Top of Form

"I need to work on your breasts now," I announced to the room.

Suddenly I and everyone in the room, but Sprite, felt extremely hostile and possessive.

Everyone's attention in the room turned towards the General, who was woodenly still—the likeness to a 1000 Roman marble statute his parents had commissioned of him when he was a teenager was uncanny. But to be safe, Emmett positioned himself behind Jasper. Just in case he decided to give into his desire to blind and mutilate me. A very popular punishment in Rome when he was a child.

Sprite, in contrast, tensed up at my announcement and suddenly was a bundle of nerves. She looked down at her bare breasts and saw they were covered with bruises and teeth marks. Her nervousness turned to embarrassment and shame at her appearance. Yikes. If I look like this all over, no wonder everyone is acting so weird, she thought.

When Jasper felt Sprite's shame, the anger leaking out of him evaporated. Emmett backed away and the General turned around without a word and went to stand near his hole-in-the-wall, his back to us. His thoughts were filled with disgust and self hatred.

Sprite looked up at my mate for moral support. My love came up and carefully held one of Sprite's small, fragile hands in her own, gently rubbing the back.

I held my breath, feeling foolish for doing so, and tentatively licked the base of Sprite's breast. Her breath caught, but she said nothing. Even her thoughts had basically frozen

I kicked myself for my unprofessional behavior, focused, and went to work making quick, even strokes. I was a healer working on a patient. I pushed to the back of my head the thought that this was the first time I had a breast in my mouth.

Thank the goddess I was the only mind reader in the group and my undead status prevented me from blushing.

Sprite was enjoying what she thought as a massage. My mate did not make a noise at all but I peeked up at her through my eye lashes and saw she was watching my every move with eagle eyes.

Yikes! I needed to finish this up pronto.

"I'm not feeling turned on at all," Sprite suddenly announced to the room. Jeez, she really has no filter between brain and mouth. I did not see that one coming.

Emmett busted out laughing and I arched a brow an eyebrow at her. Silly pixie.

My mate smoothed back Sprite hair and said, "Of course you're not feeling anything sexual. You're hurt."

"Nah, that isn't why," Sprite confessed. "I still want Jasper, even now. Thankfully, the urge is controllable. But I don't feel anything… especially fun… from Edward's licking."

Well, doesn't that make me feel special.

"Thank the fates," said Jasper from his self imposed exile.

"Are you crazy?" the love of my life yelled practically yelled, then clapped her hands over her mouth. Her face turned an interesting tomato red.

What did that mean? What does that mean? Is she picturing herself in Sprite's place? Do not think about Bella's bare breasts! Man, that is a lovely alliteration, isn't it?

Thank the goddess no one can read my thoughts.

And then I was done with her breasts. I quickly down worked on belly button and worked on a couple of areas on Sprite's lower stomach that I had missed earlier.

"I'm done with her front," I announced, hopefully not too happily. This was turning out to be a bigger chore than I ever could have imagined. Emmett went to the door and bellowed into the next room for my father.

He came in and took his time to explore all of Alice's front, looking for miniscule cuts that I might have missed.

"It looks great," Carlisle said with a relieved grin, patting me on the back. We both carefully examined Sprite's breasts.

Days of Our Fucking Freakiness, Sprite projected at me, disgruntled to have my father and I looking at her breasts so carefully, her mammary glands had been badly bruised.

Jasper was back at his hole in the wall during Carlisle's examination. Alice turned to look at him and, though I tried to block out her thoughts, she practically shouted about how Jasper was so cute.


"I can't get over how all the bruises and cuts have all just disappeared," my mate marveled. She leaned closer to Sprite and I surreptitiously took a sniff of her heavenly scent. "You should bottle that stuff." Man, I would love to be able to bottle her scent. Down, Buck, my dad is standing 11 inches away!

"We wish we could," replied Carlisle as he examined Sprite's blemish free arms.

