Note: This starts midway through Chapter 14 of GLLTSG--right before Alice is told about the "special treatment" she needs to heal. This is chapater 1 of 2.

Be cool. Be cool. Be cool.

Concentrate on what your father is telling Sprite and resist the temptation to pull Bella into your arms and carry her out of this apartment and into the nearest deserted dark space. So that you and she can finally…

No, can't go there. Not with Jazz in so much pain and Sprite injured. Look at how worried Bella looks. It is so wrong to be thinking such impure thoughts.

But she's standing so close, twirling one of her long locks of hair between her fingers. Oh, to be that lock.

Now she's lifting her hands up to stretch. Dear heavens. She just showed some skin around her waist when her shirt lifted away from the tops of her jeans. I just saw waist skin. Ok, vampires do not hyperventilate. But the shirt is cupping her breasts just so…

Alright, now my jeans are really uncomfortable and I need to sit down to hide how effected I am.

I went and sat at the end of Alice's bed. I couldn't believe how turned on I was in light of current events and how unaffected Bella was by my presence.

I was supposed to be her mate, damn it! We're supposed to meet, hook up, and then get friggin' joined. It's in the rules. And if Jazz wasn't so messed up right now, he could recite the rules to Bella, verbatim.

I looked across the room and Jasper shot me a brooding look. He must be feeling how aroused I am. I slowly placed my hand at my side so no one but Jazz could see it and pointed at Bella. She was still stretching.

He grimaced and shook his head. Then buried it in his arms.

I peeked into his thoughts. Dumb vamp is going to fuck up Bella just like I fucked up Alice. Alice. Oh, goddess, I am so sorry. How is she ever going to forgive me? I wait over a thousand years to find the one and when I find the sweetest angel ever I almost kill her. I must be fated to be alone. I'm so sorry…

I quickly tuned out his thoughts. Jazz's head had pretty much been filled with self hatred since we mounted Sprite's rescue yesterday. We'd kept her in a magically induced coma overnight so that Carlisle could use his gift and heal her internal injuries.

But maybe Jazz was right and I wouldn't be able to control myself around Bella. I might hurt her as badly as Alice had been hurt. Or worse, I could kill her. Fuck! Why did my mate have to be human?

She was just so tempting. Everything about her lured me in. She was my perfect angel: her smell was intoxicating, her slow human movement begged for me to catch her, and her lack of strength called out to my predatory nature to devour her.

Damn! Devour was not the right verb to use when thinking about my human mate.

Alright, I just needed to conquer my need to take Bella, lay her down, and spread her open while I sucked down her delish life blood.

I buried my face in my hands. I needed to get a hold of myself before I ruined the best thing that'd ever happened to me. My mate was my gift. And she was a beautiful, mouthwatering delicacy.


I am not a monster.

I am not a monster.

I am a sophisticated, wealthy, highly educated 108 year old vampire with erudite tastes I can control my baser urges when it comes to my mate.

I looked at Bella again, peeking through the fingers of my hand, and saw that she was now reaching down and touching her toes. She must be stiff from having spent the night curled up next to Sprite on the bed, careful not to touch her for fear of making her injuries worse.

I stifled my groan and tried to pry my eyes away from her breasts. I was seventeen years old when I became a vampire—considered a man 108 years ago. But my body was frozen just as my freakin' male hormones peaked and I was completely feeling them right now. It didn't matter that I knew the science and chemistry behind my body's reaction. I was too busy visualizing walking up behind Bella and pressing myself against her. Then she'd press back and move her hips in a slow circle and…

Not helping.

Of course, that was a fantasy. I had no idea how Bella really felt about me because I couldn't read her mind and she refused to talk to me. She hadn't spoken to Sprite about me either. I'd checked while Sprite was in the coma.

Yeah, I was that pathetic of a stalker.

Sprite did have an idea about Bella and some dream about me but, in her jumbled coma state, all I could make out was that Bella mumbled something about biting hard. With my luck, I was her worst nightmare and she was afraid of me draining her dry.

Fuck, with the powder keg in my pants right now that could actually happen. Fucking hormones.

I actually felt pretty guilty about looking into Sprite's thoughts while she was passed out. Of course, Jasper's girl's thoughts were mostly wrapped up in musings about her connection with her other half. It was fairly nauseating--I did not need to see my best friend through those color lenses nor did I care to know how long or how hard certain parts of his anatomy were. Sprite was a real fan of those parts.

"Edward?" called Carlisle, pulling me out of my jealous musings.

