There is no light, only darkness... But…



"Pizza Express deliveries." CC's voice said, muffled through the door. "Two large size pepperoni pizzas!"

Behind the door was a flurry of motion. A few were trying to squeezing into their outfits. A make-up artist wiped the sweat from her brow with a nearby towel and continued toiling endlessly on a woman's face. Loud music boomed from its speakers. It was a wonder their neighbors didn't call the cops. But this house was special. It was a couture fashion house. These were the people who ruled and conducted the fashion world…

"Pizza delivery," CC's voice said louder and angrier this time. She waited for a few moments. No reply. She kicked the door cholerically and stabbed at the doorbell faster than a hummingbird could beat its wings.

The door opened. "Yeah, what are you here for?" A model towering at the height 6ft looked down at her.

Metaphorically and literally.

The girl made a face, "Pizza."

Could she be anymore stupid? Hello, she was wearing a Pizza Express shirt and hat. And holding two boxes of now soggy large pepperoni pizzas.

The model snorted as she licked her lips together, "Fat chance," she laughed at her own joke. "Do you think anyone here?" she opened the door wider and gestured to the interior of the room, "would want pizza? Uh hello, there's a reason we all have a 24 inch waists you know."

"Well somebody ordered it," snapped CC. She glared at the model. Boldly, she took a step into the house, not bothering to take her shoes off.

"Did anyone order pizza?" she yelled on top of her lungs. "Two large size pepperonis! I'm not leaving till you pay."

A hoard of females giggled as they walked past. "Shorty." A particularly nasty blonde called out before patting her on the head.

It's funny how people just seem to push the wrong buttons…

There were many things that CC tolerated but there was a line. And that line was drawn at calling her anything synonymous to 'short'. Resting at just under 5'2 ft she was dreadful sensitive to the S word. And no, it wasn't the one to do with excrete.

CC fingered the lid of the box and perilously flicked a stray pepperoni into the direction of the model's head. The oily sausage hit the model on the head.

The model turned around her face burning, "Bitch! You just ruined my hair!"

"Compliments your face," she snapped back.

"Oh no you didn't!" the blonde screamed. All tactic and wit was forgotten. The model grabbed a fistful of CC's hair and pulled.

CC shrieked. She twisted, trying to break out of the model's grip. It was futile actually; there wasn't much she could do when she could hardly touch the model's face. CC opened the box of pizza and hurled a slice at the direction of the model's face. She missed and it hit an innocent bystander. The fillings splattered everywhere, causing it to look as though the bystander had been shot. Said bystander decided to team up with the model and began slapping her on the arm. Though it didn't hurt, its incessancy grew annoying. CC drove her away by face palming her, or rather her chest. Her arm couldn't reach up that high.

"Pervert!" the model screamed. Suddenly a throng of models were attacking her. A more intelligent model proceeded by choking CC with her pizza ID strap. CC almost saw stars before the strap broke and fell to the floor. Even the make-up artist gave her a quick jab.

"Enough," said a male voice.

"Lelouch-sama! This girl!" The models pointed at CC and burst into tears with unpracticed synchrony. They all sat where they stood and bawled like spoiled brats.

"I was delivering pizza." she said hopelessly.

The purple-eyed male glared at her. "It'll take hours to get them all fixed up again. Congratulations, you ruined our show."

CC had the audacity to bow mockingly. "It was my pleasure."

"Fat ass." taunted of the models said behind her.

CC whirled around, her temper fuming, "Who are you calling fat? Imbecile. Do you think you're better than everyone just 'cause you're tall and skinny? You have life so easy, all you have to do is pose for photos and strut down a ramp. Being a model must be a breeze. You wouldn't last an hour in the real world."

"Lulu!" the model whined.

Said man glared at the green haired pizza girl. "You think modeling is easy? Well you're mistaken."

CC snorted, "I have no time, talking about this. I have a REAL job to do. It's $25.50 thank you."

Lelouch smirked, "For a squished pizza on the floor? I don't think I can eat that. How are you going to repay it? And what of my spring collection? No one wants to buy a frock slathered in pepperoni pizza."

CC's eyes widened, and looked at the damage the pizza, ahem, she had caused.

The thing, (though Lelouch called it a frock she highly doubt it was) had the Pizza Express's special deluxe pepperoni pizza smooched onto it.


"Have you heard of the saying, you break it you pay it?" Lelouch sniffed, "well that applies to this fashion house too."

"Judging from her looks, she barely has enough to pay for her rent," a model sneered. Fellow models laughed.

Lelouch silenced them with a glare.

CC gulped, it was true. Her gas had already been cut and if she didn't leave soon her only job will… CC looked around for support or aid. Nothing. She sighed inwardly to herself, what did she expect?

"Look," she said slowly backing away. "I don't know how I'm going to pay for it. But I will." with that she dashed off into the night.

There was a brief silence before a model asked.

"What just happened?"

Lelouch granted himself a face palm. What happened indeed? His spring collection was ruined and he had no idea who did it.

"Postpone the show for tonight." he ordered the makeup artist before dialing a number into his cell phone.

"Uh Lamperouge-sama?" an orange head said shyly.

"Yes Fenette?"

"I picked up that girl's ID when we were uh, fighting her." she looked away blushing. In her fingers was a broken string with an ID attached to it.

"Thank you, Fenette. You're an angel." Lelouch smiled and kissed the girl on top of her forehead.

He examined the ID card and eyed the photo viciously.

"CC from the local Pizza Express… Be prepared." He laughed evilly, causing all his models to look at him.


