A Boy and His Pet: The Saga of Nibbles

It was a cold, black night in Konoha, and five year old Naruto lay huddled beneath the thread-bare blankets beneath his bed, shivering slightly. The small apartment he had been moved into last week was completely silent, but for the slight rustling his blanket made as he shook from the cold.

He was curled into the fetal position, wrapped lovingly around his new possession, a large egg he had found on the outskirts of Konoha, on the ground. His young eyes had witnessed birds being born of eggs, and since he had first understood the concept he had desperately longed for a pet. Knowing of no other way to obtain one, he hoped that the thin shell of the large, spotted egg he had found would bear fruit, providing him with a companion to share his long, lonely days with.

Shortly before midnight, as Naruto's eyes were beginning to close, a loud noise rang through his meager home. By the light of the small candle he kept by his bedside, Naruto saw a pair of drunken villagers walk through his now-ruined door. They immediately spotted him on the other side of the one-room apartment, and grinning, menacingly approached.

"Well, lookit wha-what we have here, eh J-Jiro," one of the men slurred, pointing the lip of a foul smelling bottle at the young boy, "it's a little demon, getting his beauty shleep."

"You're right, Mitaku," said the other man who was presumably named Jiro.

"I say we give the little fox de-demon a gift, don't you?" Jiro leered at Naruto, and the boy began to whimper in fear, digging himself deeper under the covers. Both of his accouters seemed to find this hilarious, and belted out drunken gouts of laughter.

Mitaku now finished laughing and grinned maliciously. Tilting his head back, he chugged the remainder of the cheap liquor his bottle held and then, still smiling, he smashed the end on Naruto's night stand, leaving the end jagged and broken.

He leaned over the now-sobbing child, and prepared to drive his improvised weapon into the child's face. Before that could happen, several different things occurred in the space of a fraction of a second.

Something deep inside of Naruto awoke due to the mortal fear the child had felt. The Kyuubi immediately tapped into all of Naruto's senses, and replayed the entirety of his memory in the spam of less than a nanosecond, then using up another incredibly measure of time, sought about preventing his own demise by saving his host's life. He quickly re-arranged the structure of Naruto's eyes, not changing them in appearance, but in structure and function. He made able to see almost as well as the set of eyes he usually chose to wear while in human form, and modified them to be able to see the entirely electromagnetic spectrum, from radio, all the way through gamma rays. He subtly changed Naruto's brain to be able to interpret the new data his eyes would be feeding it, in the process making the boy's brain far more efficient than any living human's. All of this was incidental to the Kyuubi's true purpose, which was to allow Naruto to shoot concentrated beams of light-natured chakra from his eyes. In less than a blink of an eye all of the Bijuu's changes were complete. It then fed some of it's youki into the chakra pathways leading to Naruto's eyes.

In reality, less than half of a second had passed. Naruto felt a light burning in his eyes, and then the world exploded with new colors and objects. Everything was now visible! He could even see through his attacker and beyond that his apartment walls! The next thing he knew, the world was colored yellow, and his attacker weapon was melted into liquid glass, which then splashed back onto his hand, arm, and face. The molten glass hissed as it hardened almost instantly.

At the same time, two shuriken, spinning so fast they were shrieking, screamed through the air and severed Mitaku's hand at the wrist, causing the scalded hand to fly from the stump and impact the wall. The handle of a kunai suddenly sprouted from the base of Jiro's skull, and he fell to the ground, silent. Mitaku began to scream, clutching the end of his arm, which was now spraying blood like a geyser.

A fine mist of liquid life coated Naruto's face, bathing him in a sticky sea of red. It was too much for the young boy to take, and he lost consciousness. It was just as well; He hadn't seen Jiro die, and in the next second Mitaku joined him in his fate.

A masked shinobi jumped from the shadows, and quickly verified that both men were dead. He had been nearly sure, but in his business it didn't pay to take chances, even when dealing with civilians. Neither of the men had a pulse, and both had already lost so much blood that they would have been dead for the loss of it.

The masked ninja smiled from behind his mask, and then tapped the radio headset clipped onto his left ear.

"Horse reporting in, I am at the residence of protective target "J". There has been a code sixteen, repeat, an assassination has been attempted on target "J". Target is secure, and not in need of emergency medical attention, the two perpetrators are dead. Please acknowledge, and provide further instructions."

A few seconds his radio chirped, letting him know his report had been received, and that the target was to be brought to Konoha General Hospital for a post-action examination while the perpetrators were removed and the apartment cleaned. Internal-Security Agent, codenamed Horse, of the Konoha ANBU slung Uzumaki Naruto over his shoulder and leapt out of the windows, toward the hospital.

Horse had not noticed that when he picked up Naruto, and egg, previously clutched tightly in the youngster's hand, had rolled away under the covers. He had also failed to notice that what had once been merely a bird's egg, was now glowing a bright, ethereal red.


Author's Note: Well, well, well. This is going to be a doozy, isn't it? Just what is "Nibbles", and exactly what happened to that egg after all? Curious? Keep reading. Hehe.