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Ok, in this book, anything bold is thought in the bird language. Anything in itelics is spoken in the Ancient Bird Language. anything else, is english. That counts for all POVs.

Any way, enjoy the sequel!

Heart of Diamond


Angel Child


Fang POV

I breathed in the warm air. A soft fragrance of wet palm leafs and car fumes filled the air. I was surprised. On a night like this there wasn't much wind.

It was raining. Correction, pouring. Or raining cats and dogs. I was sitting outside. On the top of a building. In central L.A. Below me cars of all sizes drove down the street, beeping there horns and shouting at each other. Humans these days are selfish. They have no clue what happens in the real world. Well, the world I live in any way.

I sat on my toes, knees to my chest. My arms crossed and my hands sat under my armpits. My elbows resting on my knees as I gaze down at the rain covered street below me. I wore a simple blue t-shirt and three-quarter jeans. My wings were slightly open and my ears were on full alert. It didn't matter what Max thought, I was still keeping watch. Even though we haven't seen one Eraser for over 2 weeks. I wasn't taking chances. Not after what happened last time.

It's been five weeks since our escape from the Laboratory, but we like to call it the school now. We arrived in L.A. last week and booked a cheap but comfortable hotel. The guy working at the receptionist first thought that we stole Vicki's Credit Card. Technically we did, but it was more like stealing back what was ours. Max's I-hope-you-didn't-say-what-I-thought-you-said look must have changed his mind. I think he thought better than to mix with Max.

We got the biggest room, 3 bedrooms, all with doubles except the master bedroom which was a queen size and had it's own on sweet. Off course Max and I took the master, Iggy and Gazzy slept in the first bedroom and Nudge and Angel slept in the second.

Iggy, Gazzy, Angel and Max where now learning English faster than ever. Nudge and I where beginning to teach them about Geography, History, Science and Maths. Nudge taught Gazzy and Angel what they were capable of and I taught Max and Iggy. Max loved history, while Iggy was interested in the science. Well, the explosion part of Science anyway.

I shock my wings, water sprayed every where. I shock my drenched hair, droplets of water trickled down my face. Dam it, Max is going to kill me. She hates it when we get too wet.

I stood up. I shock my wings again and sprung of the top of the building.

Flying. God, I love to fly. It is one of the greatest feelings you could ever imagine. I beat them easily, not planning to travel very fast. I glided over the giant buildings with ease. My sharp bird eyes scanning the minuscule size people, reading there faces for any signs of enemy in them or any hints that they could see me. But I was virtually invisible with my black wings.

I had reached the outskirts fairly fast. The rain began to come down heavier and I heard a slight thunder in the far distance. A storm was coming. I came closer to the hotel and circled above it.

Angel, I called though my mind.


Hi Angel, I said smiling, Am I safe to land?

There was a slight pause for a few seconds. I started to figure eight around the hotel, just for fun.

Yeh, no ones looking out side, Angel replied, your safe.

I dived down, pulling up gently as I came closer to the small balcony in our hotel room. We were 6 stories from the bottom and 3 from the top. It was enough distance so people wouldn't be able to see us landing in the dark and most defiantly not in the rain. I flapped my wings slowing my fall and lightly touched the cement balcony. I bent my knees slightly, ensuring that I wasn't going to fall.

I straightened, flapping and shaking my wings to get rid of most of the water. I ran my hands through my hair, rinsing most of the water. I sighed and opened the balcony door.

Only coming face to face with Max. She wasn't happy.

Her breath taking electric blue eyes were narrowed and her eyebrows were together, her soft mouth forming a hard line. She had both her elegant hands on her hips, her fingers rhythmically tapping giving me a sign she was impatient. Her silky brown curly hair was dry and lose, some of it was draping in front of shoulders. She wore a plain black long sleeve top that had an open neck line, a dark denim colored jeans and black sneakers.

She looked… dam right sexy.

I heard Angel giggle. Dam mind reading bird.

"Where have you been?" Max growled. I couldn't help but smirk a little.

"I love you too Max," I said to her with a shrug.

Iggy, Gazzy, Nudge and Angel burst out laughing. They were sitting on the ground in front of the gas fire. Gazzy and Iggy were playing a game of chess, while Angel and Nudge were playing Barbies. No one played chess against Angel, she just cheated reading your minds. Max gave them a look and they instantly shut up, heads down in their intense games.

Max turned back to me. Yes, I saw it, the small smirk on her mouth. But it was quick to disappear. But the slight loosen of the tension in her eyes weakened.

"Answer the question," She said through her teeth.

I shrugged. "In town."

I tried to push past her, but she pushed me back out side. I sighed.

"Yes I have been looking for Erasers, Yes, I stayed out side longer than I was suppose to, yes, I should have come back when it started raining, No, I didn't come back because I didn't feel like it."

Max through her arms up in the air and rolled her eyes. "Gees Fang, you were out there way to longer than you were supposed to be. We were all worried sick about you. Do that again and I will kick your ass goodbye."

Translation. I was deathly scared that you where hurt or killed. Do that again and you will be sleeping with Iggy and Gazzy.

I rolled my eyes. I lost count on the amount of times I had translated what she had said into those words. She never kicks me out. Even when where in single beds she can't get to sleep with out sleeping next to me. She loves me too much.

Off course, I love her more.

"Can I get passed now?" I asked grinning.

Max cracked a smile. She tried to hide it and make her mouth a straight line, but in the end she gave up and hugged me.

I hugged her back wrapping my arms around her tightly. I smiled. I loved the soft side of Max. The others rarely see it, but I was good at getting it out of her.

"Your lucky I love you," I heard her grumble on my chest.

I laughed. "I guess I am."

Max pulled away. Her long sleeve top and top part of her jeans where now wet. Her face had small droplets on it and some of her hair was wet too. She looked down at her top and sighed.

"I'm going to need to change thanks to you, water bird," she said running her hands through part of her wet hair.

She pulled me inside and pushed me towards the on sweet in our bedroom. Each step I took left a wet foot print. Once I was inside the bathroom, I turned around and faced her.

"I love you," I grinned at her.

She huffed. "Yeh, yeh, don't push you luck."

I laughed and closed the bathroom door between us.


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