The People In Question

Sorry for the wait! This is the last chapter, but I'm keeping the idea of a sequel open. Enjoy!

Chapter 17


I strolled down the dusty road that went through the little town. The bus driver had dropped me off at the side of the road, apologetically saying that the bus didn't go through the actual town.

Ah, well: all the better to soak up the Texas scenery with a walk to Jasper's ranch.

I carried a brown leather shoulder bag containing the bare minimum I would need for a few days, so it was fairly light.

I wrinkled my nose against the distinct odour of manure: that was going to take some getting used to.

I followed a promising-looking path up through a field to what looked like a well-sized farmhouse, and knocked on the heavy, wooden door.

No reply.

Two minutes, and still not even the tiniest flicker of life inside.

I knocked louder.


I turned around, squinting against the summer sun to look for signs of life in the surrounding fields.

Ah-ha. Target in sight.

I set off at a fairly brisk walk towards that 6'3", 180 lbs, and half-naked form of him.

He was digging in one of the fields, his bare, broad shoulders dusty with earth, the hard muscles of his back and arms sweat-infused. He was wearing a cowboy hat, for fucks sake.

He looked up, straight at me, and his mouth – previously pressed into a hard line – curved into a beautiful smile.

He dropped his shovel, and began to walk towards me, his pace steadily increasing, until he was sprinting at me.

He stopped just short of me, gazing into my eyes as if I was the only thing in the world in colour, and everything else was black and white.

Ever so slowly, and slightly hesitantly, he raised his right hand to my face, and lightly skimmed my cheek with his index finger.

"Bella..." he sighed, moulding his hand to my cheek, tracing his finger across my cheekbone, my lips...

He lowered his head and gently skimmed my mouth with his lips. A friend kiss.

But I didn't break up with Edward to be friends with Jasper.

He deepened the kiss, running his tongue lightly along my lips, seeking entrance, but wanting permission first.

He got it.

I dropped my bag to the ground, and wrapped my arms around his neck. His arms circled around my waist, and he hauled me up against his body. My legs wound around his slim hips, pulling him closer... forever closer...

Jasper groaned into my ear, a pleasing sound that sent a burning sensation through my body.

"Bella..." he whispered again, before moving his chapped lips down to my neck.

I tilted my head back to allow him better access, and closed my eyes to enjoy the bewildering sensations that came with the sucking of my neck.

Without quite knowing how I got there, I was lying on the ground on my back, with Jasper hovering over me, pure love in his eyes.

"Edward?" he inquired, in an off-hand sort of way, as he lazily unbuttoned my blouse.

"I left him," I responded, smiling as Jasper drew invisible patterns on my bare stomach.

"When?" he asked, one hand moving down to the belt of my jeans.


Jasper nodded, mulling this over as he pulled my jeans down from my legs. "And... are you...?"

I looked at him expectantly, not knowing what he wanted to ask.

"Are you... staying?" he said the word shyly, like he was nervous about being rejected.

I pushed him onto his back, hovering over him. I unbuckled his belt. "If you'll have me."

He smiled the biggest smile I'd ever seen from him, and rolled us so that he was on top again. "That could be arranged, I guess," he said, grinning in the most adorable way ever.

He tickled the inside of my thigh.


He kissed me again, a long, lovely, lazy kiss that almost melted my bones.

That boy...

He slid into me, the entire length of him, and it was like he had never left.

My eyes were squeezed shut, and Jasper's warm breath fanned over the closed lids.

I opened my eyes, staring back into Jasper's beautiful green ones. He was smiling down at me in a fond, slightly lazy way.

He pressed a gentle kiss to my upper lip, before burying his face in my bare shoulder, sucking softly on the tender skin there.

He pushed deeper into me, causing me to cry out in pleasure. He answered me with a groan, his hands grabbing my hips, his mouth kissing down my body.

He lifted my leg to his side, pounding harder into me. He took my nipple into his mouth, tugging on it as he fucked me faster.

"Jazz..." I moaned, as my legs began to shake. I wrapped both my legs around him, locking them at my ankles while my nails dug into his strong shoulders.

He bit the side of my breast, sending me over the edge.

I was flying, soaring, completely blind to all but Jasper's face, contorted in pleasure.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as I tried to catch my breath, while he placed open-mouthed kisses all along my collarbone.

"I love you so much, Jazz," I whispered.

"I fucking love you more," he muttered, kissing one of the hickeys he'd marked me with.