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Safe to say, the arrival of two new bots threw the base into a frenzy. Who were they? Why do they look like they do? There has been no autobot fliers for years. The only seekers were on Megatron's team. And their design specs looked so odd, not to mention what they were talking about...

It was safe to say that they were being watched to make sure they're not 'dangerous'.

Jetfire was no help in the matter. At all.

Poor Optimus, looking frankly overwhelmed. He just learned that the Allspark was not just a cube but also in an organic body. He learned that there might be more autobots or at the very least alternate versions of the autobots. Which brought into question, will there be two Megatron's? The twin autobots had mentioned that they were still fighting him.

Oh Primus.


The last thing Optimus wanted was another set of twins. One set was bad enough, but two?

In all this commotion, it was quite easy for Sam to sneak away.

"Bee." He was just outside the base, getting ready to transwarp away when he noticed the yellow and black camero sneakily trying to follow him. "Little one."

The car transformed, the tiny bot crooning softly at Sam. The mech gave Sam a look, which later he would realize was the 'puppy dog' look. The All Spark sighed before climbing onto the mech's hands.

"I have to go." He said softly to the youngest. "I'll be fine."

Bright blue optics narrowed, and Bumblebee tried to nuzzle the organic boy with his face plate. The mech was cold to the touch, tiny blue arcs of energy sparking between them. It felt like he was being tickled. The markings on his arms glowed briefly before dying.

"Don't wanna be without you~"

"But I can't stay. The Allspark has to be neutral."

"But Captain, we need you."

"Bee." His hand gently touched Bumblebee's face, mindful of the metal plates. "I have to go. I'll be back..."

The bot shuddered under his touch, making whining noises. The youngest of them all never got to meet the Allspark. He was alive when the war began, when martial law was put under affect. He never got to see the Golden Age of cybertron, only the war. To Bumblebee, this was a feeling of home. Surely if they take the Allspark and go back to Cybertron they would be able to remake their world. They would be able to rebuild their civilization.

They would be able to have sparklings once more.

Bumblebee bathed in the presence of the powerful being. Optimus gave off the feeling of safety his spark was so powerful that it remained to live despite all that has happened. Some bots simply gave up unable to reconcile the feeling of futility. War had darkened the lives of many and snuffed out many more.

"Why?" He warbled.

"The Lord High Protector is in trouble." Sam whispered. "Megatron is in need. I have to go to him"

At that, Bumblebee's optics widened as his entire body reacted to 'Megatron' and 'trouble'. He warbled some more unfortunately stressing his voice capacitors again. He opened up a channel to Prime. [Optimus, Sa-the Allspark wants to go to Megatron.]


[He says, he has to. That he's in trouble.]

[Keep him there, I'm coming.]

Bumblebee tightened the servos in his fingers, making it a cup. Sam still sat in it, a far away look in his eyes. "He's calling for me. He knows...he still holds the position and the power." His eyes closed. "He's calling."

Optimus walked into view. "Sam." He knelt. "What is this, about Megatron?"

Megatron stared up at the night sky, sending the message to the other Decepticons to come to Earth. Sentinel Prime was still on the moon, at the very least they should get that in motion. With the space bridge they should be able to outnumber and destroy the Autobots. And with the cube in hand, Cybertron will return to it's former glory.

"AllSPARK." He thundered. He could feel it, it's unique energy signature. It won't be able to hide from.

Now all he had to do was keep it away from it's pesky keepers.


"Yes my lord?"

Megatron's clawed hands grabbed Starscream and lifted him. "If you ever try to betray me again, I will roast your aft in this planet's volcanoes."

"Of course my lord of course, why would I ever-"

"Stop your sniveling. We have work to do. Call your trine."

Starscream was dropped unceremoniously on his aft.

And so the song and dance continued, with betrayal and war marching along again.

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