My first Frerard, yey! Don't give me grief about what category this is in, i didn't know where to put it. All i know is that it's fanfiction. Enjoy!


A boy named Frankie is the star of the show.

Kicked out of his house at seventeen, he had nowhere to go. His parents were sick of him, his wild parties and rebel ways. His journey seemed never ending until he found an old school. Things were looking up...until he met Gerard, he changed everything. When Mikey came along everything was in danger. You see Gerard was special and Frankie just wanted a friend, guidance. Someone to help him through the dark nights ahead of him.

Mikey and Gerard are brothers, but also enemies. They hated one another, wanted each other dead, they couldn't stand the sight of each other. You see Mikey was jealous; Gerard had something in his genes that Mikey wanted. He had sworn to kill his brother and the rest of his people just because he wasn't one of them. When Frankie came along everything changed and he made everything complicated. Frankie becomes one of them and Mikey wants them both dead, but will he succeed?

Two blood-crazed demons and a traitor fight to the death. Is this the beginning? Or is this the end? Who will survive and who will die?

CONTAINS: Warning, this will contain

•Gay relationships.
•Heavy make out scenes
•A little bit of FERARD!

Duuude I own every single thing in this story including Gee, Frankie and Mikey =P I own the story, plot and all the chapters, this was written for school and it got me an A, I hope you enjoy it. The one I did for school was three chapters long and contained no Ferard but this one shall be very long and shall contain lots of Ferard :D