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Heart of Diamond


Angel Child

Chapter 23: Time flies


Months passed. My life around me was spinning. I could almost see my stomach growing each day. My injuries began to heal, but I had to sleep almost 18 hours a day to be able to stay up for 6 hours. It was annoying, not being able to do everything.

I eventually accepted Total into the flock. There were now 10 of us. Alright, more like 2 humans, 6 winged humans, a talking dog and a metal moving eagle. I eventually explained everything that has happened to us so far. Angel and I meeting Fang and Nudge, getting caught, escaping, flying to LA, and eventually ending up here. The only thing I left out was the Secret Bird Language. The birds are probably pecking me to death enough as it is after teaching Fang and Nudge how to speak it.

The first week was great. Valencia finally got used to having a talking dog and a metal bird walking around the house. She was especially happy when she realized Total was toilet trained. Ella on the other hand thought she was walking in a fairy tale land.

Valencia moved her study into the so called "junk room". She placed the spare mattress on the ground so Iggy and Gazzy have somewhere to sleep.

Nudge was getting better too. Valencia was deeply surprised about how fast we healed. I just kept telling her, "Welcome to the bird world". She was learning to control her metal making skills. Occasionally, she would make a decoration and hang it around the house. Iggy and Gazzy seemed incredibly happy about Nudge's new power. I portended not to notice the bomb talk.

After Nudge and I had our little, girl to girl talk, Nudge seemed much happier around Iggy and Ella. Surprisingly, her and Ella were now getting on quite well, that it seemed that Iggy was the jealous one for not getting enough time with Nudge. Fang noticed it too, and we would both secretly laugh behind their backs.

Clicker loved to help. Valencia seemed slightly disturbed about having a flying metal bird around the house, but she tried not to show it. Amazingly enough Clicker didn't eat normal human foods. She at metal. Bolts, nuts, sometimes she would chew on the metal of the car. Her beak could cut any metal really.

It was also the first week my baby kicked.

"Oh-my-god," I whispered one night. Fang instantly sat up out of bed.

"What? Are you ok?" Fang said protectively.

"No… I mean yeah I'm fine. But I just felt something," I said frowning slightly. I sat up against the back of the bed.

"What…? You mean…" Fang began. But I cut him off my graving his hand and putting it on my slightly budging stomach.

Silence filled the room. I felt it again. The strange feeling of something moving inside me.

"Whoa… is that… is... it's moving?" Fang said looking at me in utter shock.

"Actually, I think it's… flapping," I whispered gazing down at my stomach.

"Flapping?! You think it's… flapping?!" Fang repeated his eyes popping out of his head.

I smiled at him. "No sorry, I was meant to say it was singing," I said my voice dripping with sarcasm.

Fang rolled his eyes, but a smile grew on his face. "We need a name. I am sick of call our child 'it'."

I thought about it for a second. "I agree. But I think our child needs a name similar to ours. You know, like our names. Not some human name."

Fang nodded. "Hmmm… I was thinking of some names the other day. Maybe blaze for a boy."

I smiled. "I like that. Any names you think for a girl?"

Fang rubbed my stomach. "I was thinking… Dawn."

"Dawn?" I frowned. "It's alright. I guess. But I was thinking Luna."

"Luna," Fang said smiling at me. "Not bad."

I sighed. "It's ok, we can call her Dawn."

Fang held my face in his hands. "You're the mother. You can choose her name."

I rolled my eyes. "Don't forget that you're the father. You have as equal parenting as I do."

Fang kissed me. I kissed him back with equal amount of passion. I felt the strange flutter feeling in my stomach again. Fang paused half way through the kiss as he felt the flutter under his hand.

"It seems someone doesn't like Mummy and daddy's private moment," I grumbled.

Fang chuckled. "If she's a girl, her name will be Luna."

I sighed. "Alright, if you insist."

Line break-------------------------------------------------------------

Everyday we were so scared that the erasers will come. But strangely they didn't come for the first week. or the next week. Or the week after.

Fang was exhausted when he did do his watches. Looking after me and watching out for erasers seemed to kill him. I was glad when Valencia declared that we shouldn't be watching for erasers.

