Two plush dolls lay on the floor

Quite a sight they must be

I haven't played with them in months

And yet here they were, staring up at me.

(Play with us!) They would both plead

Yet somehow I could see the love in their eyes

They looked just like my parents when they were younger

But all I can hear was my own cries.

One of them wore a deep green tunic

It had an angelic face and pure white hair

It wore an odd hat with two trailing yellow ribbons

Its deep auburn eyes were warm and full of care.

The other doll had red hair up in pigtails

Wearing white and purple mage's robes

Its eyes were like two happy rubies

And in its hands were a little replica of my mother's Dual Halos.

They were the very first toys ever given to me

By some crazy witch named Mel

Whenever my father would tell me a bedtime story

We would let the dolls listen to him as well.

I pick up the "Rue" doll and stare at it

My mother's empty room was dark, but I could plainly see

Those soft brown eyes were gleaming in the light

The doll was smiling back at me.

This is a poem that I wrote for my first Threads of Fate OC Rumi Artema, Mint and Rue's eldest daughter. :) Thanks for reading!