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By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Rei was used to being alone. She had had to get used to it when her mother died and her father left. The girls at school were awful (afraid of her, no doubt) and her grandfather was too busy with the shrine to spend much time with her. Rei preferred it that way; if she was on her own, she had nothing and no one to worry about.

Then they had come along – two girls in strange uniforms and a talking cat who had told her that she had to fight against supernatural evils in order to secure peace for the world. Rei had been dubious: not about the supernatural things, for she had seen enough of those to know that they existed, but of her own responsibility as a guardian of the world. How could she save the world when she couldn't even save herself?

The third girl she had encountered was just the same as the other two, but the fourth was different. The fourth girl was Minako, Sailor V, someone who had fought on her own for a long time before encountering any kind of help. Minako was just as lonely as Rei was, though in her case it wasn't by choice.

The loneliness was like a poison to them, Minako had said to Rei one day when they were alone. She hated to be alone and yet she knew that they had to be. Control over their own destinies had been taken from the millennia ago in a past life. Their lives were not their own to live.

Both Rei and Minako knew that they had no choice but to embrace their fates and to take this poison willingly. Even if it was killing them, it was the only reason that they were still alive.