Me Without You

Written by CosmicTwilight

Standard Disclaimers: I do not own any of the characters herein that appear in any of the works of Stephenie Meyer. I am merely borrowing them for enjoyment and I gain no profit whatsoever from the user of the characters herein. Any other characters herein which do not appear in the Twilight Saga are mine unless otherwise stated.

Synopsis: What do you do when the one you love left you? Bella turned to best friend Jacob Black, but feelings have been misconstrued and Jacob is in for more. When her future becomes uncertain a chain of events start to roll which may just cost Bella her life. BxE Alternate to New Moon

Authors Note: It is recommended that you read Ready to Fall, although not necessary. But you'll understand more if you do.

Big Thanks to my reviewers: TeamEmSper, TeamEdwardTeamAlice, Race for the clock tower, lovetoread87, sleeplessinseattle, Broken Angel16, hermhogwarts55, and foreverandalways909.

This picks up three months after the end of Ready to Fall. The Cullen's have not returned (yet). This is on the basis that the following from New Moon have already happened:

Bella is aware of the Quileute Tribe legends. Although she does not know the full length of the treaty, nor does she realize it was infact the Cullen's who made the treaty in the first place.

Jacob has already phased, but Bella does not know that he is a wolf.

This will not focus only on Jacob. I have nothing against him, but this is a Bella and Edward story.

Aiden although five months old, his body/mentality is that of a 20 month old.


I breathed in deeply, preparing myself as I ran across the streets in front of me. Her strict instructions to find him before the clock tower rang. A real race to the clock tower. I looked around desperately for him.

How did I get myself into this position? I shouldn't even be here, but I was. The love of my life, no one else could compare, I was sure of that now. There was no one I'd much rather be with, I just wish he'd understand that. Understand that I will not always be safe. I darted through the crowds, there must have been thousands of people here, all standing on either side of the streets, some in robes, and others dressed casually. A huge festival on. Looking up the sun had almost reached the high point meaning it was almost noon. I probably had less than a minute.

Picking up speed I darted through the alleyway as fast as I could, reaching a rather large crowd. That's when I saw him. His porcelain face, his eyes, a sadness he'd never portrayed before.


My best friends face flashed across my mind. The look on his face, his heartbroken face when I told him I didn't love him the way he loved me. You know that feeling when it hurts so bad your heart sinks in its place, and a wave of guilt and cold passes through your body. That's what I felt when I saw his face. When I told him I chose Edward.

Jacob would always be an important person to me; he's been through so much for me and Aiden. I was getting distracted, it seemed so easy lately. I screamed his name as loudly as I could, but with the crowd even his vampire hearing didn't hear me. I picked up my pace as I attempted to cross the street, cutting through the parade but was pushed back. I looked at the clock, sixty seconds. I wasn't going to make it to him.

"Isabella," a voice called for me, I turned around to see two figures each in black robes. I didn't get to study them much when I heard one of them whisper.

"It's not working," Belonging to a female, she frowned. Then all of a sudden my vision got blurry and I fell to the ground. "Quickly,"

I looked up with the last of my vision as I heard the clock tower ring. I was too late. He would be dead now, and there was nothing I could do. Someone had me as I closed my eyes. What about my son? What would happen to Aiden?

'Don't let them take you down without a fight,' I tried to tell myself. I kept repeating it but it didn't make it any easier as I blacked out and faded into nothingness.

Jacob, Edward, Aiden. Three men in my life who I didn't want to live without. What I knew is that if I had to live without any of these people, I never wanted to wake up again.

I would rather be dead.