"Unfortunately, the saliva looses its curative powers shortly after it leaves a vampire's mouth."

"That's probably a good thing," boomed Emmett. "I would hate to see you hooked up to some sort of milking machine or something. Although we could make a mint selling it by the bottle to the humans."

"Well, our healing saliva is definitely a reason why so many vampires are in the medical field," laughed Carlisle as he bent to examine Sprite's toes.

Crap! I missed Eddie boy sucking my toes! That would have been an image to treasure, Sprite projected at me.

I smirked. Man, if my father and Jasper weren't here I'd be tempted to tease her about her obvious foot fetish. I wonder if Bella shared the same fetish…

Baseball. Carlisle. Jasper decapitating me and bathing in my blood.

"I think a lot of vamps chose a career in medicine so they could take quick sips from their victims without raising a public outcry," I told them, trying to distract Buck. "I can't believe people think that doctors would actually use leeches." Oh, man, dem where the days…

I looked up and saw my mate's horrified expression. Crap! "We don't do that anymore, of course," I hurriedly assured her. "We now drink bottled synthetic blood." Because that is so less creepy. I am so screwed.

My love now looked a little green around the gills.

"Well, Edward," said Carlisle. "I think that we can turn Alice over and you can work on her back."

Right, Edward, stop mooning over Bella and get back to work," Carlisle projected to me.

"Ok, I'm going to turn you over now," I said and I gingerly lifted Sprite up and placed her on her stomach.

Carnage is all I could think as I looked at her poor, scraped up back.

Bella gasped, I assume, at the sight. It was so frustrating not to be able to read her thoughts.

Sprite blocked out our responses and she placed her hands underneath her chin and simply waited for her "cold massage" to begin.

"See you in a bit, Carlisle. Thanks for checking on me," she told my father, smiling broadly at him.

Thankfully, Carlisle didn't know that Alice was thinking: Don't let the door hit your handsome ass when you leave the room. She was embarrassed about her state of undress and her soul was suffering at the lack of contact with Jasper.

Damn, they need to be joined like yesterday.

"One last thing, Alice," Carlisle gently protested.

She sighed, loudly.

"You've healed so well, I believe Edward can finish working on the rest of your body." Carlisle's thoughts were horrifying.


I'd never done that with a girl before. I'd only started thinking I wanted to do that with a girl recently. And that girl was always Bella.

Down Buck.

"Great!" Sprite responded, missing the point entirely, thinking a back massage sounded lovely.

"Um, Sprite," I told her, trying to hide the fact that Buck had arisen. I bent myself over a little and wrapped my arms around my middle. "I am not going to just be working on your back."

Say what? Sprite mentally shouted.

Jasper freaked at Sprite's emotional distress (and he wasn't all that happy at the whiff of arousal he'd felt from me) and so he tried to attack me. He crashed, thunderously loud, into Emmett.

Ok, we were finally getting close to normal and everything had to go Twilight Zone again on me. What the fuck? Sprite fumed. She was glaring at Jasper, furious at him.

Then, after staring at him for a while, her interest in Jasper changed from anger to… to thoughts I never, ever want to hear again. She wanted Jasper.


The General stopped struggling in Emmett's arms as Sprite's feelings of arousal hit him. In response, his own arousal arose quickly and then his feelings spilled over to the rest of us.

Buck was up and hunting. I sneaked a look at my love and she was definitely feeling it too. Her face was flush, her nipples erect, her heart pounded, and she was taking small, shallow breaths.

Let's get outta here, baby. I've got some etchings I'd like to show you. I'd just about decided to grab Bella and go find a nice, dark place, when Emmett thankfully snapped me out my insanity.

"Fuck! Jasper, quit it, man," groaned Emmett who still had his arms around the struggling General. The Matithe Demon had his eyes closed and he looked like he was in utter agony. "Dude, do you know how disturbing it is to be turned on while holding another man? You've got to control the emotions you're putting out there or I'm gonna have to buy you dinner."

