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Resolution of the heart

Chapter 1 - shards of the past

It was an ordinary day.

Well, as ordinary as you could expect for the blonde boy. He woke to his quite small apartment, just before sunrise, and began on the homework he 'forgot' to do the night before, when Sakura suggested going to a movie.

Sadly, it didn't turn out to be much of a date after bumping into Ino and Shikamaru at the theatre, which meant his girlfriend being pried away from him by Ino, for some much needed 'girl bonding' time.

Like they needed to spend any more time with each other…

He almost regretted last night as he thought about it, while scrambling to finish his homework. Mind you, spending any time with Sakura in Naruto's eyes, was never regrettable.

He arrived at Konoha High in record time, which was rare, since being late had become a routine in his life since middle school. He found himself happily strolling along to his classroom, a wide grin plastered on his face.

It didn't take long for the classroom to fill, Naruto discovering that quiet a few people tended to arrive early for school.

"Yo Naruto!" Kiba approached the blonde and quickly took placement on a chair in front of him. "What you doing here so early? THAT desperate to see sakura-chaaaan?!" With this, Kiba made a heart shape with his hands, a mischievous grin between his triangular tattooed cheeks.

Naruto threw a book at his face. Kiba quickly dodged. "Shut up dog breath! Like you can talk! I'm not the only one who didn't show up late today!"

Kiba retaliated in a low growl whilst unpacking his bag. "My sister was fed up with me always over sleeping, so she decided to drive me to school early so I wouldn't be late." With this, Naruto's face smiled at the thought of Kiba being woken up unpleasantly.

His smile widened further as he caught a glimpse of pink enter the room, sadly followed by Ino.

Damn, that girl's attached to Sakura's hip, I swear!

Morning classes droned on like any other day, Naruto found himself joining Shikamaru in glancing out the window and ignoring the lessons.


Typical as always, Naruto tucked himself firmly between Sakura and Ino, placing his arm firmly round her waist as she continued to argue with Kiba. Ino, being distracted by her daily ritual of 'make-Shikamaru-engage-in-a-conversation', which usually resulted in him dragging her off after eating for some alone time, in turn, gave the blonde time to do the same with his significant other.

It was just an ordinary day.

At least, that's what the blonde thought.

Some things are best left in the past, but some things from the past are needed in shaping the future. (Gemma likey this line much! XD)


Naruto settled down for another boring lesson. What was worst, was that the girls of the class had been taken for a 'special talk' and half the seats in the class were empty.

Why do the girls get out of biology less-

His thoughts stopped.

The classroom door delicately swung open.

His head, once directed at the window, turned to fathom the figure, well formed, in the doorway.

His pulse began the race.

Onyx eyes.

Porcelain skin.

Raven hair.


Before he was able to stop himself, his mouth hung open at the boy in the doorway, who had matured since he last saw him.


He barley heard the teacher introduce Sasuke and before he knew it, the Uchiha had found his place next to him.

Next to me! Why of all the seats in the classroom did he have to sit next to me…

Naruto found the hairs on his back stand on end. For the rest of the class, he found himself staring out the window, not out of boredom but out of shock and almost fear that if he turned around again, his childhood friend would turn out to just be an apparition of the mind.

Free period.

Naruto had quickly hurried out of class and attempted to find his friends, who, he concluded, must have all had classes. Thus, he resigned to a lonely free period, and began wondering the corridors looking for a quiet spot to sleep.

He didn't notice him till it was to late.

The fox was trapped.

Arms either side of him pinned him to the lockers as he stared wide eyed at the Uchiha. Silence followed as Naruto's shock wore off and he began to squirm, attempting to escape from his position.

His attempts failed as the Uchiha pressed against the blonde, placing his lips close to Naruto's ear. "You've grown." his voice was dark. Cold to the touch, and yet his breath tickled and warmed the blonde's face.

"GET OFF!" Naruto took an angry tone as he pushed the other boy away from him, but not managing to free himself from his enclosure. Sasuke's face none reacting to the aggressive response. "What do you think your doing?!" Naruto's eyebrows furrowed as his face attempted to return to its usual golden tan.

Sasuke didn't answer, not as first. He was to busy taking in the matured Naruto. His height being the first thing he noticed. He no longer towered over the boy.

Then, there were things Sasuke recognised that hadn't changed over the years. His eyes, that deep hue rivalling the colour of the sky, or the calm of the ocean. A clear blue, shining into his dark orbs.

"Hn." Sasuke's reply was far from what Naruto wanted to hear.

"Let me go!" He attempted to duck under Sasuke's arms, only to find his attempt had failed in freeing him.

"Pleased to see me?" a smirk folded on the Uchiha's lips as he moved in on Naruto, his gaze focusing on the blondes neck.

The boy pushed him back again, this time managing to free himself from in between Sasuke and the lockers. "What do you think your doing? Teme!" He took a step back, so as to stop the Uchiha from imprisoning him again.

The raven-haired boy again chose not to answer.

Why was the blonde being so difficult?

He began to approach Naruto again. The boy stood still in his anger. Before Sasuke could attempt another move on Naruto, the bell rang for end of class.

There were now students spilling out into the corridor, buzzing about trying to get to their next class.

Naruto quickly moved away from Sasuke, attempting to loose him in the crowd and inadvertently bumping into his pink haired girlfriend.

Sasuke watched.

They hugged.

They kissed.

They held hands.

His eyebrows furrowed.


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