A/N: Hi! This fic takes place sometime after Brennan has asked Booth to father a child for her (in Citc), but makes no mention of him having a brain tumor, so assume that part never happened, or it did and he turned out fine but either way this fic will make no mention of him having hallucinations or a tumor or surgery...make sense? :D

Each chapter represents one month of Brennan's pregnancy, or more accurately a snippet of her pregnancy, but assume a month has past between each chapter.

Currently un-beta'd, if you would like to beta read for me, please let me know.


One - Brennan

"What are you doing here?"

I had just stepped out onto the sidewalk in front of the Women's Memorial Clinic when I see him. Leaning against a lamp post, coffee in one hand, newspaper in the other.

"Bones, finally," he greets me, "I've been out here for forty five minutes, I thought your appointment was at nine?"

"It was." I look up at him, using one hand to shield my eyes from the brightness of the sun. "I had to lie down for half an hour after the insemination to help facilitate fertiliza-"

"Whoa, okay!" Booth holds up his hand signaling me to stop talking. "Don't need to know the details."

I can't help but smile and roll my eyes at his squeamishness.

"Do we have a case? Because I did take the entire day off," I remind him, as we walk towards the clinic parking area, "how did you get here anyway? Your car is in the shop."

"I walked," he answers simply.

"You walked?" I turn and raise my eyebrows at him.

"It's only six blocks from the Hoover building." He shrugs and tosses his coffee container in a trash can as we pass it.

"Okay...so, what's the case?" I ask him as I locate my vehicle and we make our way towards it.

"Case? What? There is no case, Bones."

We have reached my car and I stop in front of it and turn to face him. "Well...why are you here?" I ask confused.

He shuffles from foot to foot, and tugs at his tie nervously, his eyes not quite meeting mine. "I-I..I came to see how you doing...make sure you were okay after the..." he pauses as if trying to figure out the right word to use. "...procedure," he says finally, leaning in close to me whispering.

"Oh." I turn back to my car, unlocking it. "I feel fine." I climb into the drivers seat and Booth slips into the passenger seat beside me.

"Fine? That's it?" He looks at me incredulously.

"Well, how am I supposed to feel?" I ask him.

"I don't know...you're the one that just got yourself...impregnated...with my...uh, the stuff...I just thought you might be a little...freaked out."

"I'm not freaked out," I tell him, "Why would I be freaked out? I made a rational decision to have a child and I've followed through with it...and I feel fine." I study my partner for a moment and something occurs to me. "Are you freaked out, Booth?"

"Me? No, why the heck would I be-"

"You're not regretting donating...?" I begin.

"Of course not. I'm...It's fine, I'm happy for you. Happy to help." He smiles and I know him well enough to know it is not a genuine smile. I'm tempted to question him further but something stops me. I'm not sure what, usually I have no problem conversing with Booth.

I sneak a glance at him and swallow audibly. Forty five minutes ago I had been lying with my feet in stirrups and having his semen inserted into me by an overly cheerful medical professional.

Perhaps I am a little 'freaked out'.

No. It's the hormones. I've been pumped full of hormones for weeks leading up to today.

I bite my lip as I start the engine and start moving out of my car space.

"Wait!" Booth says suddenly startling me, I slam my foot on the break and glare at him.

"What?" I demand.

"I, uh, got you something." He reaches between the folds of the newspaper resting on his lap and pulls out something, thrusting it into my hands. "Here."

I glance down at the small soft item, unfolding it.

"I had it made special!" He explains with a grin.

"The Flyer's, Booth?" I laugh, holding up the tiny hockey jersey. "It's so small." I can't help but state the obvious.

"Well, babies are small, Bones."

I tilt my head and glare at him. "I know that, Booth." I'm not sure what to say next, I just stare down at the tiny shirt running my fingers over the soft material.

"Makes it real, huh?" He nudges my elbow.

"I am not technically pregnant yet."

"It's gonna happen," he says confidently.

"Thank you." I smile at him, after another moment of staring down at the tiny jersey.

"You're welcome."

"No...I mean...thank you...for...you know..." I stammer, looking away from him. Why do I feel awkward around him all of a sudden? I stare straight ahead, placing my hands on the steering wheel.

"I know what you mean." I can feel his eyes on me even though I refuse to meet his gaze. "Now, pie?" He asks hopefully.

I let out a low laugh, a welcome release of tension. "You can have pie," I tell him, "I'm in the mood for fries."



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