CC walked out from the manager's room and breathed out a sigh of relief. Though the customers had threatened and complained multiple times she had not been fired. She recalled her manager's words. Pull one more stunt like this again and you'll be fired. She packed up her bag and ran back to her flat that was conveniently close to the pizza store. It was a small 3m by 5m room with a small toilet and shower. Nothing was luxurious about it. The only reason why CC had chosen it was because she could afford it.

But if that Lulu man finds me I won't.

CC undressed and unpacked the leftovers from Pizza Express. She bit into the soft (but now cold) crust and relished the saltiness of the cheese hit the back of her throat. There was only one reason why CC worked at Pizza Express. She got all the leftovers from the customers and CC LOVED pizza. Well, there was also the fact that no one would hire a 17-year-old runaway girl with no college qualifications. At lonely nights such as tonight, CC would sometimes wonder what would have happened if she had stayed home. No, it wouldn't have been worth it. If her mother had her way, she would have been studying embroidery. Worse, she could have already been arranged to marry some oaf. She had chosen freedom. Freedom had its price and this was it. In the back of CC's mind she wondered what her future would be like but pushed it to the back of her mind. There were many more things to worry about. For instance, whether she could pay next month's gas. She needed a plan fast. CC slept fitfully and was woken by the first train running above her head.

Life doesn't get any worse than this.

CC yawned and ran to find work. Her first stop was a boutique. Boutiques were good; they paid a lot more than the amount of effort needed. She gasped when she saw the main poster.

Lelouch Lamperouge's spring collection out soon! Check in store for details.

On the picture was the blond model wearing the frock she had stained yesterday! CC swallowed guilty. Perhaps the clothing industry wasn't right for her. But then they paid a whole lot more than most jobs… CC held her breath and stepped into the boutique.

"Hello, are you looking for someone to work here? I'm flexible most hours, apart from after 6…"

CC looked up to see a small petite brunette in a wheelchair.

"Welcome, I'm sure I'll love to hire you miss. I'm Nunnali and the owner of this store."

CC sensing that Nunnali was blind, walked in front of her and bowed deeply.

"Yoroshiku onegaishimasu."

"Good morning Nunnali, I made some muffins, I was thinking that you might want some…"

Lo and behold our dearest CC was face to face to Lelouch. Part of her wondered if it okay was to run away. Part of her told her if she didn't she'd become a hobo. Without pizza. According to the Pizza Express manual you needed a place to live to be employed.

"Ah Onii-sama! Meet my new assistant-"

"We've met," Lelouch said with a stupid grin on his face. Why was it there? "Did I tell you that it was this girl who ruined my spring frock that I spent my whole season on?"

"Oh, Onii-sama…" Nunnali said softly.

CC took this as an opportunity to bolt.

Must get away, must get away.

For the next few hours CC huddled around corners looking like a fugitive. By then it was dark and time for her work.

Little did she know what she had bestowed upon herself.


"Pizza Express, may I take your order?"

"Yes, I would like a girl who's around 5'2. Measurements are about 32-25-35?"

CC gulped, was it Lelouch?

And how did he know my measurements?

"Oh and did I mention? She ruined my spring collection-"

CC hurriedly hung up and got away from the phone. She ran towards the counter.

"Orders please?" she said looking down at her keyboard.

"I would like a short, green haired-"

CC looked up and saw Lelouch staring at her with a somewhat mocking grin on his face. CC stifled a scream. She grabbed a co-worker and begged him to serve Lelouch, claiming that nature was calling her desperately.

After spending 10 minutes hiding in the toilet, CC was certain Lelouch was gone.

Oh but he wasn't.

There he was sitting on the table closest to the counter, eying it with the intensity of an eagle. A hand held a slice of pizza in one head, chewing slowly. At the rate he was going, it would take him hours to finish it. CC bet that he had timed it so that he would finish it right on time of the end of her shift.

"Why are you following me?" CC hissed at him while she cleaned the neighboring table.

"You have a debt to pay. I'll follow you till you pay it. Like a loan shark." he chuckled sadistically.

"Get out of here!" she yelled, spraying some liquid detergent into Lelouch's eyes.

Said male screamed as the solvent contacted with his eyeballs.

"CC! In my office now!" the manager bellowed.


It was great, just great, thought CC as she walked home. She was fired. Life was so low CC wondered if she should just jump off a bridge.

"Heard you got fired," Lelouch smirked.

CC jumped, startled. "Stalker! How do you know where I live?"

"Your application form had your address on it, so why were you at my sister's boutique applying for a job? Didn't want to stop ruining my clothes?"

CC stopped herself from strangling him.

"Please go away, I have nothing left." she pleaded.

Lelouch blocked her path, "Yes you do, your debt."

"We both know that I would never be able to pay it."

"Well you can… It's simple."

CC raised her eyebrows prompting him to continue.

"Be my under-dog, rain of shine. I don't care if you're dying from piggy flu. Be at my doorstep at 7am and don't expect to return home till after 12."

"Deal." There was no hesitation. This was her only hope.

Lelouch leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips. CC backed away her face burning shocked. What was that all about?

"Payment for the pizza," he laughed. "Be at my doorstep by 7 or there will be consequences."

CC shuddered to think of what those 'consequences' might be.

As Lelouch walked down the street, he heard CC shout 'Rapist' after him.

His only response was a laugh. He was going to have fun.


He opened the door of light and it stung my eyes... It hurt, it hurt. But I was ever so grateful.


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