Sprite started giggling and Jasper's expression changed to a goofy grin. The sexual tension in the room dissipated, sort of. It still lingered in the air.

"Sorry, Em," Jasper said. "Being this close to Alice is torture. She has a really healthy sexual appetite." Fucking General wasn't actually sorry—he was fucking proud to be able to make get his mate worked up.

Carlisle cleared his throat. He was wishing he'd brought Esme along on this trip and planned to leave immediately to return to his hotel room to phone her. You do not want to know what they planned to do next.

"Alice, Edward will have to administer to all your injuries," he said a bit distractedly.

Could Carlisle be more vague? Of course, I didn't want to be the person to tell Sprite what Carlisle was bumbling.

And, of course, Sprite really didn't get what Carlisle was hinting at—she thought he might be having a stroke or something. I groaned loudly and buried my head in my hands.

"Alice, when you had intercourse with Jasper, you were injured somewhat internally as well," Carlisle said uncomfortably, tugging at his collar.

Oh, fuck no, that doesn't mean that Vampward is going down there and… Alice projected.

"Edward going eat you out, Alice!" crowed Emmett before he busted out laughing.

Smack. Jasper had taken over his sister's job and smacked his brother-in-law on the back of his head. Emmett stopped laughing out loud, but I could still see his shoulders shaking.

Sprite considered, briefly, whether or not to have a heart attack but then decided it would impede the process and she wanted the ordeal over. It would be just like when he licked my breasts, pleasant but not sexual in the least, she projected.

"Exactly, Sprite," I said, relief coursing through me that she finally got it.

Distractedly, Carlisle gave me additional instructions, not realizing he was repeating himself. I ushered him out the door.

Now down to business.

I went to work licking Sprite's back, trying to ignore my mate who perched on the other side of my bed while Jasper and Emmett hovered on the far side of the room by the hole in the wall.

"So what do you want to do when we get out of here?" Alice asked Jasper innocently.

I want to part your legs and taste heaven, projected Jasper, practically shouting the thought. The images that followed made me look at sex in whole different light. I should actually be taking notes.

Once again, Jasper's arousal hit us, stronger than before, and Emmett and Bella froze while I paused mid lick, trying to keep from humping the bed in a desperate need to get release.

I sent a dark look at Jasper, unable to overcome the lust enough to even speak. He regained some control and the desire lessened somewhat, but now it was a more domineering presence in the room, hanging over our heads like the freakin' white elephant.

"Sorry, guys," Jasper said sheepishly, shaking his head. "I couldn't control my reaction to a question like that. I'm a guy and there's really only one answer."

"Wow," my soft and sexy siren said, softly. "Even I felt that, Jasper. It was like I was super turned on for a second and then it passed." I studiously tried to ignore that my mate's breasts were still thrust out and her nipples were still rock hard. Sprite also noticed and thought about how they might have been hard enough to cut glass. Then she informed me I was drooling.

I wiped my mouth and, sure enough, my hand was wet.

"Maybe I should leave so you all can finish this…" Jasper said, finally realizing how much his lack of control was affecting the other beings in the room..

"No!" Sprite protested. Every part of her being was objecting to any sort of separation from her mate. "Jasper, I need you here."

"How about we go to dinner?" she asked Jasper. It was a really obvious means to distract and delay but Jasper, actually quite happily, relented and decided to stay.

"That sounds good, my love," Jasper replied.

I laughed softly into Sprite's shoulder blade when I heard her heart stutter.

Jasper just said he loved me, she sang internally. I then was truly sorry at our close proximity when she squealed right into my ear.

Jasper smiled back at Sprite, ignoring the emotions of pain I was emitting.

"I love it when you're happy, darlin'. You give off the brightest, warmest feelings and you have this wonderful aura filled with sparkles. I have never seen anything like it."