I ran my fingers through my hair and refocused on the scene around me. I got up and walked to other end of the bed so that Sprite, who was trapped, unmoving on the bed, could see me. My thoughts about Jasper and Sprite had helped me contain my not-so-little problem. Would Bella be a fan?

I scanned Carlisle and Sprite's thoughts to see what they needed. Ah. Carlisle wants to know if Alice comprehends the special vampire medical treatment he is proposing.

"She's understanding everything you say, Carlisle. Sprite is amazingly intelligent," I told him. I threw in the last part as atonement for my prior jealous thoughts. I'm a fucking douche. I am happy my best friend found a girl so worthy of him. But there was a part of me that is jealous that she was so excited and happy to be with him.

Not my human, not Bella. She hasn't smiled happily at me or giggled at anything I have said. But she thinks Emmett is the next Johnny Carson. Whenever I try to approach her, she just glares and then runs away.

What have I done to make her so angry?

Does she despise vampires?

Is she still in love with James?

My self pitying thoughts were interrupted by a rude telepathic blast from Sprite.

You can just sit and rotate, Assward, Sprite mentally shot me the middle finger. You patronizing twit.

I burst out laughing. "And she's as wonderfully feisty as ever," I added, teasing her.

Even during my exchange with Sprite, at least one part of my attention was always on Bella and I saw her frown and cross her arms at my comment. Crap. Was she jealous? Was she mad that I was teasing? Or did she really think that I really was a patronizing twit? I ran my fingers through my hair nervously. I had a feeling I would be bald before I got any answers.

"Alice, vampires have a healing component in our saliva. It allows us to close up bite marks, without leaving any evidence. My suggestion is that I administer this remedy by basically licking you over your entire body," Carlisle said calmly.

Sprite did not take the news calmly. Whoa. I'd get licked all over by Carlisle. Damn. Fuck. Damn. OMG. Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn.

Jasper shot up and was about to run over to Sprite's side. His thoughts filled with ideas on how to dismember Carlisle. Thankfully, Emmett intercepted him.

"Edward?" Carlisle asked, ignoring the commotion at the side of the room.

"She's really freaking out, Carlisle. She's just been mated, and so the idea of being touched by any other male is truly freaking her out," I told him, my concentration torn three ways: One, monitoring Alice's thoughts. Two, monitoring Jasper's thoughts and actions. Three, keeping Bella safe in case things got ugly. I was pretty sure my dad could take care of himself if Jazz managed to attack.

But, thankfully, Emmett had Jasper in a headlock and the General had pretty much calmed down.

Fucking blood suckers was what he was thinking. And now he was imagining dismembering me, Emmett, and my father. Bloody bastard.

"Alice, if you don't get this treatment, you will end up with fairly bad scars and you will be bedridden for at least the next 2 weeks as you heal," Carlisle said, completely unaffected by the scuffle. I guess it takes a lot to spook a 600 year old vamp.

Unfortunately, Carlisle's explanation did not work. It didn't calm Sprite's hysteria at all. Alice thoughts became a jumbled mess and she was becoming panic-stricken.

I shook my head at Carlisle.

"Maybe we should sedate her," Carlisle said, unhappily. "It would be much better though if Alice was awake though and could help guide the treatment."

Crap. I knew that Sprite would want the opportunity to make that choice. I couldn't do that to her. I was feeling fairly protective of her and I didn't want to add to the trauma of what she'd already gone through.

"Sprite, I am a vampire too," I said, trying to sound calm as Carlisle had. "What if it was me administering the treatment? And I had Bella here. I could even get Rosalie and the other guys here. It'll just be a bunch of friends hanging out. Jasper will be here too the entire time and, since his powers are bound, it will totally not be sexual."

Alice's thoughts were practically shrieking out of her head and into mine: Fuck. Ok, think rationally. Think rationally. OMG. OMG. Not helping. Ok. I totally don't want this to happen to me while I am knocked out. Edward with friends or Carlisle while I'm unconscious? I'll take Option A. Less embarrassing if it's Edward and not Carlisle, and it might be doable if Bella was there. But what will Jasper think?

Bella was finally looking at me, with a hopeful expression on her face. I raised my eyebrows in question at her. Was she ok with what I was proposing? She nodded slowly, indicating her agreement.

My heart sang that she was communicating with me. I tuned back into Sprite's thoughts and found the questions there.

"Jasper, Sprite wants to know what you think about the options," I told him, trying keep my voice soothing. I knew he could feel the concern about Sprite radiating from Carlisle and myself.

