into one of choppers bags of ingredients and had sparked two chemicals causing an explosion launching brooks into a wall. As the trio tryed to make sence of the situation Nami now dressed along with Sanji Chopper and Zorro made their way down below.
But what of Luffy and Robin?
Think about it, luffy and Robin upclose face to face,

a sudden explosion rocking the ship, both letting out a small shreik of surprise,

and one landing ontop of the other, both mouths open...

yea u guessed it.

To Be Continued???...!!!