Summary: "I've had it! With this village, the ignorant bastards that live in it. EVERYTHING!!! It's time that I was seen as what the 4th said I should be. All my life up to this point, I've made myself look like a fool. Why? Why hide behind the 'mask' for so long? I asked myself that same question all my life. Today, I think that I will find that answer.

This is The Cursed Prophet and this is my very, very first fanfiction story, ever!!! I wondered, what is Naruto was not as stupid as he looked. What if he was a strong, wise, spiritual ninja? Well, this is my take on the theory. Please review, all are welcome.

(F.Y.I. - This will mostly be Naruto's POV and the POV of several characters.)



"Normal speech"


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So without Further delay, enjoy

Chapter 1: It can't be helped

Naruto's POV

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, genin of the Village hidden in the Leaves. I'm 12 years old and I love ramen. My Dream is to become Hokage, so that everyone will acknowledge me."

Well, that would be what I would say out in the open. Besides my dream, and my age, rank, and where I live, the rest is just a part of my 'act'. A 'mask' to disguise who I am to everybody else. But who am I really? Well, let's just say, I'm not as goofy, or hyperactive, or annoying as everyone else sees me as. In fact, I'm quite the opposite of all that. But why the mask? Why hide who you are? Before I answer, let me tell you about the time, when I had changed.

Well, it was another day of stupid, D-ranked missions that are really getting on my nerves. I mean, the first 10 were acceptable, but 5 months straight… IT'S ANNOYING!!!

I mean come on!! Cleaning gutters, washing or painting fences watching kids or pets… And then there's that Damn cat Tora. Even The Kyuubi, whom I've known about since year 1 of the Academy, agrees with me about that stupid cat!!!

'If I ever see that cat again, I swear to God, I'm taking over your body, and I'm strangling it!!'

'Better hope that I don't beat you to it Kyuu-chan.' (oh and by the way, Kyuubi, The Nine Tailed Demon Fox, Greatest of the Biju, is a girl. That's right, a girl.)



'Nothing really, except… you called me Kyuu-chan.' Giggles again

'Heh, I did huh? Well I meant it. You're like the big sister I never had.' At that point, Kyuubi blushed hard.

'Really? You mean that Kit?' she said with hope in her voice.


'Awwww Naruto… But why me? I'm the reason you're hated by the village. I'm the reason you're in the hospital often. After everything that's happened because of me, you still don't hate me? Why?'

And at that time, I knew that Kyuubi was serious. We've never really had a serious conversation since we first talked to each other. And it kind of threw me off guard. She didn't understand why, after all of the name calling, the beatings, and near death experiences, I continued to believe that I could change them. Why I didn't want my life to end, why I didn't hate her. I mean, I did a 1st but when I heard her story, of how she was controlled somehow by some human, I couldn't stay mad at her. The heat of that question was killing me! But I did not fall to the pressure. I stood my ground. And then, with great conviction in my heart, and pride in myself for saying this, I said,

'Because you are precious to me. I know why the villagers hate me. I've known for a while now. They've been blinded, Kyuu-chan. Blinded by Anger towards you. Blinded by fear of you. Fear of me. Blinded by grief of the ones they've lost that day. But through all of the beatings, all of the cursing, kicking me out of homes, never giving me any food, never giving a damn about me… I understood them. I understood their troubles, their greatest achievements, and their greatest flaws. I understood all of them. And from then on I also understood, in order to protect those who are precious to me like you, the Old Man (AKA the 3rd Hokage), Iruka sensei, everyone here, including 'Sasuke', I must do what I have to. I must endure. Because in the end, whatever doesn't kill me, will make me stronger.'

'Is strength the only thing you need Kit?'

'Girl, are you crazy?! It'll never be that important. But like I said before, you, my friends, my home, are what are important to me, and I will gladly give my life for all of you if it was to be used protecting you.'

'Thank you, Kit.' She said crying tears of happiness.

(Sniff, Sniff) 'You're welcome. Now that the moody stuff's out of the way, why don't we go train?


And boy did we train. Apparently, because of Kyuu-chan, I can use all five elemental chakra. Neet huh? Oh and I know tons upon tons of Justus that I'm just dying to use. But the Old Man and Kyuubi asked me to hide my strength until I felt the need to. And with the Chunin Exams coming, this was the perfect chance. I had to show them who I really was. I was tired of lying. Kyuu-chan was tired of almost 'coming out' in order to stop constant beatings of the villagers. And the 3rd Hokage was kind of tired of the council riding him about me. So the night before the exams, I went to the Hokage Tower, to pay the Old Man a visit.

I walk in and sure enough, he eyeballing the mess out that crystal ball of his. 'Probably peeping in the hot springs. Perverted old coot!' Kyuu-chan thought, which I assumed was hilarious because I ended up laughing so loud that it brought the 3rd out his 'gaze'. Surprised to see me he said,

"Naruto, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be getting ready for the Chunin Exams tomorrow?" he said with a surprising look on his face.

'Like you didn't know I was coming'

So to keep the ease droppers confuse I ask a question that would put my 'unmasking' into motion.

"Um, Jiji, can you use a Justus that uses sound?"(In other words: there are people listening to us right now. Can you put a sound barrier Justus up so that they can't hear us?)

"Yes I can Naruto. Do you want to see one?"(Translation: I'm putting it up now)

"OH COOL!" (Ha, that'll teach you guys to listen in on us!!)

'Maybe I should as the old man to teach me this justu. When i get a girlfriend who would accept me no matter what, it might c-' But befor i could even finish my little 'thougt', a red furball we all know interrupted me.

'Boy, stop thinking such perverted things!!' Kyuubi said while wagging (yes, wagging) her tails

'kill joy' I said then I heard a slight giggle.

When we thought it was ok, we began talking for real.

"So Naruto, what can I help you with?"

"Hokage-sama. It's time. I'm going to do it when the Chunin Exams start." I said in a serious tone. When ever, and I mean whenever, I called someone their proper name and title, it usually means that I'm serious. The 3rd was a little worried when I said 'it's time', but he understood.

"I see. Are you sure you're ready?"

"I've been ready since the day I received this headband. As of right now, the beatings will end. The pain will go away. And the Hyperactive Knucklehead Ninja in the orange and blue jumpsuit will be a thing of the past. I mean, I won't forget what I've done or what I've been through. I mean, how can I? I mean with ounces of rotten food consumed, the countless beatings, the number of hospital visit, the number of times my apartment was vandalize, the day one of my ANBU guard were killed, just to get to me." I paused and began to cry. But they were tears for freedom. Yes, I cried for freedom that sure enough tommorow, I would recieve it. And what was I free from? I wiped away my tears, straightened up, and answered that question.

"Heh. You know, it's quite funny if you think about it. All my life l acted like a fool. The 'dead last', always happy, annoying, suppose to be emotionless punching bag of the village. They 'played' me like a joke. It never got old to them. Well the joke's on them. Because today, that boy has changed, that boy is closer to becoming a man. And as of right now…"

I paused again, reaching up to my face as if I as removing something. (Hint, hint)Then I continued by dropping my hand down, showing my extended claws, and canine teeth. And with a long sigh, s boldly spoke,

"Finally, this mask, will come off. As of now, and I mean right now, I am free!"

And Free I was. I actually slept good that night.

So what do you guys think. I know there was a little bit of mature things like the beatings and hospitalizations and the rotten food. But i think i made statement clear... Some us get tired, of living behind a 'mask'. So If you're tired of your mask, by all means remove it ans show them who you are, you never know what to expect.