A place for scum to breed, to survive. A place were the outcasts are taken care of, loved and cared for. Sometimes I don't see why, they'll just grow up and wreck someone's life. Werewolves, necromancers, witches, dragons; anything to weird and rare to live in the real world resided in Underworld, some good others very very evil.

Vampires didn't come under 'scum' they played a huge part in the life cycle of the real world, the helped it keep being. They wiped out humans or animals that weren't needed any more. Of course their existence to the humans of our world was unknown and very mysterious, we didn't need to know. Verml Sykle was the leader of these vampires, he had a good heart and wanted what was best for his clan. The vampires had a massive hierarchy, at the top was of course the leader and the branches coming off from him were the most respective clans such as the Ways and the Reddorns. Next came lower clans and lower until you got to the lowest which was insane vampires who didn't belong anywhere and had to be destroyed.

I stopped reading and put the book down. Wow, this man sat next to me was well respected...he was also a vampire, a blood-sucking monster. I had been cuddled up to this thing for nearly 2 days and yet I was still here living and breathing. It amazed me! I let my fingers dance across Gerard's cheek and I heard him sigh and slightly moan, not in pleasure but in anger or maybe annoyance. He began to shake a little and then he tried tossing and turning, but I kept a firm grip on him until he finally arose from his dream. He was caked in sweat just like I had been and his eyes were huge with worry!

I gave him a questing look, not saying anything but I was practically pleading with him to tell me what was wrong.

"It was him, he was in my dream. It was so fucking clear, he was stood right in front of me just laughing. I couldn't do anything to stop him I was paralysed. Frank I'm so scared, I didn't think I would be but the idea of facing him is so scary.." Gerard whimpered.

So I shh'd him and held him close, he wasn't crying but he looked close so I kissed both eyes and his cheeks, smiling slightly as I looked into his eyes before finally placing a kiss on his lips. And I rocked him backwards and forwarding, hopefully it was comforting him. After a little while I think he got his shit together and he slowly made me let go and he gave me a shaky smile.

He spotted the book I had picked up earlier "Ah been reading up on the family history and our whole realm have we?" He gave a small chuckled, "It's all too over the top for me I guess I don't want to be treated like royalty all the time, it doesn't really suit me and I guess I just like being on my own. Ha you now know how important I actually am in my race don't you? Awh Frankie dear, you have a lot to learn, some of which I can teach you but you have to do it for yourself." Gerard said chuckling again and smiling at me.

Looks like we had a long battle ahead. I took the book from his hands and looked it over, it surely looked old! The book was encased in kind of a red velvet and the pages were thick almost like cardboard and had a yellowing colour to them. I'd say a couple of hundred years, maybe more? I opened it up, trying to find the date of print. I turned the to cover, seeing a kind of emblem- probably belonging the Way clan or even vampire clan. It sure did look beautiful.

I felt the book being lifted from my hands and it was placed back on the shelf.

"If you looking for a printing date which you probably are there isn't one. The date of the books creation was lost in the many wars between humans and vampires in the early centuries. This book has been passed from one Way member to another, most of them still alive or they have given themselves to the flames. Either way it's very old and sacred to my family. Judging by my age, I aren't very old so don't worry about dating and older man (and he winked at me) and the ages of my mother and father which is very old I'd say they were about a quarter of the age of this book. And both my parents are about 300 human years and about 30 vampric years. So yeah I'd say old enough" Gerard announced to me and I sat there gob-smacked. He was actually a vampire he wasn't making it all up!

He gave me that cheeky smile he does and a wink.

"Anyway about that talk I said we could have. I think I'm all talked out babe, talking about this mess I call a family really does tire me out. Lets say we snuggle up and sleep a little bit more and then maybe watch a bit of TV and then when night arrives and I'm up to full strength we can talk" he asked.

I gave a small nod, to be honest I was really tired but I was so excited yet scared I don't think I could sleep. So I just snuggled against him.