"Jasper, I want to get to know you. I have a feeling that you're going to make me very happy," Alice replied,

Jasper sat down on the bed with Sprite and the two talked: something I'd been advocating Jasper attempt for the last six months. I noticed my own mate seemed uncomfortable and she moved over to where Emmett was standing, making a pretense of checking out the hole in the wall Jasper had made.

She bent over and I saw her jean skirt tighten enticingly over her heart shaped ass.

"Alright," I said abruptly, trying to stop my thoughts from going down the same Buck rising path. "Time to turn Sprite back over."

"Permit me," said Jasper. If I was a girl, I would have said it was sweet how he gently turned Sprite onto her side and then onto her back. He leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips.

But I'm not a girl: Instead, I am fucking horndog as is asswipe Jasper who went on fucking hormone overload and spewed the emotion over us all. I had no blood in my head because it had all been pulled down to my other head. Buck ahoy.

"Shit," Jasper said darkly. I agreed with him.

"Did everyone else feel that?" asked Bella, shakily. Now she could probably stab someone if she wasn't careful, thought the very astute Sprite.

"Jasper!" Emmett and I exclaimed together.

Baseball, Boobs… I mean Carlisle, phone sex… damn… professionalism, hooker, sex, blow jobs, tongue, kiss….

"Sorry, guys," Jasper said as I was trying to reign in my runaway thoughts. "I'll work hard to control this but the better Alice is feeling, the better she's feeling."

"Alice Elizabeth Brandon!" shouted my mate at her best friend. "We did not just go through all this just to have you get messed up all over again." Hearing her raise her voice sent an unneeded surge of hormones through my body, redundant since I was already completely, 100% turned on.

"Bella, chill," Sprite said with a sigh. "I am not going to get messed up again. This time I won't be fooled by Jasper's emotions."

My mate huffed disbelievingly. Her lips pursed and she blew out air.

Fuck me.

"Look, let's just try to get this done quickly," I interjected, trying to stop any fight between the two. I don't think I could survive a cat fight right now—maybe they'd wrestle—or Bella flushed and angry and assertive. "Then we'll let Carlisle talk to them."

Jasper started to walk back to his place at the wall but Sprite snagged his hand. "Stay," she begged.

He stayed, making a previously manageable situation awkward as all hell. He still wanted to blind and maim me.

I forced myself to move and draped a sheet over Sprite's exposed body and then, standing at the end of the bed, pushed her feet back until they basically touched her posterior. Typical gynecological exam positioning.

Except I'd never practiced gynecology before.

I tried to pretend I would be working on a different part of Sprite's body, such as her elbow, as I moved the end of the sheet up until it reached her knees and then parted her legs. She instinctively closed them shut.

There was no way I was going to ask Emmett or Jasper to help me here. Emmett would make crude comments the entire time, a disrespect no woman deserved, and I honestly was afraid to be that close to the General.

So that left… Gah.

"Bella, can you help me hold Sprite's legs open?" I asked. Wait--that did not sound right. It sounds like a line from a bad porno. Sprite thought so too and her thoughts made me laugh. "I never, ever want to have to say that sentence ever again," I admitted.

We all giggled nervously.

My mate went to the end of the bed and stood right by me. She leaned over to grasp Sprite's knees and her hand brushed my arm. I felt tingles shoot straight up that extremity and the tingle land race to an entirely different extremity. With a little tugging, my got Sprite to reluctantly spread her knees.

I was going to spontaneously combust being so close to my mate.

I tried to pull myself together and leaned into get my first close up look of a woman's vagina, outside text books and corpses. It was endlessly fascinating, with its bumps and curves, its hidden secrets.

I saw it was also glistening wet, although I knew from Sprite's thoughts that it was due to Jasper's proximity and not in anticipation of my oral ministrations.

I decided to start off small and I licked the inside of Sprite's thigh, working in straight lines. Sprite's arousal spelled spicy and, truthfully, a bit delicious. I couldn't help but wonder what Bella would look and taste like.

