"Dawn!" Lucas almost shouted, reaching forward to hug her, pausing when he realised she was probably a bit sore.
"M-My head... how did you g-get me here?" she murmured, going to sit up. "The l-last thing I remember is snow..."
Lucas bit his lip. "You... you got lost while we were racing. I came to find you and dragged you back here."

Dawn leaned back on her pillow.
"Erm, Dawn? There's uh, something I need to tell you..." Lucas murmured. Now or never. If he didn't say it now he might not get another chance! "I, um, l... li..."
"What?" The bluenette raised her eyebrows, looking so hopelessly confused.
"I... Er... That is... I mean..."
Lucas looked away, continuing to stammer. The way Dawn was looking at him confirmed that he was going a shade of red that would put a Krabby to shame.
"I.. I love you."

The room went silent, and the two teenagers sinply stared at each other awkwardly. Immediately, Lucas assumed the worst.
She... She doesn't feel the same way... Think, think... I know!
Carefully, Lucas leaned forward and brushed his lips against Dawn's. Still cold, even though she'd been indoors for a while now. It felt clumsy, and awkward, and he watched Dawn's eyes widen.

Then, slowly, she leaned into the kiss ever so slightly. It was still a strange feeling, but when they pulled away Lucas found himself missing the feel of her lips.
"I love you too, Lucas." Dawn whispered, her fingers reaching up to stroke his face - cold against warm, such a strange feeling.

As he went for another kiss, Lucas realised that perhaps the day had not been so bad after all.