"Alice, I don't matter. I am the one who did this to you," Jasper said from somewhere out of my eye range. His voice sounded husky and strained.

Maybe it would be better if I just disappeared and never hurt my angel again, he thought.

"Jasper, you're her mate," I told him, responding more to his thoughts than his statement. I had to prevent him from disappearing and turning this into a fucking Shakespearean tragedy. He and Alice truly loved each other and I was positive they could overcome their hormones and figure out how to be together. "She feels like you are rejecting her. Man up, fucker. She needs you now—show her your worth, General."

"Then, Alice, I feel we could make you more comfortable if you chose the Edward and friends option," Jazz admitted. He shot a guilty glance at me. Sorry, man, I just feel so guilty. I just want her to be happy. Is she alright with this choice?

"She agrees with you," I said, sighing. "Even without you manipulating her feelings, she wants to make you happy." Lucky bastard.

"Splendid," said Carlisle quickly, interrupting a potential fight. "I feel better knowing that Alice will be an active participant in the treatment. This is the ideal solution because Edward can read Alice's thoughts and I would have been at a handicap until her throat was healed. I wish I had thought of it earlier."

Carlisle started fooling around with all the wires next to my bed. "Edward, why don't you get everything set up, and I'll stay here with Alice and Jasper."

At that point Bella stretched again, and I saw waist skin. Damn, I needed to leave the room before I started humping her leg. I had gotten her to acknowledge my existence, I was not going to do anything to jeopardize that small, but treasured gain.

I waived at everyone and headed straight out the door. I needed to get to my house ASAP. Thank the goddess I lived alone. If I was going to lick the General's girl all over her body with Bella in the same room then I needed to take care of business badly. I didn't want him to mistake my arousal for Bella for anything but brotherly feelings for Sprite.

I ran out of the apartment, jumped into my car, and drove over 100 miles an hour on residential streets to get to my house. Thank goodness I can sense the thoughts of cops, so no ticket.

On the way I worried. What would Bella think when she saw me licking Sprite? She seemed to want me to heal her friend but were we all sophisticated enough to handle this truly awkward situation? Could I be unaffected while tasting my first female breast and going even further…

No, that wasn't an issue. I was not going to disappoint Bella and let Alice and Jasper down. I would be a complete professional during the entire treatment.

Then I was going to calmly ask Bella on a date. I was going to treat her respectfully and court her until she was ready to be my mate. I was not going to knocker her unconscious and drag her off to the first meadow so I could finally divest myself of virginity.

But first I had business to take care of...

I tore open my house and slammed the door. I wasn't going to make it to the bathroom so I staggered to the couch and popped open the button of my fly and ripped down the zipper.

I pulled out Buck who was an angry purple color. He was definitely upset at having been hard for so long and kept inside tight confines. Concerned, I look at the boys. Even with my medical training (I was currently attending medical school for the second time), I kept thinking that my testicles could actually turn blue.

I spit into my hand, too revved up to search out proper lotion, and grabbed Buck. Thank the goddess that no one could witness how desperate I was to get some release.

I groaned in relief at the contact. I closed my eyes and remembered Bella bending over. How the fabric of her jeans cupped her ass and I imagined myself walking over and firmly pressing myself against her. I grind myself against her, letting her feel how much she affects me, and she stands up and presses back against me. She murmurs my name over and over again and I gently pull her long brown hair over one shoulder. I lean in and started laying kisses along her long, bare neck and she arches it for me. I bite down and her delicious, warm blood flows into my mouth.

Buck erupted and I felt a moment of utter joy and release. I realized I would have to change my pants since I hadn't been prepared for the aftermath. I could change and be right back to Sprite.

And Bella.

Then I thought about Bella's waist skin and Buck went up again.

Groaning, I went in search of my stash of lotion. I needed to be around Bella without being turned on. And I couldn't even stand to think about a small patch of her skin without getting an erection.

And I had a feeling that my fantasy about sucking her blood wouldn't be that popular either.

Damn, with the way I was feeling it was going to be a while before I was ready to go back and start Sprite's treatment. I headed to the bathroom and wondered how long the water would remain hot.

Thank the goddess that a vampire's tough skin did not chafe.


I did some research (ok, I googled) and men during the 19th century called their most favorite member Buck. I was going to use Spike, but RoseArcadia pointed out that Spike could be confused with Sprite. I had thought it would be funny to name it after another vamp I have loved (Buffy anyone?). Then I decided on Pike but decided it might date me--Luke Perry's character in the Buffy movie, remember? So I settled on Buck. :)


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