Buck was break off hard and ready to hunt beaver, so I might as well use Bella's given name. Oh, goddess, thank the stars no one can read my mind.

Alice sighed at how good it to have my tongue sooth the wounds on her thigh.

"Alice," Jasper whispered.

"Jasper," She replied softly. Mine, she projected.

I started to work on Sprite's mound, making circular movements, as I teased her tight curls. I assured myself it was necessary to reach any wounds hidden under the curls.

"Oh, baby," said Jasper, his voice a little husky. Suddenly another emotional blast hit, making me really, really horny as I was bombarded with Jasper's pornographic images interspersed with his hopefully thoughts about the future.

I continued my licking, but it was no longer just medical ministrations. I was enjoying the texture and taste and the reaction I was getting from Sprite. I reached down to adjust myself and I think Bella must have seen me because I heard her sharp intake of breath.

I froze, my ardor dampening, until I felt Bella pressing herself against me side. Her hips moving back and forth seductively and her breasts pressed against my arm.

I placed my tongue on Sprite's core as I tentatively placed my hand on Bella's bare leg. I swear my still heart stuttered at the contact. Bella moaned softly and pressed closer.

I was feeling more and more lost in the flames of my desire and I lost all control. I swept my hand higher between Bella's beautiful legs, under her denim skirt, and then suddenly I'd reached the promise land, her underwear.

The taste of Sprite's juices in my mouth and knowing how close I was to touching Bella intimately was my undoing. I started licking blindly as I pushed aside Bella's underwear and found her folds. As I licked Alice, I mimicked the actions on Bella's center.

The challenge of stroking both with my tongue and fingers was so enjoyable that it completely passed me by for a second that Sprite had stiffened and orgasmed underneath my tongue.

I was awed. This was the first time that I'd ever brought a woman to orgasm and I was contemplating life's miraculous mysteries, when Bella, too, stiffened. I saw from the corner of my eye her head was thrown back and her hands were squeezing her breasts.

I wanted desperately to feel inside a Bella as she orgasmed so I thrust a finger into her and I mimicked the action by thrusting my tongue into Sprite, who arched as if electricity had shot through her body.

Goddess, a guy could get addicted to smooth warmness I encountered. Buck was literally weeping with his need to penetrate.

I luxuriated in pushing in and out. I watched Bella start on the precipice of another orgasm and I wanted to try something I'd only read in medical books, I pinched Bella's clit with my fingers and my teeth followed suit and gently nipped Sprite's clit. Both girls came apart almost simultaneously.

For a split second I felt like the ultimate student, the there was suddenly a feeling of heat and extreme arousal and Buck exploded in my pants only to rise again instantaneously.

I heard a door slam as Emmett ran down the hall in search of Rosalie.

The white heat had been Jasper's power unleashed and it was affecting everyone for miles around.

I was overwhelmed by the images all these beings were projecting. I had to get out of the room to regroup, to collect myself, to not frighten the shit out of my mate. I had to take a lesson from Jasper, and I knew if I touched Bella now I would hurt her as he had hurt Sprite.

I couldn't think properly beyond the need to get away.

I pulled out of both vaginas—one day, when I was sane again, I was going to marvel over making two beautiful women come at the same time. The need to taste Bella was overpowering and I stuck the hand I'd used to bring her pleasure into my mouth.

Holy shit. The sweetest thing—sweeter even than blood fresh straight from the source—exploded in my mouth.

I had to get to a dark place and relieve Buck or I was going to literally detonate. I ran out of the room and kept running through the apartment complex until I found a vacant apartment, broke down the door, and shredded my jeans to pieces.

There, I had multiple meetings of the mind with Buck.

Finally, three hours later, spent beyond belief, I realized what a smuck I had been. I'd abandoned my mate without so much as a good-bye after giving her an orgasm so I could masturbate all by myself.

Fuck. Me.

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