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Chapter 2

Esme POV

It's been a month or so since the showdown with the Volturi came to pass. A month since.. I almost lost my family. If anything at all, I'm grateful that everything turned out for the better in the end. The thought of any one of them – our children – my children – hurting, or worse – dying, still gives me the stuff of nightmares sometimes.

I sense Edward looking at me. He must have caught my thoughts and I chide him silently.

"vampires don't sleep mom .." he whispers softly, smirking. Yet, I see the genuine concern in his eyes.

"I meant it figuratively," I retort back teasingly. The last thing I need is for my kids to worry about my unwarranted fears. They have had enough worries to last them a decade, at least. I'm about to assure him when his attention snaps elsewhere.

"Sure..Jazz..go ahead."

My head follows that of Edward's to his empath brother, who starts walking towards Edward's piano a few paces away from where we are sitting now. Emmett gives me a confused look and I in turn give Edward the same.

This is new…

My youngest – and yet - oldest son simply shrugs. Emmett drops the game console and throws himself into the other couch and pulls Rosalie close to him.

I relax into the couch with Edward's arm over my shoulder, a smile forming on my lips. Candid, open Jasper is a rarity. I can almost imagine the entire universe going silent in anticipation of this performance. I grin as Edward snorts quietly beside me. Reading my thoughts again.

I unconsciously hold my breath as I watch Jasper correct his posture on the seat infinitesimally, and his fingers fall gracefully on the keys. And just like that, the melody begins. It takes me a second to realize the piece he's playing. It's one of my personal favourite - I wonder how he knows. As if he's heard my thought, he turns his head to me and smiles. I mouth a silent thank you to him.

As the notes start rolling, I feel myself falling back into the couch, and the worries beckoning my attention earlier are all but forgotten. Even as I relax further, I notice the others seemingly relax too, and I realize something else - weaving with the melody, note by note, key by key - is the warm feeling of peace and love washing over me in gentle, steady lulling waves.

He's enjoying himself immensely and affecting all of us unconsciously. My heart soars ever so silently and I am overwhelmed with the need to cry.

For a brief while, the house is in peaceful silence save for the beautiful piece dancing in the air around us.

"Uncle Jasper!"

Renesmee's tinkly voice rings from above us and she claps her dainty hands ever so enthusiastically. She has a strong attachment to this particular uncle of hers, something that I feel Jasper was at first uncomfortable with, given his violent background. Slowly though, he has grown to fiercely enjoy and treasure this loving attention from my granddaughter. He flashes them a brief warm smile and the tranquil melody continues to weave.


"Spiegel im Spiegel..?" I ask as I approach him later that evening. He's outside looking at the darkening sky.

"No cello though…" he answers softly, hands still tucked into his jeans pocket.

"No matter… it was beautifully rendered..Thank you Jasper." I say and snake my arm around his slight waist, pulling him close to me. His tucked hand comes out and his arm comes round my shoulder and squeezes me gently. I relish this mother - son moment that I rarely get with him.

"I'm..glad to call this home.." He says ever so softly, I almost did not catch it.

"Thank you mom."

No other words are necessary as we silently watch twilight approaching.