"Look I know you think that these watches are helpful," Valencia said. "But we do have an alarm system."

If it wasn't for me gripping Fang's hand tightly, I think he would have jumped at Valencia. Fang, please. You are getting more exhausted every day. You are getting more tired than me.

Fang grounded his teeth together. Max…

Please, Fang. Do it for me if you must. But you can't stay up as much as you are.

Fang looked at me, debating heavily. After a while, he sighed. "Fine."

Line break----------------------------------------------------------

Valencia has been doing a lot of research. I made a strict rule that any test involving samples of feathers, skin or blood if forbidden. So Valencia checked our IQ.

"I can't believe this," Valencia said in her eyes wide as she scanned the sheets in front of her. "You guys are like smarter than most adults. These results are amazing."

Gazzy's curious eyes searched the pages. "Where's me?"

Valencia picked up a sheet. "Gazzy you're meant to be… 14 with the IQ you have."

"Really?" Gazzy said wide eyed. "Am I smarter than Iggy?"

Valencia laughed. "Not quite. Iggy you're meant to be… like 18."

Iggy smiled. I internally groaned. No wonder his been attracted to Nudge. His mind had skipped ahead of his body.

"Angel you're around 12, Nudge you're meant to be some where around 19…"

Nudge poked Iggy in the shoulder. "I'm smarter than you."

Iggy huffed. "Yeah, only because you can actually read the questions."

Valencia continued. "Fang you're meant to be around 25 and Max, strangely, you're meant to be 32."

Angel giggled. "Max, you're old."

I growled playfully. "At least I'm the smartest."

Fang chuckled. "I think I see a grey hair," He said plucking some random hair out of my head.

"Oh do shut up," I said rolling my eyes at the lot to them, only causing them to burst out laughing.

Line Break -----------------------------------------------

But today was different to any other day. Of course, I was still a dead whale, and the whole flock still wanted to touch my stomach at any little kick or flap. Tonight, everyone was in bed, except Angel, Gazzy, Fang, Valencia and I. Valencia was still studying our intelligence.

But today is special, because it is the first time I saw snow.

"Whoa," Gazzy cried running to the window and pressing his face and hands against it.

"Pretty. Daddy, come look," Angel cried dragging Fang over to the window while holding Celeste by the paw in her free hand.

I looked out the window from my spot on the couch. The world outside seemed to be surrounded by white fog and falling white drops. The sun was setting giving a slight navy tinge to the clouded world out side. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. The colorful world was turning a bluey white as the frozen water droplets fell from the sky. It was beautiful really.

"It's snowing," Fang said patting Angel on the shoulder. "It's time for you bed time missy."

"Please can I stay up longer, Daddy," Angel begged. "I want to see the snow."

Fang gave a sideways glance at me. I sighed; I was too physically tired to speak. Normally mind speaking would take up more energy, but my mind was wide awake even if my body wasn't. 10 more minutes Angel.

"Ok," Angel crimped happily and sat down on the wooden ground continuing to gaze out the window. Fang gave a small crocked smile and sat down next to her.

I watched Fang talk to Angel. Gazzy sat down too and listened. Fang talked fairytales about Snow White and an edited version of the Snow Queen, even though Angel just read his mind and listened to the true story.

It was interesting watching Fang around little children. He seemed so at ease, so care free. As if he was forgetting how old he actually was. It almost made him seem human again.

But then I would see the black feathers sticking out of the slits in his long sleeve top. I sighed mentally.

I couldn't help but gaze down at my swelling stomach. Valencia said at this size I should be 7 months pregnant and having twins, at least. But I reminded her that wings almost doubled the amount of space as a body, but I was due for a secret breaking-into-hospital ultra sound next week, after Christmas. When Valenica tried to identify the sex of my child, their was always a wing in the way or a leg. She told us she wasn't an expert on ultra sound. Valencia still had no idea how fast my actual pregnancy was going, but it was way faster than any human.

Two days before the biggest celebration on earth. Fang told me all about Christmas. Big dinners, Christmas trees and Snow, except the Snow had come extremely late this year. I by the sounds of things it seems that we have a Christmas dinner every meal every day.

When Fang scooted Angel and Gazzy off to bed, he walked over to me. He sat on the carpet, in front of the wooden fire, and leaned back on the couch, his face inches from mine. I shifted slightly in my laying down position so I could watch his face as he stared at the fire.

Fang glanced up at me, his green eyes curious. "What are you thinking?" He whispered.

I tired smile appeared on my lips. You're going to make a great father.

Fang sighed and ran his hands through his hair. He didn't look at me though. He just stared at the flickering flames.

Trust me. I said gently.

Fang leaned back and looked at me. I tried to put on a confident face. Fang could see it though the tiredness. He continued to stare into my eyes.

After what seemed forever, Fang looked away. "I'm… scared."

About what?

I waited patiently as Fang hesitated. "I'm afraid… He… or she… won't. want. Me."

I lifted my hand with great effort to stroke his face. You're worried about our child not accepting you. Hello, I have to push it out. Wings and all.

Fang rolled his eyes as he took my hand and placed it back by my side. "Yeah but you can have pain killers and drugs to stop it hurting… but if our child doesn't want me… there are no drugs to make him want me. There are no cures to emotions."

I sighed closing my eyes. Fang. You're a father. As long as you are around, our child will accept you as a father.

"But what if I don't know how…?"

I don't know how to be a mother either Fang. It's called trial and error. But we have help. We have Valencia and the flock. I don't think any winged child would get this much help from good people who don't want to rip you open all the time.

I succeeded. Fang smiled, lightening the mood between us. He sighed and stood to his feet. "Time for bed mummy."

Do you know how corny that sounds? What if I said 'pick me up daddy!'

Fang chuckled, causing me to give a small tired smile. He tucked one hand under my shoulder blades and the other under my knees. He took a deep breathe and lifted me up easily.

Am I still a whale?

Fang smiled again warming my heart. "If you want to put it in terms of, have you gained any weight… maybe a couple of kilos?"


"Enough talking," Fang whispered as he climbed the stairs easily. "You need to sleep."

I told you that my mind's fine, it's just my body. You know that.

"Then let your body rest by resting your mind."

I am resting my body. It's not like I am actually doing anything.

Fang grinned as he eased the bedroom door open with his back. "You're talking."

I felt a weak growl ripple in my chest. You know what I mean.

Fang laid me on the bed gently and carefully. I shifted slightly as I watched him walk around and sit on his side of the bed. "I have something for you. Close your eyes."

If I close my eyes, I will fall asleep.

Fang smiled and pulled something out of his pocket. Two bland metal rings. Strangely they were glowing brightly. They almost filled the whole room with light. I frowned.

What are they?

Fang chuckled. "There rings. Nudge was fiddling with her power when she created these two lumps of metal. She found that when she pulled them further apart the light dimmed."

I watched Fang separate the rings. The light on both of them dimmed ever so slightly. But when Fang brought them back together, they glowed again.

"She named the metal 'love light'."

I mentally laughed. Only Nudge, would name something as girly as that.

Fang chuckled. "To true." He looked as me nervously. "Would… would you wear it?"

I rolled my eyes. Of course.

"As an engagement ring?"

My heart gave a happy tingle. I smiled at him. I will, only if you promise not to call it that until as least 5 more years.

Fang grinned and slipped the ring on my left hand. "For my Fiancée to be."

Oh god. Don't you dare start on that.

He placed my hand down beside me. I lifted it up to admire it, but Fang caught it. My aching arm muscles instantly relaxed. I looked at the ring on my finger. As plain as it was, It shone brightly when it was near Fang's ring. I gave a small weak smile. But my smile turned into a frown when I realized something.

You're not getting changed?

"No… I'm going to stay up a bit. I need to talk to Valencia."

About what?

"Your due date."

I swallow and was about to say something, but Fang shock his head. "I'll stay until you're asleep," he whispered softly answering my question.

I love you. I whispered.

I caught a glimpse of Fang smiling as I closed my eyes. "I love you too, Max," he whispered.

A wave of tiredness washed over me. I briefly remember Fang brushing my hair, before I blanked out.

That was the major problem about my pregnancy. It didn't have a due date.


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